Fur-ever, Mint


Sometimes the floor is too clean for me to walk, I don’t know if neatness is a necessity of “hoomans” or not but I want to be like them one day though I am just a fur ball on the support of tiny four paws. In my opinion, hoomans are pretty good at everything– I’m jealous, they can do anything from scratching their itch at the back to cooking all by themselves, whereas we rely on them and are the total opposite of what hoomans are. 

Whooh! Heyya, I’m Mint. My owner Jacob named me after a synonym of coolness.

I do a lot of things while he’s not around like releasing my belly gas out of the window in the early sunrise, the breeze is different at the time when the street is quiet, sneaking into his stuff or peeing on the floor which makes me feel so great, I reckon why hoomans don’t do that, it’s addictive. 

When Jacob leaves for work, he usually returns by late in the evening but lately, he has been taking too much time than usual, I again reckon about what they do. In fact, “wondering” is what I recently discovered stuff that helps me spend a few time–actually every time.

Last night, I saw a few people inside the box kept in the couch place, there were terrifying things in it, some growing and shrinking, shooting, and fighting. I didn’t pressurized on my poor organ between my ears at that moment but whatever it is, is just mind-whoofing.

Jacob works on a schedule of parting two sunrise and two sunsets for the people hiding in the box, it is so tough for me to count the sunrises and sunsets, I wonder how hoomans do that.

I do accompany him while watching not because I understand what’s going on but because he likes it. Once there were two hoomans fighting in it and others were cheering for them.

How stupid hoomans are, there are hundreds of them, and can’t even pull off the two people fighting. 

I felt the need to get into it and at that time a voice of excitement caught my ears.

“Yay!, John Cena, punch him punch… punch… punch…”.

Jacob was acting as if he was fighting instead of them. And all I did was a “whoof” every time he does it.

I sometimes hop over his bed to sleep beside him with my back against his when he is sound sleeping. I see things while I’m asleep, maybe hoomans do see them too. I mostly get more of good and medium of bad but none of them can beat the real one, Mrs Walter’s son Charlie.

Charlie is probably the most stinkiest and full of junk hooman I’ve ever come across in my entire whoofing life so far. He lives in something called “neighbourwhoofd”.

He comes by at a specific time after sunrise when Jacob is spending a whole sunrise and sunset time with me at home to wreck the fragrance of the house. Sometimes, It smells so bad that even the 20 paws distance becomes an inch.

A healthy body covered by lose clothings handling the fats hanging off and face huge circular in shape that a perfect circle might look imperfect before him, nose always streaming continuously with a stinking body odour that gives you a near-death experience. I had once when I first pawed the threshold of my house where a gathering was held maybe that was for my welcome because I never saw or heard a single bark of any other like me in the distance of 60 paws from home.

One thing I reckon about is that does any other intersects the body odour of Charlie other than me? Maybe that’s a proper reason why there ain’t any dogs in this area. I guess I’m a victim.

I don’t like to give hugs to any other but Jacob, and specifically not the hoomans like Charlie.

That idiot always picks his nose and attaches it on my furr whenever he holds me up in his arms either unintentionally or intentionally… mostly intentionally. I wonder why Jacob doesn’t think about him like I do because he doesn’t seem to be concerned about this stuff of him. I always put a plastic glass on my mouth before charlie enters in, it’s a life-saving material. I guess I should recommend Jacob too.

I thought Charlie was the only problem in my whoofing life, I was terribly wrong. The worst was yet to come. 

Once it got nearly dark outside the window and I was waiting for Jacob to arrive. Waiting and waiting and waiting, then after a while, the door opened along with the sound of laughing–not one but two hoomans. The lights brightened up and saw a girl with Jacob, smiling with bright teeth perfectly aligned, same height as of Jacob and before I noticed anything else, Jacob called me out by leaning under the table from where I was watching both of them.

“Come on, Minty… Come out… look who is here to meet you.” He tried to convince me.

I came out and walked towards her while she waved at me. She seemed good for Jacob but ain’t for me because whoever this girl was, she was probably a threat to me in either way. As the night progressed I began thinking about 

when she’s gonna leave and that thought remained as it was, she never left.

Jacob was spending more time with her than he used to spare for me. Leaving together, eating together, returning together, even my place on Jacob’s bed which was reserved only for me got taken over by her, and then my place to sleep was on the couch where the stupid box was staring at me. 

One sunrise she picked me up while I was dreaming of flowers in gardens and shook me until my eyes opened up.

