Gun Valley


Till late 30’s this place was one of the most beautiful valleys with all the green forests and pure lake passing through. At that late 30’s to boost the revenue of country in much stronger lines to prove its strength in World War ІІ government started digging mines all over the country in places where they expected for some gold ores. Happy valley is what we used to call our place because we never know what else happening out of that valley, even the water in that lake never carried any news into the valley and remained pure till then. We used to eat what we get from our counter farming. Suddenly everything has changed government started deploying huge number of army and mining equipment in our area. We have given only two options by government one is to agree to their terms so that we will be considered as a daily wage labors in the mining process and the other is to fight with army.

None of us did any other works than farming in our whole life’s. We accepted to work as slaves as we know we can’t survive if we start fighting with government. They started shearing our farms with the help of our own hands, it is the same feeling what you feel when you kill your own baby. Those farms are feeding us from ages but now we with our hands are plowing them deep into their bellies. Though the top turf is soft the later on layers are so rocky in our valley. Days passed and we are almost done in removing the top layer then started penetrating through the rocky layers. One fine day we all started doing our daily routine suddenly there was a big pluck of a stone launched out from under ground with great force. We are shocked to see those visuals; it is very unusual. Generally, whatever we drop down it will reach ground with some force called gravity but what happened then is quite unconventional, it is strictly against gravity.

watching this whole valley fell silent and looking at each other faces, though everyone is afraid of that scene none spoke out because they are even more afraid of the 1 lakh army present over there. Compared to the number of army we are just half present there so we don’t want to take any risk of saying anything against them. One of the major named ‘CARLOS’ yelled ‘That’s the sign of ore presence under us, don’t stop keep digging’. We no second thought we started digging that whole day. Putting all the efforts we nearly slashed fifty percent of the rocky layer that day and went back to our shelters. As the process is long term work the army personals also used to sleep in valley.

it is around 2pm in the night, we heard a big scream from one of our valley families, everyone woke up and started running towards their shelter, even the army personals came running to see what has happened. we saw a man lying there with a chunk of goldish black ore material pierced into his chest from back and come out shining with blood from front. None of us understood what has happened, even the army present there are sweating now. We rolled our eyes on all the directions of valley, nothing seemed suspicious, it is all super silent in the valley. ‘The sound of earth breaking’ we can say that, with intense sounds of pressurized air leaks we say a big shining chunk of ore piece breaking the land and flying high. Before we realized what is happening we heard few more same sounds from the other sound, after a minute we saw every part of the valley with those flying chunks. Those shining ore chunks are coming out with really great speeds, it is same like a bullet loaded from the gun. The destruction started there.

lakh of army personals and half lakh of valley residents started running for lives, initially everyone’s target is to escape from the bullets that are taking off from earth but soon we realized the second wave of threat. When the chunks are blasting off they are reaching their maximum height of projectile in few minutes and then suddenly they are dropping down with great force due to gravity. So, now the task was not only to escape from the launching bullets but also to not get stuck under the falling chunks.

People are stampeding themselves in love of their lives, many were dying in midway of escaping. As it is a valley it is not easy to run out of the hill chains, there is only one entry offered by nature between two hills, everyone is running towards that exit. The problem we created unknowingly is that we slanted out all the contour farming step fields which closed the option of climbing the hills and escaping out easily. Not only from the ground but from the sides of valley also started showering ore chunks soon. This is even more dangerous, if the chunk is coming out from the ground vertically then the targeted contact area will be minimal but now the chunks are coming from horizontal directions which gives a large contact area to hit a person horizontally anywhere from head to toe.

I saw a family running for their lives, they are four, both parents are carrying their two children one each with them and running suddenly the wife slipped hitting some stones. Husband with one of the baby in his arms came back to lift her up, he bent down forward and helped his wife to get up. It’s the second when the then bullet loaded exactly under his bent head, everything happened in a split second, one of the hands of that man is still helping his wife the other was holding his child but the head went missing from his neck. The bullet came out with such a speed that the man’s head unable to couple with neck, it took off directly into the by few meters’ height. The process of helping stopped, the baby in the hand fell down to the foot of his wife and he collapsed life less. Watching this my eyes started crying with blood tears.

Watching the scenes in the valley I decided one thing, I will save as many lives as possible. I started running towards the needy residents. The survival there in that valley is purely luck based now because you don’t know which part of the ground loads a bullet when. It is the same like you standing on the open barrel of the gun. I started carrying few children on my shoulders and dropping them at the exit. I am now running with a 10-year-old girl was sitting on my shoulders and her mother holding my hand, just before to reach the exit the bullet launched in front of me luckily I stepped back in a flash second to miss the hit, it is like a second life for all three of us. We stunned with heart stroke for a second and watched our faces each other. The girl on me watched her mom with great fear in her eyes, then the mom gestured something saying we will reach the exit soon, it is when the loaded bullet completed its trip came back and fell exactly on the head of that lady. In front of our eyes her body buckled and the head was blown, the young on my shoulders watching this felt like her mom disappeared and started crying asking to find her missing mother.

After reaching the exit I turned back and saw the valley, that pure lake is still very pure but this time it is pure with blood flowing in it. The parts of people running are flying in the air with attached to the bullets. I saw few people running with both the hands lost in the midway. As the major Carlos said earlier there is surely the gold ore present under us, I can say that watching those ore chunks shining in the black dark sky and looking even more alluring with our blood strains on them. People of our valley never thought that they will watch gold in such big amounts, luckily they are watching just before their deaths. Actually the fact is they are dying because they are watching the gold. The next time when the government want to mine our valley they don’t need to hit hard and remove rock because the top layer will be our bodied lying that they can dug out easily.

********* STEVE speaking in the international best research on disaster award*********

Reading this article from some anonymous sources made me felt pity for the poor valley residents from there I went deep into the roots  in finding the reason behind the disaster. Which now stood as the best research with the name ‘THE GUN VALLEY’.  When every researcher is observing the chunks that floated in the valley I wanted to observe the invisible gas behind the force of the rock, which later proved my doubt right. Reason behind was not any supernatural power and not even because of nature it is purely a human error. When a site is considered for mining the basic pre read we do the site to check whether there is enough ore that formed under or not, this is the basic practice but in case of the GUN VALLEY along with the ore there is also a natural gas present beneath the shale rock which we failed to consider. So, when we started peeling of the rocky layers one by one the thickness of the rock became minimum and due to which it lost the capability to hold the gas pressed under it. Again the gas itself can’t create such huge pressure to blast the rock and set itself free, it need some energy to absorb and get pressurize, only then It gains a capacity to blast a rock. The energy absorbance can happen in any form in this case the energy was by us human’s trough the repeated shock and jerks given to the top layer during mining of the rock which produced heat and later absorbed by the gas as an energy. By this phenomenon the gas under the thin layer of rock gained its maximum energy and exploded piercing the rocks. That is why the chunks of ore came out like a loaded bullet from the ground.

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