There was a kid in my house. He went unconscious because of dehydration on his way to somewhere. He seemed tired and needed rest. So I took him to my house, and by consulting the doctor, he was on saline. The kid was barely ten years old from his looks, and he was carrying heavy luggage with him. I wondered how his parents allowed him to take such weights. I really love kids and their way of interpreting things, which is the purest of all. I don’t know why, but I wanted to talk with that kid. I was sitting aside at his bedside, waiting for him to wake up. It was almost the time of the sun setting, and the kid woke up.

‘Where am I?’ the kid asked.

‘Don’t worry, son. You were dehydrated. Now you are good. But you still need some rest.’

‘I should get going.’

‘Oh no, no, not now. It seems you were travelling for a long time. Where are you coming from?’

‘I am coming from Garsen.’

‘It is very far from here. Who is with you. Have you lost in the crowd?’

‘No, I am on my own.’

This is not a common thing. A kid travelled around 30km on his own. He is too young to travel alone.

‘Where are you headed to?’ I asked.

‘To the junction.’

‘Oh, is someone there to receive you?’

‘My mother is waiting for me there.’

‘I see. Where is your father.’

‘He is in Garsen. He never allows me to go and meet my mother.’

Something seems not right. I guessed his parents were divorced, and the kid was with his father. But, he loves his mother, and his father won’t like that.

‘When your mother left Garsen?’

‘Almost a month ago.’

‘Okay, tell me at what junction your mother is I’ll drop you there.’

‘I don’t know its name, but I can see it.’

‘What, there is no junction near our sight.’

‘I’ll show you. come.’

Then the kid stepped out of bed, hold my hand, and took me to the window. He pointed his hand out and said, ‘you see a junction where sky and land meet. That’s where my mother is.’

This shook me off. Why did his father tell him about the place that doesn’t exist? Is he trying to get rid of this kid?

‘Did your mother told you anything while she was leaving?’ I asked.

‘No, she was sleeping in a box with a cross, and my relatives put her under our farm. My father said there is a train, and my mother is going to catch it for a spiritual journey. After a few days, I missed my mother and wanted to see her. So, I started digging to get into that train. But, my father told me that the train is not moving anymore, and we cannot see my mother. I said, ‘we can go there by some other means of transport.’ But he said there is no way to go to the place where my mother is. I asked him repeatedly about the place. He cried and said that she is at the junction.’

His mother died. His father doesn’t know how to explain it to his son. He made up a story to convince his son. The kid took it very seriously. His intentions were very strong to meet his mother that he would dismiss anything against it as a lie and can believe any lie in favourable to it.

‘Son, there is no such junction.’

‘How can you say that? we see it, right?’

‘Everything need not be the way how we see it, son. Many things are completely different from how we see. This junction connecting the sky and land is one of those.’

I took a globe to explain it to him.

‘You see, this is our land. If you start walking from here, you’ll end up coming to the place where you started.’

‘Our land is flat, how can it be a circle?’

‘We see only a part of our land. From that, we say the earth is flat. But only if we can see it entirely, we can know the true nature of it. This path to the junction is not a physical path. Your mother chose her path to reach the junction. Each one of us must choose a path. Your train goes on a different path and at a different speed compared to mines. You will meet your mother at the junction, but you have to wait until your train halts. You shouldn’t get off the train by yourself. You should travel no matter how long it takes. Then only you can reach the junction. This path is your life. The more you help the people around you, the better your path will be, and the smoother your travel to the junction will be.’

‘So, travelling in a path to the junction means we have to live our life.’

‘Exactly. The better your path is, the smoother your journey will be.’

‘So, I’ll choose the same path as my mothers. She always worked hard for us. She always loved the people around her. I’ll go in her path and will meet her at the same place in the junction. I’ll go to my father and tell him how to meet my mother.’

‘I’ll drop you.’

‘No, I’ll go on my own. My mother never troubled others.’

‘You are already in her path then.’

‘Yeah, meet you at the junction mate.’

‘I will be waiting for you there, my son.’

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