Is love all about relationship?


“You all don’t forget to make the note.”

Saira and her friends were sitting in the forepart cafe of the high school, Dicussing about the group project. After the discussion and some Humourous chit chat, everyone left. 

But vihaan, it seems like he was waiting for them to leave. 

Saira mind was in chaos. Seeing vihaan

“What in the world are you going to do”? Saira asked. 

“Just gonna love ya” Vihaan answered with twinkle in his eyes. 

“Are you not Amberresed saying chessy stuff all the time?! ”  Saira said tittering. As her white cheeks turns into red. 

“Do i really need to? Till the time it brings smile on your face I am not”. He said with a smile. 

” Uhh! ,  fine you continue , it’s already 5 ,I am leaving now,  ishaan would  be waiting for me”.

Vihaan said him good bye with gloomy clouds around him, the shine in his eyes are now dull. 

It was not the first time he felt like losing his love, that wasn’t really his. Yes, she was the star that was shining in his eyes.from the very first day of their friendship. Irrespective of knowing that he was living in a dream that can’t come true, he continued to stick at his love. His love was furtive. 

The next day as usual, the bell rang and class began. Vihaan took a look at saira’s seat, she was not there. ” Why didn’t she show up today? ” Vihaan thought. He felt dejected,she used to inform him whenever she feel like taking a leave. 

After the class  vihaan decided to visit her. 

Finally the time arrived, he rushed towards her home, pressed the door bell. Saira’s  mom opened the door. 

“Hello Aunty!, could you please call saira.” 

“My dear, she told me she is going to be late today”.

Thinking not to bother vihaan left thanking her.

“I wonder That she had an plan with ishan toady. Ah! Whatever I don’t have any Right to pry, let them enjoy ” Vihaan said while his heart sank. 

He was used to it- used to get heartsick.

The day passed- it was a tempting evening. after attending his music class, vihaan was walking towards home. The warm evening breeze coming from the near by garden diverted his attention.

Simply walking towards the garden, he went and sat near the fountain, enjoying the evening.

At this hushed place he could hear someone murmuring. He looked back, and could see a silhouette. He went near that, he was feeling quite bizzare. 

It was no one but saira . Vihaan was stunned. 

“Saira, where were you all the time? Why are you alone here ? Where is ishan? “

Her mournful eyes were no longer able to control, and burst into tears. 

“Why are you— say something!” The silence of her was making him screwed up. 

 “Just leave” Saira said abruptly.

 ” I’ll not ,I know you want me to stay. “

“Vihaan, we broke up. How could everything collapse so suddenly? But i still—”

“First stop sobbing, I can’t see you like this”.

He got down on his knees and wiped her tears with his hands. ” you know what you need to learn to let go what wants to leave. The things which are meant for you will stay by you side and which are not will leave no matter what.”

“I don’t think so I’ll able to forget the moments we share”.

“Saira, so many people love you, don’t focus on the one who don’t and I am always there for you”

“I was a fool to love him, just because of a small misunderstanding he left me.”

“Stand up”, he slowly move his hand towards her Hand and hold it tightly. She could feel his breath.  ” be strong enough to say  ‘ goodbye’ , I am sure life will surely reward you with new  ‘hello’. “

That statement of  vihaan’s    pleased saira. He was making her storng to face the Strom. 

 Getting little closer to her, he whispered in her ear.”Ok so, saira is planning to make me rich by droping this precious pearls.”

Finally saira giggled. 

“If he’ll make you cry again, I swear”— 

“Ya! It’s fine, how can I sob when I have you with me” Kia said , 

“Yes I know I am a clown” Vihaan said just to lighten up the situation.

” Vihaan, I need to go now “

” Should I walk you home’? He offered

” No it’s fine, I’ll go” , she said and left. 

He was still sitting there, he was hurt too but for her he pretended to be strong. 

He tried to fix her, while his own soul was suffering. He couldn’t see her suffering because of someone else. 

They both deserve the sun, that’s the reason it was raining hard on them. 

6 months have already passed. 

It was summer now, the summer camp was arranged for the student by the authority. 

Everyday saira woke up with a smile, was all because of vihaan. 

She left for the camp, she could see all her friends standing near the gate . And there was vihaan standing under the blazing sunlight. 

The smile on face grew even broader. Yes his love perfectly fit into the cracks of her heart, she finally had an epiphany that love is not about being into a relationship and physical intimacy but to love someone unconditionally excepting nothing back. 

” I know vihaan , that from the very start you love me. From falling for ishan, to start a relationship and separation of ours, you were there for me, and ishan was just a light shower to appreciate the true beauty of rainbow. And yes now I love you too. 

I never had such a great feeling when I was with zayn, seems so we were destined to be together. I am blessed that I have you” Saira thought as she gaze at vihaan

“Hey! Vihaan, wait for me I am coming” She ran towards him as if she is going to embrace him. 

“Ya! Wear your cap, it’s hot”.

” Why I need to? When you are my shade in the sun.  ”  He  said with a charming face. His presence pleased her. 

She hold her hand, as if the whole World is there in their fist. 

 His love never changed. 

But the only thing was now kia could feel his love. The twinkle of love in his eyes. 

They both love each other, but never thought of confessing. Not a relationship but they share an unbreakable bond, a love that can’t be named. 

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