This is completely a fiction story and it is not modified/copied/extracted version of an existing publishing/material/any other source.  The characters described do not represent anyone or meant to hurt anyone.  This short story is my attempt to bring out new things from me in future and this may look vague if you are not completely involved, because the scenes jump suddenly from one another. Hope you enjoy this.

Thank you


     keekik.. keekik.. keekik….. jarring, this made Sian to open her eyes when the clock stuck 5:00 in the misty morning. Though, she shrugged to get up, her room-mate who was in croc’s sleep after a study until 2:00 a.m. said “Hey! Don’t be over-ambitious to study, Sian, get some sleep. You can catch up your work later.”
          Avoiding her words, she got up, freshened herself, went to aerobics, and got some stuff for her breakfast on the way back to her room. Maya placed back Sian’s Class notes on Internal Anatomy of Human as soon as she heard Sian trudge into the room. “Welcome Sergeant!” said Maya with wicked smile.
          “Sergeant! me?” replied Sian.
          “Yep! A person has to be gifted to wake up in this misty, weary morning to catch up Aerobics classes,” grimaced Maya. Sian smiled wryly, and made a cup of coffee for both of them.
The white dial touched 7:45 a.m.

     “Hey! Sian, we are getting late. Remember the words of our anatomy lecturer the other day. Its 8:4……..” uttered Maya looking for her wristwatch
“Students! I will not tolerate the students coming a minute late into my class and now we have just 15 minutes to make it class. That’s it?” answered Sian, locking their room door and handed her wristwatch which she found lying over her bed when Maya replaced Sian’s book.
          “Ha-ha! Yup,” Maya said.
          “Hey! Joseph, Karthik, Isha, Shalini, Rupert,” wished the ladies, entering the classroom.
          While everyone was reviewing the topics, a sound of click was heard at the door and then entered Mr. Santosh (Anatomy Lecturer) as soon as the school began. “Any questions on parietal, frontal lobes of brain?” asked Santosh, while preparing for his next lecture.
          There was a hush! Taking it as grant for the next lecture, he switched on the PowerPoint presentation.
          Maya’s eyes were struck to the screen, with a racy pen on her notebook.
          “Boom! Boom!” A sound of explosion very nearby was heard and everyone in fear started running off from their classes. But Maya was interests to steal the secondary storage device in which PowerPoint presentation was stored, is galloping without the fear of detonation. Sian saw a tall, sturdy person right from the window by the side of her bench………..


     Mishap surrounded to the boundaries of his eyes, mute of merriness of children, screaming of people for help, fire fighters and rescuers were on their duty.  Few died on their boots. He was carrying on many children on his broad shoulders assisting few others to a safe place. Despite his boundless contribution, his heart rendered at the sight of the victims. Even the victims whom he saved were bought down to hell by the sudden fall of roof under which they took shelter. It was such a big massacre that he had never heard in decades. Nevertheless, he continued to rescue the left out. He then got a rope and got it tied to a pole to help a boy free himself from the clutches of the heavy roof-top which fell on him an hour ago. A stupor one who stood against his death thought the rescuer.  

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 He (rescuer) woke up with a sudden jerk from his sleep due to the fuzzy noise of his mobile.
          “Hello!” said Sian.

     “Hi! How are you doing?” said Vicky.
          “Things never change with me, I am fine. So, had the same dream!” said Sian.

     “How did you expect?” replied Vicky.

     “No other person in the world can understand you unless she is a sibling!” giggled Sian.

     “Ah! We have bequeathed common traits from our parents; it’s neither a boon nor understanding about your brother. Well! How is your college going on? Don’t ask me for an excuse regarding aerobics class.”

     “Phewwww…! Come on. Don’t start up again. I am on my schedule daily.”

     “Good, Sian.” replied Vicky.

     “There was an explosion at research laboratory near our college yesterday at quarter past to 9:00 a.m.” said Sian.

     “Are you all right?  Better come to home for few days until the situation subsides.” said Vicky with concern towards Sian.

     “I am grown up Vicky! I can take care of myself. If the situation goes wild, I will pack my baggage.” replied Sian.

     “Good to hear!” replied Vicky.

     “By the way, I saw an odd person, leaving the premises of laboratory after explosion. I have never seen him in our college.” said Sian.

