February – The Month of Love


It was 2am, early morning of 14th of February, where Aaron waked up. A dream which made him awake so early bringing the sweetest smile that one could ever imagine to have in their life. Staying awake in his bed, Aaron was smiling all on his own thinking about the dream that he had. At one point, Aaron was even wondering if that would be true and can even come to existence. Nevertheless, he got up from his bed, pulled his arms wide open and took his diary where he used to scribble all his thoughts. 

After pouring all the dreams into one of his favorite diary, he again went back to his bed. May be it was the dream which Aaron had seen, the sleep never again seem to come back. Eventually, it made him to get off from his bed early. Aaron headed towards the kitchen, and pulled the drawer and took out a saucepan, filled it with water and placed on the gas stove. As the lighted gas stove was heating up the saucepan, Aaron was still wondering about the dream with a smile on his face. He was even asking question to himself and assuming whether it could be true. Just then, the water placed on the gas started to boil and eventually Aaron had to pull off hid elegant smile and concentrate on what he was doing. He then took out the Tata Tea Leaves, sugar from the shelves and bent down and opened the drawer and pulled out the container which was having milk in it. As the water had boiled, he realized it was time to add the tea leaves into it. While he was preparing the tea following the entire step very efficiently, at one part of his brain, he was still giving a thought to the same dream which he had seen this morning.

Aaron prepared his wonderful early morning tea and started sipping of from his beautiful mug gifted from a very special person to him. As he was holding the cup of tea in his one hand, on the other he was holding a book named “The Origin “by Dan Brown. The sound of the tea while it was touching the lips of Aaron and the beautiful words which were laid down by the author both made a great combination. 

Once he had done with his tea and with book, to begin his day, Aaron started on with his regular workout, and other daily routines which he had fixed. 

        It was around 07:00am in the morning; Aaron was now getting ready for his work at first by preparing a healthy breakfast for himself. After he had done with breakfast, Aaron went on to start cleaning up all soiled plates. Then he moved into room where he was now getting ready for his office. He ironed his shirt and pants, took out his favorite tie from the wardrobe and placed it on the bed, again he went on to take out his jacket and shoes from the shelves. Once he was done with getting ready, he now started arranging his bag, placed all the essential documents in it and went to get his car keys. Once he was done with all work, he now looked on his watch and decided to leave for his office. Aaron closed the gas regulator, gave a look around his house whether if he had left anything or not and then he moved out of his home, locked the door and headed towards his car.

Aaron opened the lock and entered into his car. As usual, he touched the steering and prayed and finally switched on the ignition, shifted the gear to first, pulled the hand brake down and started driving. 

     On his way to office, he was playing some beautiful melodious romantic songs of early 90’s. It might be co-incidence but the day was 14th of Feb – Valentine’s Day and the song which was being played was also romantic. 

As he was driving, the lost elegant smile could be seen again back in his face. How lovely it was to see. Aaron at one point of time was even daring to see that dream be true and he himself had decided to take a step ahead. After a long drive of one and half hour, he reached, parked his car, got off and entered his office where everyone greeted him with “Good Morning” and in return he wished his entire colleague “A Nice Day”. He entered his cabin, placed the bag on the table, pulled the chair and sat.

It was in between 12:00 to 01:00; Aaron received a call from the one who he always kept on a top prior list. He spoke so softly and listened to the other person with the same smile which he had this early morning. 

As the day passed by, he called it a day for his office and as promised to the person, he approached straight to the famous restaurant of that place where he had earlier booked a table for two. Aaron reached the restaurant and enquired with receptionist for the table he had booked. He was then taken to the table which was kept reserved for him. He sat on the chair and as the waiter approached, at first he simply placed an order for a cup of Darjeeling tea. The waiter went by and looking at his watch, he was wondering when the person will come. The Ticking of his watch, the band playing the music, the other people dining, all seemed to be nowhere for him as the wait was getting more and more inexpressible. Aaron had finished off his cup of Darjeeling Tea, the waiter had approached two to three times for asking him his order. Every time the answer was “NO”.

It was around 07:00 pm, when Aaron was about to sip a glass full of water, when the door of the restaurant was pulled from outside, and to his eyes, the long wait was over as finally the person had arrived. Dressed in a red gown, with a little make up on her face, with a short heels on her feet, beautiful ear-rings on her ears, hair tied up elegantly and a beautiful cloak placed over her gown, Aaron’s face was wide open to see her. The moment he could never forget and for him all seem to have been paused for a while.

Aaron holder her hand and took her to the table, and the pulled the chair, took off the cloak and placed it on the back of the chair and made her sit comfortably. 

 Beautiful music being played around and the cozy environment which they had was even better for the them.

Both smiled to each other for a couple of minute and Aaron taking a long breath started the conversation with her. At first they placed an order for Chardonnay Red Wine which was a hundred year old wine. With the addition of wine, Aaron started complimenting her as she was looking stunningly beautiful. Slowly both started having a deeper and longer conversation. As the time was passing by the drench of the hunger also seemed to be vanish with those lovely conversation going on. Nevertheless, both decided to hold on for a while and place the order for the food. 

As the delicious sizzlers along with other item were being served, both of them started to have their mouth filled with water. And once they were done with their food, a very nice and sweet dessert was served on the table. Both started admiring the dessert and finally they were done with it too. After a long pause in their conversation because of the food, they now settled their bill and left the restaurant. 

As both were approaching to the place where Aaron had parked his car, he holds for a moment. She was astonished and asked why are you standing still like this? At that moment, Aaron could not say anything and simply from his jacket pocket, he took out a beautiful red rose, stood on his knees and uttered words of love: “Will you walk with me in this endless journey of life together?” She was at first speechless and looked stunned with the question and expressiveness that he had shown. Eventually, she with respect also approached him and gave the answer in a very sweetest way: “To this endless journey of life with you, I am there ready to walk along.” 

Aaron seemed to be so happy that the lost elegant smile could be seen back again in a more fascinating manner ad he realized that the Dream he had dreamt had finally come to be true.

Both holding their hands each other, Aaron and the Girl in Red approached to the car and drove away. 

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