“Ever since we lost our younger sister Alicia at the age of 6 years we never went back to that home but now due to the strict immigrant acts of the united states we are forced to go back to Durango the north west state of Mexico. Though we are orphans I never offered a hungry day to my younger brother Juan but now if we move back there to Mexico the live hood will be tough again, it is not just because of population but the kind of image Juan got in the Mexican public. He is a very silent kid by nature won’t even smile anytime. Despite of all his silence he was framed for many brutal murder cases in states of Mexico where ever we go. I don’t know why every time the society tried to take silence of a poor guy as an advantage, they made him suffer with all the blames.

Few years back in Mexico on streets of Durango there is a horrific time of serial brutal murders, that’s the point when all the things went bad for us. As street kids we always used to change our platforms very frequently. Initially all three of us including our sister Alicia used to sleep under a metro subway but then suddenly on one bad morning the security guard of that subway station was brutally murdered, the murder was so brutal that some part of the brain was cupped out and all the blood was left drained. As the Policia Federal found no clue about the criminal they started investigating us, though we are innocent they used to torcher us with all the cruel investigating processes daily. I was unable to see my Alicia feel the pain every day, soon then we ran away from Durango to Colima.

As we have no identity as a citizen of Mexico we are untraceable to the Policia Federal, this time we arranged our stay at on the church backyard. We choose this because that church father was so kind enough to feed us daily. Few days later one of the nights he was not coming to feed us, we waited for some time and then slowly I went to find him. There is a huge crowd gathered inside the church, I slowly bent down and observed from between of their legs. Father was murdered all his brain was missing and his skull was repacked with cake and wine. Watching this I was stunned, meanwhile few of them turned back and started shouting ‘él es el indicado’. They suspected us again as we are the only people who lives there at nights. We started running again.

six months later on the roads of tabasco we started selling scrap for our food, I was so sad to see my pretty Alicia and Juan in those dump yard collecting scrap but now our lives are bit peaceful. Sadly, that peace not lasted long, one morning when we woke up we found Alicia is missing, Juan and me searched the whole day, at night when we came back to our scrap house we saw Alicia hanging to the weigh machine, someone murdered her so brutally, half the brain is hanging out with no blood. Her eyes were taken out and she was hooked to that weight hanger trough her eye cup. Seeing this I collapsed but Juan stood still with no reaction like every time. All the scrap collectors in that area again started suspecting for this, I tried explaining them that ‘no one can kill their own young pretty 6-year-old sister’ but as it happens every time no one trusted us. With on option left we ran away from too.

Now after one year here in US we are working as the children park maintainers, watering and leveling the greenery is what our contractor orders us to do. We are getting good bucks to eat and live happily but then suddenly today some problem raised because of the immigration policies. We really left with no option but to leave tomorrow morning. Thinking all the ways to survive in Mexico I and Juan slept. At 3 pm in the midnight I just woke up coz of some bad dream, I found Juan missing. I am worried now I can’t imagine anything bad because I still remember what happened to my Alicia who went missing. I ran around and searched all over for Juan, few hours later I found Juan’s slippers lying there in front of the public toilet, the door of the toilet was slightly open. I feel Juan may be there inside. I reached the toilet slowly and opened the door. I saw Juan sat holding the head and drinking the blood of a lady from her broken skull. I got fused out, I am sweating even in these cool nights. Juan suddenly saw me, watching me he the slowly stood and came to me smiling. Then like nothing happened he wiped his mouth in my shirt and held my hand. Trust me this was the first time I am watching Juan smiling. After this incident I ran away from Juan, tough I love him I cannot afford my blood to get sucked by him some day.”


‘This is what truly happened sir’ told the young man to the Policía Federal Ministerial, considering the missing of Juan the case was closed. The other young was set free from cases as he was innocent.

After all the courts declared me as innocent, I then went back to Durango, Mexico my home town after many long years. Though everything changed there in my town there are few of my old friend still there living in the same town. Soon I visited the town they came with great joy and hugged me saying ‘Juan, where have you gone these many days?’

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