     “Would you be able to feature him out, so that our team can spot him easily?” 

     “He bore a Hitler-esque face.” said Sian.

     “I am on my boots, with my team, to the spot. Meet you there. Take care.” said Vicky.

     “See ya!” said Sian and hung the phone.


     Maya couldn’t tolerate the dedication of Sian towards her studies. She couldn’t resist herself from looking at the topic she was reading.

     “Ah! I have an edge over her. I completed the topic yesterday” thought Maya.

     Even then, her strong instincts made her to grab the newspaper and sat beside her, looking for trendy designs.

     “I hope you have one of these apparel collections, Right?” said Maya.

     Sian snarled and said “Yeah.”

     “I didn’t mean this exactly, but I was actu…..al..ly…..”

.    “Hmmmm…… Actually?” said Sian.

     Maya turning the other sides of the newspaper was eagerly looking out for a reason so that she can distract Sian. “Actually, I was intending to show you this….the detonation in our college research laboratory. Look, there are some interesting facts about it.” said Maya, with a sigh of relief.

     “Let me see,” said Sian. Maya happily handed over the newspaper to her.

     “To our goodness, the detonation took place exactly an hour before the lab assistants and students entered the area. Police have reported to the press, that this act was a deliberate one. However, the culprit doesn’t have an intention to harm others, but he is after something, which we will trace out quickly. Detective agent Vicky is personally handling this case.” stated the article.

     Curious Sian immediately called Vicky to know his intents about the case. 

     “The culprit had taken good measures without getting caught. I searched the whole area for evidence. My team could get only hair samples, but this does not relate to the sketch you said, because the man you said had his head tonsured.” said Vicky.

     “That’s interesting, do you feel that he got some company with him?” replied Sian.

     “May be! But the deplorable fact is the usage of lots of sodium hydroxide from the perspective of a bomber. The fire rescuers were at bizarre initially, later they understood the composition and doused the fire.” said Vicky.

     “NaOH. Why would a person with vicious intent use it? He must be a freak!” said Sian.

     “Sir! An unauthorized person intends to speak with you,” reported the assistant to Vicky.

     “Hold on a sec. Sian,” said Vicky to his sister in an authoritative tone.

     “Agent V on the phone, who is this?” said Vicky.

     “Hi! Agent V, What an ‘immaculate conception’ of ‘Lady’ Sian. High retentive capacity, Applause for her retention power.” answered Jones.

     Agent V ordered his assistant to trace the call. “Well! Looking at the explosion site you masquerade a bomber, but not a culprit with vicious intent. You are after something confidential. It might satisfy your personal motives, but does not last for long.”

     “Wonder! Agent V, I could now accept that you are a man worth of your job. Would that bother you if we could meet at next site of explosion?” Jones grinned.

     “Explosions are not your interest, surrender yourself! We can fulfill your demands. On the contrary, you have to face worse.” replied Vicky seriously.

     “A real pearl can reflect the sunrays in morning. Adios!” said Jones and hung up.

     Agent V looked at his assistants, their expressions reflected that they were unable to trace out the call.

     Vicky then switched on to his sister, and told her to take care of her and not to rely on any stranger. 

     Call END……..


     Three weeks after the blast at the college premises (Mumbai), everything was scheduled to normal. Agent V with utmost diligence was sorting out the circumstantial evidences. Meanwhile, he was fascinated by the forensic reports conducted on the samples collected from the explosion area.

     It matched with fugitive Narendar sir, reports his assistant.

     “Narendar! How could that be him? Our evidences were strong to prove his death. What on earth! Don’t you feel our nation’s development would attain greater heights if these culprits took active part in nation’s development rather than in massacre’s?” said Vicky to his assistant.

     “Exactly, sir!” replied his assistant.

     It was the practical session for Sian and Maya. They were making a brief note on the studies carried on by them during the session, which would help them for their upcoming exams. Dr. Santosh, enters the lab and draws the students’ attention by making an uncanny sound at the entrance.

     “Students, a two hour internal would be conducted this weekend for 70 marks. I would be glad if you could read the chapter 4 & 5 of internal anatomy.” announced Dr. Santosh

     Maya felt happy that she has to cover only a half portion of the syllabus and then got busy in making her notes for the practical session. Maya was with all ears though she was making her note and listening to the gossips going on around her. She became pale when she heard Sian say “I need to make final review for the test.”