“Hello Pupppyyyy, Good Morning. It’s cold, isn’t it?” She said by imitating the baby voice. First thing, why do hoomans act like they are talking to a baby whenever they meet me. Second thing, I’m in a good body strength to make them realize that I’m not a baby.

The fact that I always mention “sunrise” instead of “morning” is her the reason behind it, though every hooman uses that it was her fault to use it before me, I would have never gotten upset if Jacob ever said that to me in the first place. Wait… Why did Jacob never said that to me? 

“Oh! You’re so fluffy.” By these words, she tried to convince me that she likes me.

She held me so close to her face that I could clearly make out she didn’t finish her morn– 

I mean, sunrise routine as yet. Her nails were so thin and sharp that they spiked through my fragile fur and pricked me. But I’m a soft rock, I planned a way to avoid her, and I bit her nose, the rest dominos created the chain.

For about a long time Jacob was in love with that

girl and all of a sudden the lake turned into a lava. One night when the moon was already snoring, they ran into an argument and after some time, she left than never returned. I was woken up by the sound and was wondering if everything was at place but I sensed no good in the air. 

After she was gone, I had my place again reserved on the bed, I was getting the time needed by Jacob. For a while, he was down following his breakup and I felt his emotions through his activities. We had our idiot box time back, and a new way of enjoyment by running in the park with him during early sunrise.

One time when I was at the window ledge staring out at the street, Jacob arrived and said

“Mint, Look what I got for you. Berries!!!.” 

Jacob came home early that day. It was unusual but was luck for me. He bought me berries to eat as I don’t get to welcome them much, as they are seasonal but when I do, I give my best. I enjoyed eating them and craved for more to him and fortunately…

“You need more? I’ll get you more tomorrow, okay?” He asked me, softly.

Those words were like heaven, I gave a nod to him to notify that I agree.

“That’s my boy.” He held me in his arms hard and close enough to the chest that his pounding heart was shaking my entire body. He never hugged me so tightly before than he was doing at that moment. At night, as we were watching the idiot box unfortunately the bad news was that it stopped working all of a sudden in the middle. 

“God! Sorry Mint, TV’s out. I’ll fix it soon.” He said in complete disappointment while facing me.

So we went to bed early, my back stuck against him, snoring in common and dreams of berries made my sleep the sweetest of all time.

Oh…whooh whooh, I can still feel the essence of those berries in a garden covered with a sheet of berries lying sober on the ground. I was floating in a boat of leaves and collecting them in. 

“Thudd…” A sound of something falling from the height pulled my eyes open. I opened my eyes but was too lazy to walk down, so I ignored it and continued my sleep literally unaware of tomorrow. 

What I came across the next sunrise, shattered me into million pieces. 

I woke up at my usual routine and found that there was a strange silence flattened across the house. I thought that Jacob was up early for his daily work so I walked down to have a view at the window when I entered the hall I found Jacob sleeping flat on the floor in an odd manner– maybe he was lazy too so I tried to wake him up. 

“Whooh” Ignored. 

“Whooh” No response. 

“Whooh whooh” I suspected something was terribly wrong and I pushed him with my paws but he didn’t react. 

Circling around his body I came across some tiny balls clenched in his fists, It smelled gross. 

He wasn’t moving a single claw, I quickly ran towards the window ledge and barked as loud as I could to help him out. All the time I was moving back and forth from the window then towards him until Mrs Walter came out to shut me up as I was making a lot of chaos that too during the calmest sunrise. 

She walked towards the window with a bunch of anger muscles on her face, walking fast as if she is going to hit me. As soon as she reached the window she noticed him lying on the ground. 

She ran back to her house, I wondered she’s not going to do something so I made more noise. 

After a while, a few hoomans arrived by breaking the door and picked him up and tucked him on a couch like thing and took away in a big vehicle from where he never came back. 

Later that sunset, Mrs Walter took me to her house and decided to pet me. From then, It was a new life for me but not the same. 

I still wait for that door to unlock and Jacob to enter in as the sunsets, in the corner stuck in one place all the time. Their house is clean but not as Jacob’s was. Charlie pets me good but not as Jacob used to, he tries hard and the strangest thing is that he doesn’t smell anymore.

Mrs Walter is the only one after Charlie’s off home to have her eyes on me though she doesn’t interact with me. 

Sometimes I stop wondering about everything and wander around the house. 

Sometimes, the floor is too clean for me to see the other me beneath.

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