His Forever


I remember the date exactly, February 5 2018. That’s when we met after an interval of 6 years. I never thought that by attending a School Anniversary, I would find the love of my life. 

I remember him standing before me and politely saying a ‘Hi’. I couldn’t remember who he was but he seemed to know me well. Suddenly I was shocked to realize that he was my beloved childhood friend and classmate. A smile came across my face because I was happy to meet him after all these years. He had changed a lot. He had become a Tall, Dark and Handsome young man from a boy. I remember both of us having the same height when we were kids but now he had become so taller than me. He looked manly and perfect in his nice blue shirt. To me, It felt that he was a perfect gentleman.

Since I was in shock at this sudden meeting, I couldn’t speak much. He asked me a few things to which I replied and he left after talking to me for a few minutes. I found a seat and sat down. The programs were too boring for me. All this while I noticed him looking at me. I think he tried his best not to make me feel weird as he was staring at me the whole time. Soon, I plugged in my earphones and started listening to music. Little did I know that these few hours were going to change me forever.

I remember him coming and sitting beside me. His cologne had a strong but lovely fragrance and I loved it. He kept one of his hands on my seat. It was a little awkward for me and I was confused regarding what to say to him. It was dead silence for a few minutes and then he initiated the talk and we started talking. We recollected memories and talked about how these 6 years had passed. It was all so wonderful and I felt really happy. He talked about various things and I don’t know why but I couldn’t look into his eyes. I tried my best to avoid eye contact. At some points, we both tried to avoid eye contact. A few hours passed I guess and then I went to sit at the front. He told me he’ll see me later and he too went away. 

At that moment I realized something. It was only a few minutes without him and I felt something was missing from me. I felt a void. I wanted him back and I wanted to talk to him soon. I felt that he had cast some spell on me, I just didn’t want him to go away from me. Those few minutes felt like years, and even though I had just met him, It felt like I had known him for years. I didn’t know why I was feeling this but I didn’t want to lose him again. I hoped that he would come and talk to me again. And Suddenly I saw him standing opposite of me and I waved at him to come and sit with me. He was back with me and I felt really happy. My happiness knew no bounds! We talked, We Smiled, We Laughed and those moments were so Heavenly! Seconds, Minutes and Hours passed and we were talking non-stop. We were in a world of our own and we didn’t care for anyone else but us. It was the happiest day of my life. Hours passed and soon it was time to say goodbye. And I think we both felt the same sadness inside us. He asked me for my phone number and even though I was a little hesitant at first, I gave it to him. He was my childhood buddy and I felt that there was nothing wrong with exchanging numbers. We left for our respective homes and all the time there was only one person in my mind and it was ‘Him’. We were in different places but in my mind, we were together and there was definitely something really special about him that made me smile each time I thought about him.

We started chatting and he became my Best Friend again. We never hid anything and talked so freely with each other and each day in our lives became extra special. It was all so wonderful and within a few days came Valentine’s Day. It was such a shocker as I never expected him to propose to me. I knew I loved him but I couldn’t say yes. I didn’t want to ruin our beautiful friendship by being in a relationship. I had heard and seen a lot of friendships that had been ruined because of ‘Love’. I didn’t want to be a victim of Love. I told him ‘Maybe’ and he said he’d always wait for me. I also asked him to prove his love for me and he was determined to do it too. Within a few months, He proved his love for me and I accepted him wholeheartedly. I understood how much he loved and cared for me. He made me feel so special and wanted. Moments with him were the best ones in my life. He became my Everything and I couldn’t imagine a life without him. We became the Loveliest couple ever. It was so Magical and we became Inseparable. There wasn’t even a day when we didn’t talk. We went for walks together. I had found my life partner and I never want to lose him ever. I love him with all my heart. I wouldn’t leave Him for the World.

It’s strange how love eventually finds us. I never expected to be in Love but now that I’ve experienced it, I know how magical it is and how wonderful it feels. So to the world, I say, ”Love, love and love till your last breath”

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