     “How can she outrank me, despite my consistent efforts of distracting her? Oh god! Is there any other way to keep her away from writing the exam!” thought Maya to herself.

     Vicky called Sian to inform about his travel to Goa on official work. He was being too concern from the past few days. The conversation ended there.

     Agent V made after returning from Goa, asked his assistant to arrange a press conference.

     A press conference was held; where ‘V’ declared officially that the case on detonation at Research Laboratory in one of the famous medical colleges in Mumbai was connected with many important delegates of the college. Based on the evidences collected by me, I suspect Dr. Santosh, the main culprit. He plays the major role in threatening the sustenance of nation’s people. I submit my reports to Police department and insist them to take him into charge as quick as possible. 

     Few journalists entered the state of awe, on listening to the sudden decision of Agent V. Few couldn’t digest his decision, nor they were in a position to be skeptical about his judgement. Few were against his judgement because Dr. Santosh had profound skills in his area of work and was too keen in his work, not tolerating even a decimal percentage of mistakes. 

     Dr. Santosh filed a defamatory case against Agent V. Nevertheless, he was taken into police custody and was in remand period after getting bail through his advocate. The petitioner’s lawyer defended that the research laboratory was established for the welfare of people of nation which degrades the radionuclide’s i.e., nuclear waste using oxalic acid under the authority of Dr. Santosh. He cannot be treated as culprit under any circumstance. 

     On the contrary, Agent V produced sufficient evidence which supports that Doc is the culprit. Thus the final verdict of 7 years jail was passed against doc.

     Evidences were enlisted as below:

  1. The forensic reports on the hair samples collected at the laboratory site were that of the fugitive Narendar, who was impersonating himself as Dr. Santosh. The original Doc had been subjected to murder by Narendar.
  2. Jones, who at the beginning of case was thought as a culprit by the witnesses has played a major role in identifying the thief. He is an ex-detective agent.
  3. Coming to the research laboratory, Doc had initiated the plan of reducing the nuclear wastage i.e., when bitumen is treated with gamma rays, oxalic acid is produced which curbs the surge of radionuclide components present in it.
  4. But the fugitive Narendar, had taken it as an advantage and exponentially increased the usage of oxalic acid, increasing the congenital malformations and affecting the respiratory tracts. Narendar’s subterfuge was to increase the foreign collaboration in our Nation indirectly.
  5. Regarding explosion, Jones had used NaOH, which reacts with Oxalic acid, forming harmless products.

           CASE CLOSED.

    A year had passed, since Sian and Vicky met each other. They met at their home and enjoyed preparing a good meal, spending time with their parents, relatives. Sian had successfully cleared her third year in Medical. Vicky had a sound sleep compared with past few months.

Sian asked Vicky, “You remember the day when I called you about the case? You got an anonymous call. What happened that day? What was your conversation with him over the phone? How could you solve the case?”

“Hmmmm….. I do remember. At first I thought he was a culprit when I spoke to him, but when I met him in personal, I changed my mind.” said Vicky.

“You met him? How?” said Sian

     “He gave me a clue; ‘immaculate conception’ of ‘Lady’ Sian’ and ‘A real pearl can reflect the sunrays in morning’. It took me four hours to trace it. He said that there was an explosion, so that I can take it a serious one. Nevertheless, there was no explosion, we watched Narendar and his colleagues meet at ‘Lady Immaculate Conception’ a church in Goa” paused Vicky and looked at his sister.

     “Goa!!!” answered the perplexed sister.

     “Tourists ought to have space in their travel book for the Lady Immaculate Conception Church. Secondly, Goa is called “Pearls of the east,”   his second clue led me to conclude it as Goa, because luster’s of pearl can’t be observed in the noon, but in morning, which obviously is the east. (Two words “East and Pearls”)” explained Vicky.

     “Superb!! Brother, I am really fascinated by your thoughts” Said Sian.

     Their languid was interrupted by a call from Maya to Sian, “Hey! Sian, How are you enjoying your holidays? Hope you are not onto fourth year!” said Maya, with a book of fourth year in front of her. 


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