In the journey of success let’s not forget ourselves and make our own success story! 


Everyone of us since childhood have different passions different intrests like we wanted to be like every second person we meet out of my personal experience when I used to meet a beautiful college girl with a fluent english I dreamt of being someone as her and if the next day if I met a beautiful teacher I dreamt of being like her and it continued with evry second person I met it was just similar to changing clothes I changed my passion my dream and had nothing in particular that I would consider to be as my hobby, passion ,dream . Whenever people asked me about these things I tried to mimic my peers . If the majority said reading books it was my passion and the other time if the majority was with dancing I want to be a dancer. And I saw the same thing to be in process even today. If any person want to be a business man they will dream of becoming ambani or Birla. If it’s about acting you want to be like one of the famous Hollywood or bollywood star. Why do you want to become like them, be like you and by this I don’t mean don’t get inspired by them take inspiration from them but atleast don’t try becoming a copy of them.

You are the best thing you have. In this journey of becoming like someone we are totally missing out on who we are as a individual. What are our intrests as a individual.I just want people to be clear about one thing you don’t have to be like anyone just be yourself . Make your up-bringing is such a manner that you are not having a plagirized success you have it of your own .Let’s make our own succcess story .

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