Hope and Determination


It was a chilly winter evening, the sun had now set for more than two hours. The eerie cold night approaching but even if it was silent around the neighborhood, everyone probably chilling under their blankets or just munching on snacks while sitting near the heater, the house 037 of the 31st block in Jayram Sarani wasn’t that much peaceful.

From inside yells and shouts could be heard. It had now become a regular occurrence. The husband, a jobless and useless creature came drunk everyday and argued with his wife and scared their eleven year old little girl to a great extent. The girl having grown accustomed to this though still scared out of her wits tugged her mom’s clothes and while holding the little pup in her arms locked the door to her room pulling her mother in with her. The father still threatening to kill everyone and committing suicide what a view before a little child. It had become a daily issue. She wanted to burn her own house down the mental strain on her brain making her really closed off from everyone.

Her final exams were going on and she was forced to study in this environment or sometimes she would sneak to the terrace to sit and study in a corner to avoid distraction. She didn’t want to leave her mother alone inside when anything could have happened to her but she was forced to and at that moment only one thought kept her going making her want to just give her everything in studies.

‘I’ll pass out with flying colours from school, graduate, get a good paying job and take you with me somewhere far from this hell hole mom, ill free you from this monster of a person and that day we will live happily just you and me.’ she thought.

Around 12 years later, the little girl was now a grown up and also the top student in her department. She appeared in various competitive exams ranging from banking, railways to the SSC and UPSC exams. As if God heard her prayers she passed in a few of them and then today she was a high ranked CBI officer responsible for upholding justice in the society. She bought sweets, clothes etc. on her first salary and mainly also secretly hired a lawyer asking to prepare divorce papers after narrating the whole situation to them. It had been just four months since she got the job but her savings and efforts made it possible for her to buy a flat and also make her mother throw the divorce papers at her useless father’s face.

She was decent enough to sent him money every month so he won’t die pitifully though she knew he probably didn’t even deserve her such kindness.

She was now lying down on her mother’s lap,  in their new flat, her mother caressing her hair and whispering, “Tired from work?”

“No Ma, just happy this feels so peaceful.”

Her mother smiled, “Your determination finally showed results, my girl. I used to tell you right study hard and everything will be alright someday.”

“You are always right Mom, I love you so much and I’m sorry I left you alone all these years for studying in another state. I’m sorry.” The girl’s dam of tears that seemed to be held in for years burst out and she hid her face in her mother’s lap and her mother just kept patting her head and consoling her with encouraging words. “You did well, Riya. You are a brave child. I’m beyond grateful to God for having been the mother of a kid like you.”

“I-I love you Ma, you are the best best mother in the world.” She stuttered while sobbing. “If God really exists I just want him to make me your daughter for the next seven births of mine in this world.”

“Silly child”. Her mother chuckled and she finally laughed too amidst the solace they had now.

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