“Commentator: Finally after 2 years team Legends won the Asian Championship…. and that’s not a wrong saying that they won because of Amate. She is one of the best hackers in the world…”

You must be thinking about who is Amate and off course what is Team Legends…It all started 1 year ago….what if I never met her, what if she is not the person I hate and love the most…Before I begin with the story let me introduce myself I am Zain also known as “Grunt”. I am a Hacker, a CTC(Cyber-Tech Computing) gamer. I am the captain of a team called Legends.

we were the Asian champions for 2 years but after the team, SP is formed we only secure the second position…. for me, there is only a winner and a loser there is no second position.

In the Asian championship finals in 2018 we loose to SP again for 2 consecutive years that’s when I met Amate for the first time. The girl who changed everything.

After the finals of the Asian Championship, the whole team went for the bus but I decided to go for a walk…I went to a cafe to relax then I saw her play, The sparkle in her eyes it’s like she owns the world there is nothing she is afraid of.

She looked at me as if she is trying to figure out what I was thinking. The moment she started walking towards me, my whole body was frozen this is the first time I got this feeling, the effect she has on me…

Then she said, “you could have won that championship if you weren’t that stupid and rush things up”…..I was totally confused about what she was talking about.

Don’t be puzzled I am talking about the Asian Championship…

“I was startled she knew who I was but that was not my concern at that time…what I did I always regret.”

You think what I did at the championship was not right?…

Yes…you were focused on winning that you actually forget that you have a whole team.. 

who the hell you think you are…

It doesn’t matter who am I….but I can assure you one thing I can play better than you….

Really?….fine then let’s see what you got…

Bring it on…

“We had a one on one competition and I’ll be lying if I said she is not good….she was better than I ever was….yes I lost to her and the hate started from there”

Better luck next time Grunt…

“I hate her more than anyone…I literally want to never see her again in my life…I went to the studio after the game”

Captain where were you, we were so worried about you…

I am tired, I am going upstairs…

“I haven’t slept the whole night not only because we lost but also because of that girl”


hey, guys, do you heard about Amate…

Yes, dude! She is unbeatable…

I think she is not a girl,  she never showed up in public and never uploaded her DP…

Maybe she is a boy…

whoever that is he is good…

Do you think he is better than captain…

Maybe, he is currently world ranking 1…

I wish he will be in our team, then we will never lose to SP..


“Next morning the whole system of the studio was hacked….none of us can find the bug then we got a text”

Don’t try to find me you can’t…If you want to win the next Asian Championship I want your captain to compete with me If you won I leave you to be but if I won I will join your team..


No way, Amate seriously..

This is so good..

Wait what’s going on who is Amate.?.

Captain, she’s the world’s best hacker…

I am not interested..

Zain please she the best option we have..

Fine I will compete with her..

“we messaged her time and date for the competition…and I was definitely not ready to lose again..after 2 days we both compete though I won everyone wants her to be a part of our team so I decided to invite her to the studio..”

After 3 days…

Hello everyone I am Amate..

“The moment I saw her I was shocked she was the same girl I competed in the cafe”


hey, We met again..

I prefer to lose rather than be in the same team as you..

Captain, You know each other?..



I don’t want you in my team you can go..

Fine, have fun with your third loss..

What..what did you just say?

It’s the trust even if you deny it…..Team Legends 5 main players Grunt, Hunter, DD, Axel, Blaze none of them came even in top 5 or 10 except you and DD and you think you can beat team SP whose every player is in the top 10..

That’s my problem, not yours you can go..

Ok fine…but if you change your mind you know where to find me..

“I hate this girl but somewhat she is right we can’t beat SP with this condition”

Everyone starts practicing and doesn’t stop until I say so..

But Zain..

“I know this is harsh but they all are young and if they trusted my then I have to prove it”


I am sorry Zain but this is for your own good..I won’t let you lose again..

“My name is Sarah…you must be thinking how I know him…well, I started playing CTC because of him…when I first saw him play the way he played the look in his eyes those sparkles I was so mesmerized I still remember that whenever he played he had always been fearless but now those sparkles were converted into fear, pressure..I know he has lots at stake and I want him to play like he used to always fearless and I would do anything for that to happen”

“I hate her but I don’t know why she reminded me of that girl 5 years ago the same look the same eyes…that girl didn’t know how to play CTC but the eagerness in her eyes to learn as the same she has…I never talked to her but every day I watched her play how every single day she improved, I wonder how is she now…The only thing I remember about her was the tattoo of a devil and the stars on her back…I heard her explaining to someone the tattoo of devil represents the darkness and the Stars represent the light.”

Zain can we talk?..

Ya, sure..

I don’t know what happens between you and her but she was right we can’t win with this situation of our team and we don’t have enough time to do new things….she is our best option..

DD I know you want her in our team but this is not only about me and you..if I let her in the team that means among the 5 we have to remove 1 from the main team and everyone tried very hard to be in the team..

Captain if this is about winning for the team we are ready for her to take our position..

Are you guys really sure you want to do this..

