I Am


I very much love the name Priya. Generally we like a name because that name calls someone we love. I like the name Freddy too, cause it’s mine. We both work as content writers for a reputed company. I am the only son of my parents, and they love me with everything they have. Since I was a child, I always dreamed of having a brother or a sister. Undoubtedly, my parents are treating me very well, but there is still an empty room in my heart for not having anyone to share. Being the only son, I feel more responsible for taking care of my parents. I always thought, ‘What if I die? They don’t have another child to look up to.’ All such thoughts are lying on my shoulders, increasing my burden to keep their reputation and hopes alive and strong.

But with a dare, I decided to choose the career path of my interest rather than fulfilling my parent’s wishes. Stories are always my passion. I love reading them as much as I love writing them. My stories are different than many others. Though I receive very diverse comments on them, I was hired into this company because of the way I carry emotions in my stories. Their I met Priya. Even writing her name in this letter is making my breathing heavy. I never felt any feelings towards any other woman that I felt for Priya. She is a star for me. I am good at creating a magical connection between the characters in my stories with a smooth and confident conversation. In reality, when I first spoke to her, I said, ‘Hey, Friya! I am Preddy.’ But it worked out quite well. It made her laugh until she cried. While she was laughing, I felt every other sound muted, and I could only hear her laugh and see her beautiful hair dropping on her face while she rolled them to the back of her ears with her fingers. I could picture that video in my eyes all my life. Since then, she calls me Preddy. When I went through her stories, I could feel them with all my emotions. They were so beautiful and emotional, and most importantly, she carried emotions of characters the same way I did. When our friendship started, we realized that we both think the same, write the same, and feel the same. Within no time, we became best friends. Daily calls, catch-ups, dinners became a routine in our life. Every moment I spent with her is like a golden memory for me. If there is a memory box in my brain, I would store these moments in a vault to recall them moments before I die.

After waiting for two decades, I finally found a person who can understand my feelings and feel the way I feel. I can guess how she would react to any situation, and she can guess my actions too. One day she called me late night and said, ‘Preddy, I am on periods. I am feeling a lot of pain and couldn’t sleep. Can you talk to me for a while?’ That day, I realized how important I was to her. No women told me about their periods until that date. I know how personal a woman would feel about her periods. I asked myself, ‘Why she called me, skipping all her other friends?’ I could find only one answer to that question ‘She loves me’ because I expect it from her more than anything. No other person talked to me as personally as she did on that day. I was overwhelmed with that talk. I tried my best to relieve her pain and told her one of my boring stories to make her fall asleep and rest.

Days passed. I know her more than anybody, and she knows me as well. But, there is a confession I need to make. But, I am sure that she won’t mind it because I ignore it as well. My golden memory vault is filling with tons of memories, and I want to fill it all my life. So, I decided to propose her along with my confession. I invited her to dinner at my house. She said she would come in a tone as if she was expecting me to ask her. In the night, my doorbell rang, and I rushed to open it. She was wearing the beautiful white gown that she wore when we first met. As I opened the door, she rolled her hair from her face to the back of her ear. This trick is a gun machine that shoots my heart with tons of love bullets. She is a star. We ate our favorite dish, talking, joking, and laughing. I could somehow sense that she knew about my plan and waiting for me to propose. My dog, Rex, came running towards her with a gift box attached to her neck as per plan. All her eyes moved towards Rex. Meanwhile, I removed my T-shirt, which has a white shirt under it, and wore a bright black blazer. She opened the box and found a letter inside it saying, ‘Look behind you.’ As she turned towards me, I was on one knee holding a beautiful diamond ring. She held her hands, closing her beautiful lips covering her aww expression. Tears started rolling down her eyes while she was cuddling around herself like a child. With the most beautiful smile I can wear, I said, ‘Hey Friya! I am Preddy. Will you marry me?’ She nodded her head like a kid accepting her favorite ice cream, pointing her finger towards me. After inserting the ring into her finger, we kissed.

All this had happened thirty years ago. But still, all my golden memories with her are safe in the vault. Throughout my career, I always wrote stories to impress the audience and get them involved with the characters with fictional emotions. As our end is near, we decided to write our own stories, filled with our own emotions no matter what others think. My story is as simple as any other love story for you. But, when you write your own love story about your star girl, you will know how much each line means. I am Preddy, and this is how I met Friya.

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2 thoughts on “I Am

  1. I can imagine the story while reading. It was so good.

  2. words are just amazing i can feel their emotions…