Is it Really Love?


I met Rohan when I came home for a holiday. He is visiting my neighbour flat and is a cousin of my close friend. I wouldn’t say its love at first sight, we became friends first and gradually moved into a relationship. I work as a research assistant for a professor and he works in IT. We don’t have anything in common but somehow, we started seeing each other. 

We live in Mumbai far from our parents so it was easy to start living together. I always know that he is a very possessive person but I thought that it’s his love towards me. At first, he just used to sulk when I talk to my male friends but it was easy for me to make him laugh again. And I thought it was cute to see him get jealous for me. When we started living together everything seemed romantic. Him waiting for me to reach home, us having dinner together, playing games, answering each other phones, doing chores everything seemed perfect. 

One day I was late as my professor ask me to finish some documents and by the time, I was out of my workplace, I saw Rohan waiting for me. I thought he was concerned about me coming home alone. While we were driving, he didn’t speak a word and I thought it’s his usual sulk mode so I tried to cheer him up saying some funny stuff. The next thing I knew was a stinging pain on my cheek. He slapped me and all I could see is his eyes raging with anger. I didn’t know what I did but my self-respect said I shouldn’t tolerate this. But I couldn’t utter a word and fear crawled into my brain. I just stayed calm and after going home, I just locked bedroom and that’s when tears welled up in my eyes.

The next day when I stepped out of the room, Rohan made breakfast and was waiting for me. He was on his knees saying he was sorry for what he has done and that he just couldn’t picture me with my professor at that late hour. He then said his usual romantic words and made me smile. Again, everything seemed perfect for me.

That night I was been slapped again for saying no to his work party but this time it didn’t end with a slap, my stomach and my back were bruised. The next morning, I was pampered again with his words and again everything seemed perfect with our relationship. He made me believe that he truly loves me more than anything in this world and he doesn’t want to share me with anyone. He told that he wants to shout to the world to publish me as his girlfriend. I thought no one could love me like this in the entire world.

Now, this became a routine where I get bruised by his so-called love at night and where he cries in the morning saying he loves me more than anything in the entire world. But the world saw us as a perfect couple. Everyone was jealous of me to have Rohan in my life. To the world, he projected himself as a perfect gentleman where he takes care of the woman in his life as a queen. When I see him, I see a narcissist, he has this undying wish to be recognised by everyone around us as a good person.

I know that I am making a mistake staying with him but when he talks to me about how much he loves me and when he cries seeing the wound’s he gave me I somehow believe that he truly loves me and he deserves one more chance. But that night became my last chance for him. He was angry when he saw my picture on my professor’s FB page. He started beating me and at first, I could feel all the pain. After a few minutes, I couldn’t even move as my entire body feels numb. I saw him bringing a wire and I thought he is going to tie me up or hit me with the wire but he dropped the wire around my neck and the last thing I remember is his eyes filled with uncontrollable rage but his lips smiling saying, “I truly love you baby and that’s why you should belong only to me…”

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