God’s Popsicle


” God’s popsicle! ” Yes you heard it right. It isn’t some a ancient ritual of the Hindus from the Vedas or the the Christians from the  Bible either. Its just an idea that popped into my creative mind one day!

It was the month of September it was very hot I got up and stretched myself not after waking up but after spending two long hours on my mobile for online classes.

I felt very hot and sticky and decided to go and take a bath. That’s when I spotted my mother opening the ice bank to put some fish in.

Speaking of ice reminds me of those days when the unbearable heat of the closest star breathed  on earth and the pack of properly tired out and bedraggled children with sacks or should I say bags of books walked down the alley towards their pull car.

 Suddenly they brightened up and their spirits rose. They had heard something, something that they longed to hear. What was it? It was the street vendors shouting “Ice cream Popsicles, Pepsi.” ” Come and drink the cold water of the clouds!” Not just one of them hordes of them popped up into the quiet alley and the children ran to meet them while feverishly feeling their pockets for their purses. I too made an attempt to go when I stopped dead on my tracks. Why? I remembered that the advice  our teacher had given us. She has said that truly the heat was unbearable and those ice creams and popsicles did look tempting but was one moment of comfort enough to trade the rest of our lives?

I resoned myself. Though the ice popsicles looked too good to resist they were junk food and junk food was injurious to our health. This thought occurred to me then. I suddenly dreaded to go near those vendors. The red popsicles seemed to think that they would be able to tempt me to come near them  and then they would push me right into the black hole.

This thought came back to me today again for the first time after the covid-19 pandemic had begun. I shivered. But again I thought it was true that those popsicles were bad for our health as they were stuffed with chemical colours and who knows from what water  the vendors froze them to make the ice. Still there ought to be an alternative for it . I asked my mother about it she said that the only alternative for sweet junk foods was fruits. She also say that it was difficult to persuade children to that alternative though.

That’s when I thought struck me. Watermelon was red in colour and cutting out watermelons into a shape of an popsicle and sticking and ice cream stick underneath it would do the trick. I asked my mother and she said that it was possible. I also thought watermelons with juicy sweet and sort of icy. They were too  found in summer the only. But the problem was its name. Now in YouTube nowadays there are many recipes like this but what do they call it. They call it “Watermelon popsicles”. Now being a kid I do have some childish feelings and that feelings poked my next reasoning. Goodness! No kid would never try that alternative once they heard that name. Watermelons! They were fruits and they would be replacement for those yummy popsicles which were a dessert! These people were mad. True that would be the feeling. So that is when I came up with the idea of God’s popsicle. Watermelon was a part of nature and as the it was a part of nature they were made by God. Watermelons could be an alternative for popsicles so they should also be given that name. So,  I thought of replacing watermelon popsicle for God’s popsicle. Voila! That worked my classmates loved  that Idea and so they did their mothers this is how the bad and evil red popsicles got removed by God’s popsicle and once again the proverb “Good always wins over evil” was proved correct. Thank you!

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