Soon after the successful launch of iphone 26 a parcel is send to the headquarter of Apple  which have a video of a masked man  who claims that he is going to kill the leaders of the most powerful nations of the world and as soon as  the video gets over soon everyone comes across a news of the Assassination of the president of USA which creates high alert in whole world and soon the hacker sends one more video to the Apple headquarter claiming that his next target is Russian president and they have just have 24 hours to save him  and soon after getting the second video the Apple CEO contacts media and tell them everything about the video and soon media circulates the news on its platform according to which the next target of the hacker is Russian president because of which he is provided with a heavy safeguard as hacker has warned to kill him in next 24 hours   but still the very next day the news of the death of Russian President takes over all the news channel which shocks everyone the most shocking thing is that now the hacker hacks each and every news channel across the globe and  informs about his next target who is going to be none other than the Chinese Prime minister  whom he is going to kill again in next 24 hours enough for informing everyone about his next target he  disappears again leaving everyone more baffled than earlier but still one thing nobody paid attention to is  why the hacker only contacted the headquarters of Apple  and hence doubting the same the investigators check the phone of the Dead leaders where the come across the fact that they were using iPhone 26 even before it was launched explain  explaining which Apple CEO tells them that  this time they had planned to offer the advanced editions of iPhone 26 to the most powerful Global leaders according to the Forbes list of the Year  which was technically more powerful than the ones which they launched few days back  now the investigators start checking the full list of the Global leaders who are ranked in the Forbes list of the Year and how they stumble upon the next target of the hacker who will be none other than the Prime Minister of Germany and England after the prime minister of China is killed as according to the Apple CEO they have just provided the advance edition of iPhone 26 to the top 5 global leaders of the list

     Enquiring about the special edition the investigators ask Apple CEO to provide one of the samples of the special editions of iPhone 26 which they gave to the Global leaders to which provides him with the sample and he also tell the fact that this is the master phone which can control  all the other special editions iPhone across the world but when he gets into his cabin where he have kept that particular sample tickets shocked to see that the sample has been missing from his cabin where is on the other hand the time is running out to save China’s Prime Minister as the time which hacker gave to kill him has almost  completed as well as the cctv cameras of his cabin is also missing which makes investigator land upon the decision that some other person close to the Apple has been doing this so restart investigate thing each and every employee of that headquarter but all goes in vain as he is unable to find any clues from his enquiry  where is on the other side then news channel again plays  the video which  hacker send them a while ago in which the see the prime minister of China is being tied on a chair with bomb tied on his body  and in background hacker tell them to find him as quickly as possible as in next 10 minutes he is going to die due to explosion of the bomb which is tied on his body and soon the Search and rescue team of China start searching location of the video where as on the other side the whole world is saying the live telecast of everything was going on but successfully in remaining time the search and Rescue Team finds location and reach there and   free him as well but while they are coming out of the room suddenly   but fortunately none of them is harm India accident and soon there reaches  the forensic team who collect an iPhone mobile as well  on the accident spot

      which upon cross checking with the Apple CEO investigators come to know that this is  last piece of the special edition which was kept in the cabin of him  which is surprisingly still in the working condition  and when investigators go through it  they come across a video of the same hacker which has been doing all this from while in which he reveals that he stole  this special edition controller phone from the cabin of Apple CEO and transform it a kind of remote control  with the help of which he started the controlling all the special edition iPhone 26 which was given to the  Global leaders and hence started  targeting them one by one and hence  finally end up killing them all but now he has changed his plan and now he challenges  the investigators to find him after telling them the brief reason of why he is doing everything  which is World War 3 which happened because of the greediness of some of the Global leaders which almost finished the human race on planet Earth which just remaining population of about 2 billion today as it could have been stopped but none of the Global leaders took pain in doing so and now he will punish each and everybody in his own style and hence he will punish and and everyone of them as karma never leaves anyone and he is karma of them 

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