Captain, in a team with you as a captain, Amate, and DD as an attacker no one stands a chance to beat us..

Fine if you want this…DD I will tell you the location where you can her after 5 days we will have a competition the last ranker will be out and the rest 5 will compete in the Asian Championship this year..

Yes! captain we all do our best to win..

“I am happy that they are confident but I already knew the result…everyone practiced very hard for the competition day and night without taking a break…for the first time in these years those boys who always make excuses to skip the practice were not taking a single break”

After 5 days…

Ok, guys, the competition is simple every single chip contains a different server to hack but the last part is the same for every chip..after the first 5 people hack the last part it automatically shut down so whoever won’t able to hack will lose….so let’s begin..

“The way she looks..the confidence in her eyes she knew she will win but still there is a hesitation too maybe because she knew someone has to leave the main team….the competition starts and as expected she was the first to hack the server then I and then DD then Hunter and the Blaze….Axel came last “

I have imagined this to happen but this soon…I guess I am the weakest that’s why we always lose to SP..


That’s not true, you lose not because you are weak but because you accept that you will lose today….if I am wrong when the Tean Legends were formed you were the first person who joined the main team because you wanted that after that you let your team won Asian Championship so don’t ever think that you are weak..

“I hated her but when she says those things to Axel I feel that she not as bad as I thought she was”

After 5 months…

” We won the national championship, invitational world championship and what’s not but the day has finally come through all the hard work we were finally in the finals of Asian Championship”

“Commentator: so finally the moment that everyone waited for the much-awaited final between Team Legends and Team SP….but this time that’s not gonna be easy for SP to win…this year Legend has a new player Amate who is absolutely remarkable and like everyone, else I am also excited for the match…”

Are you guys….the moment has finally come…

yes, cap we are ready..

Where is Sarah?..

Don’t know…haven’t seen her..

“I search for her everywhere but couldn’t find her then I saw her talking to the manager of SP”

You can have anything you want if you do as I say..

really what will I get if I do what you say…

Anything you want just name it, those things which Legends can never give you.. all you have to do is lose the game…

Hmm, that’s quite an offer you are making….

“I can’t believe she can do this…..honestly all these months together with her I actually fell in love with her but all she ever wanted is fame and money…..Our story ends here Amate”

Cap have you found her?..

No, I haven’t..

Hey guys…I am sorry I was in the washroom…

okay….let’s do this guys…let’s win this with our old team…



What do you mean old team?..

yes, you heard it right….you are not playing today..

What…but why?

You know it better than me….I heard your conversation with the manager..

What conversation are you talking about Zain…

Ask her..

Sarah what is he saying?..

What will she tell…the manager of SP offers her everything she wants..fame, money with a condition that she will lose the match…

Is that true Sarah?..

Yes you are right he did offer me everything….but I wish you listen to the whole conversation..


You can have anything you want if you do as I say..

really what will I get if I do what you say…

Anything you want just name it, those things which Legends can never give you.. all you have to do is lose the game…

Hmm, that’s quite an offer you are making….but I don’t want anything, and as for the matter of losing don’t worry no matter what if I play or not the result will be the same you lose…..

I can’t believe you literally thought I will accept his offer…if I wanted fame I wouldn’t have joined your team in the first place….but now it doesn’t matter have fun with you and your team all the best…

Wait….Sarah tells him the truth or I will..

DD, No!..

What truth..

Zain…remember you always talk about a girl…the girl with a tattoo…

What it has to do with this?..

The girl you always talk about is Sarah..

What?…No way….this can’t be true..

“She showed me the tattoo…that was the same tattoo that she had…her eyes was filled with tears not because she is the same girl but because I haven’t trusted her”

Our journey ends here….goodbye Grunt or Zain…

You are not going anywhere….I made a mistake 5 years ago I won’t make the same mistake again…I can’t lose you..

I know I made so many mistakes….but now I want to say this……  ‘I LOVE YOU’ I always loved you always….and I want to win this Championship with you…

Are you sure because you can’t deny this later….

“He kissed me in front of everyone…well I won’t lie it’s the kiss ever the feeling that I had when he holds and cupped me close to him my whole body becomes weak…I want him to never stop”

“The feeling to kiss someone you love…she is the only girl who has such an effect on me, I want that the time could stop right there”

Okay, guys….can we go we have a match to win..


“Please welcome Team SP and Team Legends”

Good luck Zain for your 3rd loss.. the only miracle that can make you win is luck..

Anything happens or this will definitely happen today…

“we won after 2 years…I wouldn’t I am gonna do this but well there is not a right time to express right”

Hey…Amate I know I have done so many things that I shouldn’t have but right I think this is the best thing I can do..

What are you doing Zain?..

Sarah…will you allow me to spend the rest of your life with you…Will You marry me?

The whole audience was shouting….”Say Yes”

Ok…I am nervous..

You can take your time to answer but my knees are in real pain..

I hope I won’t regret this…..Yes, I will Marry you…

yeeeeeee congratulations to both Grunt and Amate…..

“I never thought this is how this going to ends..”

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