Gone girl




I correct my bow tie and look into the mirror one last time.Before I could glance at my watch l hear a voice behind me. I look around to see my wife standing there.

‘Hey darling, I’m ready’ she says.

I gasp at her heavenly made beauty . She is wearing a full white gown exposing her collarbone along with a tiny pendent necklace which sparkles at the sight of her . A matching gloden heels which make a sound ‘clik-clack’ as she walks . Simple and beautiful.

 ‘Mesmerizing’ I said it out loud.

‘really ? ‘ she frowns at my compliment. 

‘Yes my lady ‘ I gesture her to take my hand and she plays along. 

 The church is full of people laughter.We see if all the guests are comfortable and feel relieved that everything is going well .

This marriage is a dream for my wife , Olivia . It’s her sister Jule’s wedding, who is 4 years elder than liv. It seems like jule is liv’s first priority all the time , she lover her man!

Jule is my classmate since 8th grade and we are family friends since then. She is a kind of introvert , only got along with me so well in those days.  But after my marriage she seemed very different.  She won’t talk to me anymore except for a formal greeting . Seems like she was hospitalized due to  some psychological problems which Olivia never cares to tell me. Whatever , I’m happy that she is going to end well now with this marriage after all these days of difficulties.              

9:20 am


I’m very nervous for this wedding.  I never had this feeling in my own wedding , can’t help but laugh at this thought. But I’m extremely happy that Jule called me to be her maid of honour, it means the world to me .Tony’s hands on my shoulders helps me calm down for a while . He is looking out for all the guests , so nice of him to do this for me.  He knows how important this is for me.  But he has no idea why .

Jule and Tony were best friends from school days. Jule started to fall for him in the high school itself.  Tony is handsome, smart and chill in every single way. All the girls liked him.  And ofcourse I was one of them. I fell for him when he was in high school , he used to come pickup Jule every morning.  It was like a show to me to see him everyday little closer.  I always found a way to talk to him whenever he was in the house.

One day I made my first move and proposed him.  Despite of the fact that  he had feelings for Jule  , he accepted me. If she had made her move before me back then , he would have been hers today.  I was so happy that I totally forgot about her feelings for him . I broke her heart unknowingly. Meanwhile , we got married and could never be happy with this guilt. She was devastated with this situation , said no to marriage , refused to eat , sleep and do anything . She just always locked herself in her room. This got out of control and she was hospitalised for months.  After that she felt little okay and it is now she made her self out with a good decision of marriage .

 My thoughts were interupted by Tony’s voice …

‘oye , are you dreaming about me ?’ he teases me with a smirk on his lips.  I like him this way , funny and charming.

And this is the new beginning , end of my gulit.  We all can be happy hereafter. This day will be the best of my life. 

‘Olivia , Olivia !! Where have you been ?’ Jule shouts from another corner.

She looks tremendously beautiful with her half shoulder transparent white gown . The crown sits on her head , shiny sparkling beeds attracting the people around her . It’s perfect. 

‘Liv , don’t just stare,  go and get the bouquet ‘ she says with a low voice this time with a little smile showing her perfectly alligned teeths. Then she tells me where the bouquet is. 

‘I’ll be back in a minute ‘ I assure her and walk  away from her. 

I pick up the bouquet which seems very delicate , small red roses beautifully alligned in a Circle wrapped in a transparent silver cover.  I take the pleasant fragrance of those rose petals into my nostrils and into my lungs. 

My thoughts go back to the days when Tony used to bring flowers every day.  He was very kind to me in those days.  I used to be sad all the time for what I did to Jule but he was there for me all the time.  I should make it up for him now.  That thought itself gives me goosebumps.

The deep sound of the church bell interuptes my thoughts and I come back to senses. 

‘ where am I ? Why can’t I see any people around here !!! Where did they go ?

‘tony …,Ton., I notice that I’m in the other side of the chapel . I look down at my dress , thank goodness it still looks good. 

I rush back in case I’m late . I don’t know how long I was submerged in my thoughts. 

“Uff’ ,  I catch my breath and look around.  I’m wondering if the marriage ceremony is already over . People are crowded in a corner and strangely no one cares to notice me. 

I hear the sober now ….so strange.

Suddenly a path uncovers in front of me and I see Jule in handcuffs along with few police men. 

‘ what is wrong with you people , leaver her alone ‘ I shout at them

I scream loudly with some strange pain in my chest …

I rush towards her asking what happend …and I try to grab her hand but I fall on the ground without even touching her .  ‘What is this . ‘     I cry …I don’t know what’s wrong with me !!

I glance towards left and see a lady lying on the ground dressed in a white gown with a pair of golden heels. There lies a bouquet beside her. 

‘..no , no , no …that can’t be me , I’m here .., I’m here !! ‘  

This is not happening …not happening !!

 I look again , Tony is on his knees hugging the lady and crying the lungs out. 

Oh my bad !! It is me ..

Before I could  blink my eyes , constable says to Tony  ‘ Bouquet is the only evidence left,don’t touch it,  the flowers are exposed to high amount of cyanide ‘ . Saying this, he takes jule’s hand and gets to the jeep. That’s it , best day of my life is here !!  

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