One fine morning, Justin and Stewart are walking on the footpath, going on their way to their college. Stewart is talking about their practical examinations and about a dream which he got last night. In that, their college principal suspended him because he has done malpractice in his practical exams. After listening to this, Justin began to laugh and after some time, Justin also said, “Stewart I too got a dream yesterday. In that ‘Stacy’ was like a dream girl. I love her, but she doesn’t recognize it. Last night I feel her in each and every second.” Then, Stewart asked him, “can you explain how you feel her?” To that Justin said, “I feel each and everything of her, by exposing a small shy face. Justin starts to explain his dream.

When I’m sleeping on my bed. Slowly my name was whispered in my ears with a sweet voice. Then I opened my eyes, and I saw a girl who was continuously whispering my name as ‘Justin…. Justin….’ I moved towards her, there I saw a charming smile on her face. “I feel the way she smiles. I feel her lips when they touch each other. I feel her nose when it touches me while I try to kiss her. I feel her cheeks touching my face. I feel her ears when she moves her hair behind the ears. I feel the way she rubs her eyes. I feel the way she locks her hair. I feel her long hair which touches me that’s eventually kissing my face. I feel the way she rubs her neck slowly. I feel her body when she cuddles me. I feel her legs when they touch mine. I feel her feet actually touching my cheek. I feel her shy sometimes, every time and a while. I feel it when she looks at me when I’m not looking at her. I feel the air when she passes by me. I feel the smell when she sits beside me. I feel her warm air when she is breathing out”

“Wait!…wait! Are you talking about our classmate Stacy?” asked Stewart.While Justin was narrating his dream, along with Stewart there is another girl standing there. Justin was consciously not aware of that, as he was drifting through his dream. When he looked back, he realized that the girl is none other than Stacy.

Then Stacy whispered Justin’s name the same as he listened in his dream. Justin was speechless. He was slightly shivering although it was the middle of summer, Stewart said, “Come on mann!! This is the right time to propose to her. Tell each and everything which is there in your heart. I’m leaving now, You guys continue.”

With a shivering tone Justin said, “Stacy I’m extremely sorry about that, I’m not supposed to think like that I… “

“Enough! Justin, Just tell me what you feel about me?”

Justin replied, “Stacy, I love your lips when they’re red, with a wild desire. Your lips are so soft and red that makes me think of kissing you and biting your red lips adding red blood to your already red lips making them hotter than ever. This picture has stuck in my head. I love your eyes when they shine with a spark. I love my eyes when you look into them. I love my name, when you whisper it. I’ll take your pain and give my love that no one could. I love that; I love you, I’ll never stop loving you. I love your each and every feeling, I FEEL YOU.” 

Stacy smiles and cuddles him and says, “I love you too!”

Justin kisses Stacy. Next week they get married and all their desires are fulfilled. 


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