Her Camouflaged Doldrums


Her Camouflaged Doldrums

“But You loved me…”

“…to the moon and back…”

“… L… Lisa…”

She scrutinizes His eyes, befalling placid, as the anchor of a ship,

And His breathing breaking off, by Her cacophonous squall. For the first time in life, She gapes at Him in the surmounting soundlessness, envisioning his querulous and birdbrain, in abreast. What ushered Her to cut Him into pieces and herself too?

Five radiant years ago, They both met at a friend’s birthday party, fell in Love, sprung up dating, and in the fullness of time, got married. They were living in an exuberant trance, until they could no longer grapple with, the anticipated circumstances. They were a perfect couple, and their friends would always complement them on being the archetypal kind. But that day was different in its purest form. While she was planning to prepare for dinner, she noticed that there was a shortage of a few vegetables and snacks. She was a quintessential chef of the town. Many of her relatives would pay

her a visit twice, just to munch on a few delicately and deliciously cooked snacks, pulchritudinously, designed by her. She felt a Siberian breeze, chilling down towards the end her spine and decided to pack herself like an over stuffed teddy bear, preferred driving and hence, ventured to the supermarket. While driving, she remembered calling Him in the noon, to which he failed to return the call. She loved him immensely, and couldn’t even bear the slightest sight of separation. She thought about all the positive outcomes and grinned like a Cheshire cat. She reached the supermarket, hunted through the steel corridors for her vegetables and snacks. Peanut butter and  cheese spread formed the essentials of her life. She drove herself to the peanut butter rack and simultaneously, caught note of a fragrance, which was peculiar in its price and effervescence. Her sense of absolute interception of aroma was a strength in disguise. She remembered the wedding day, when she had gifted the same perfume to her husband. She wanted to gain a sight of the person who was wearing her favorite fragrance because that perfume was extensively priced and only the hefty-riches could afford it. For her to get a sight of

that individual, She shuffled and scuffled with  a few cat-food tins, placed sequentially on that steel slab and noticed an elegantly-dressed lady, treasure-hunting for something on the opposite slab. While it was difficult for her to figure out the face of that lady, she tried hard to get a glimpse of the person, wearing that perfume, standing close to her. After casting a brief look, she examined that person, from head to  toe and glued her eyes, on a ring in  his wedding finger. How could two people, journeying through apprehensive spheres of life, wear a ring, of equivalent height, size and width? She had put her faith in her husband at stake and imagined innumerable castles being build on a panoramic playground in her mind. She did feel betrayed then, but couldn’t muster the courage to confront him. He was indeed her husband. He was standing with a pretentious woman, in a supermarket, and grinning for heaven’s sake. She rushed toward the billing counter, hitting a few people in her way, reimbursed for the purchased items and drove back home in a post-haste. She reached home, sobbing and muttering  cursive words to herself, thinking it would’ve had been her fault. She wept like a baby whose mom rejected the

decision, to buy a candy. She had let her rummaging-self, tear down the burden of being a perfect wife to an imperfect husband. Her heart began palpitating making her feel a proportional sense of nausea. She was disheartened and heart-broken.

Her husband arrived home after an hour later of her return. He was looking tired from extensively working hard for commencing the running errands of that day. On his arrival, she threw satiric questions at him like pots and pans, to which he was rigorous enough to revert substantially and confidently. He replied in a way which consolidated her to believe in him because he bluntly made her aware of the fact that he had never been out with a girl except for her. She was not very well satisfied with answers and didn’t declare an end to her introspection.

The next morning, she asked him frivolous questions which disturbed him and made him irritated. He told her that her behaviour had changed since, the last evening. She didn’t want to disclose anything to him until he was caught red-handed by her, again. She remembered how ferocious-looking castles were being built when

she saw him with another lady in the supermarket. A long week had travelled by and She was still not talking to him with a straight mouth. She would poke her nose in everything he did until his nerves would no longer take her vexation. She went up to the extent of making up a few bogus circumstances, just to displease him. She confronted him on not being satisfied in their relationship, to which, he reverted provocatively. He would come home frustrated from his word-load, while she would be ready to spew her anger out, making him feel suffocated in an environment like such. After bluntly facing all the fuss over the past three weeks, He decided to plan out a dinner with her in an expensive restaurant. She was not looking less than a goddess, that dinner night, in her favourite velvet-maroon colored gown laced intricately with fine pieces of pearls around her neck. She noticed people around her minding their own  businesses and felt special again with him after five long  years.

They landed up home late that day and spent the rest of the night, together,in each others arms, when the Universe disturbed their intimacy by ringing on His smart-phone. He received the call of that Lady who was with him in that supermarket where his wife had found him roaming around the town, like cupids, in front of her. He didn’t puke out a word to her and left even before she could exhale her

breathe completely out. She had chosen that night to disclose a secret to him… about her pregnancy. But the thought of him being called by another woman, from a different galaxy, invaded the leftover peace within her, making her rush towards the kitchen, in searchlight of a whetted knife. During the time of absolute invisibility of her husband, She drafted out a plan, with the aid of subsequent criminal minded movies, she had been watching lately.

She was just waiting for the last sight of her husband wherein, she could examine him, from head to toe, alike the aromatic individual in that supermarket. It took him an hour to get back home that midnight. He entered the anteroom where she hugged him for the last time, and took him to their acute shell; their room. He looked bemused and almost forgot what had happened in the past few minutes. She bulldozed him to the bed, whispered in his ear about her pregnancy and incision-ed his throat, with the knife, she had hid under his pillow. Blood began oozing out of his neck and he couldn’t figure out, what had happened. If only she could had asked… was all, he was thinking about in that fine-woven moment. She had become a volcano, which required tectonic disturbances for its eruption. She asked him about the woman and he endorsed on telling the last story of his life, which was absolute and true in its finest sense. She was

his brother’s ex-wife who had come to the town, to visit her dying father. They both had happened to met at the supermarket where he was to purchase for Her her favourite extra-walnut cupcakes, along with a vanilla flavoured ice-cream. The moment She noticed her husband with another woman was the beginning of their meeting. In no time, she received a call from the hospital where her father had become critical and she had to leave in a post-haste. The lady called him that night because she needed urgent money because her accounts were not able update themselves accordingly. He was the first option in that loner-country, who could save her father and herself that night. He was next to a brother for that Lady. She realized what she had summoned could never be undone and she couldn’t handle herself. His, The last words, kept reverberating in her mind leading her to kill herself and her foetus, in a state of distress.

“But You loved me…” “…to the moon and back…” “… L… Lisa…”

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4 thoughts on “Her Camouflaged Doldrums

  1. This is beauty of writing. So beautifully gave a message of understanding the impact of misunderstandings. . Soooooo beautiful.

  2. Very beautiful. It’s like a real life lesson

  3. Look before you leap they say

  4. · July 8, 2021 at 3:59 am

    A great piece of writing…