I glanced at the mirror for the last time before leaving the house, I have to be perfect, after all it’s the only chance for me to live the life of my dreams. It’s my first day today at Euphoria ,the best publication house in the whole country and my dream place. I am nervous and excited at the same time, I can’t mess this up at any cost, I have worked really hard to get this job and now I want everything to be perfect.

Soon I was standing outside the tall and gorgeous building of Euphoria, this place is so good I can stare at it the whole day but have to rush in now or else I’ll be late.

I ent

I ran straight up to the elevator ,to the 10th floor where my beautiful desk is waiting for me. As soon as I reached there I was greeted by Jessica, my head. Jessica was a total model personality, a flawless face, clear skin, perfect height and short straight hairs. I even wonder why she is here when she could be a famous model, maybe she’s just as passionate about literature as I am.

Shaking hands with me she said, “Hey Aahana, congratulations on your first day at work. You’re gonna love it here. Come on I’ll introduce you to our boss”

Jessica is quick in conversations so I just smiled and said “Thank you” and started following her.

As soon as I entered his office I was completely taken aback. No way this was happening, I thought to myself. It was Nakul Oberoi, the editor in chief. He was on a call , he waved asking us to sit till he’s done. Sit, I can’t even feel my limbs. How can this be happening? I wish it was a dream and I want to wake up now. He was done with his call and then he came to us, Jessica introduced us Although we didn’t need an introduction. I was going to leave with Jessica when Nakul called from behind and asked me to stay. I was afraid of this very moment, I didn’t want to face him at all. I turned towards him and glared, with a look saying Why? on my face. As soon as Jessica left, he said

“What, are you not even going to greet me now?”

“Didn’t I do that just now?”

“Come on, don’t be like this.”

“I am being like this. No ,the way I am seeing things is- we were strangers a few minutes ago. Someone introduced us as colleagues, no not colleagues ,you as my boss practically, am I wrong sir?”

“Are you upset because I didn’t say I know you already in front of her?”

“Do you really think that is why I would be like this?”

Nakul was going to say something when someone knocked at the door. I simply bowed with a fake smile on my face and walked out of the room. 

I was restless the whole day, but thank God Nakul didn’t get even a minutes’ free time to come out of his office. I heard from other people at work that it was a very busy time of the year and our editor-in-chief is working so hard that he hardly gets any time to sleep. Hmm… quite opposite to what he was like in the school.

On my way back to home, the whole flashback of old times came in front of my eyes. Nakul and I were best friends in school, so close that people mistook us for couples. But it wasn’t the case ,in fact I had a crush on one of his friend’s and he….well he could have a crush on any girl who smiles at her. 

I thought we could make it till forever but that didn’t happen and we just stopped talking one year after ending our school life. I wish I could know the reason but… life’s not that simple. I don’t know why I am still angry with something that happened so long back. Didn’t I promise myself to settle for the fact that he might have got better friends in college so he left, and who gives an explanation before leaving. Why does he have to appear in front of me like this and make me all confused again by talking to me in such a usual way.

I was thinking all this, a car stopped beside me. Yes it was Nakul, he took my hand, pushed me in the car and started driving. I couldn’t resist him , he has grown to be a strong man and I kind of didn’t want to. 

“Where are we going?” I asked

“Where you always wanted to.” He said with a smile.

It took us more than an hour to reach that place, but when we reached there it was like a dream come true. Yes today is a good day, all my dreams coming true in one day.

It was the most astonishing view I have ever seen in my life. We were on a river bank, with grass and trees all around us and above was a night sky full of stars and surprisingly it was a full moon night. We both removed our shoes, left our phones in the car and quickly ran and laid down on the cool , soothing grass. 

For that moment I forgot everything else and wished if it was a dream, I didn’t want it to end, it was my ‘Euphoria’.

We remained silent for a while and then he broke the silence and said,

“I never wanted to end my friendship with you. I am sorry”

This is the first time ever that I have heard him apologize to anyone in such a sincere tone.

“Why didn’t you call me then?” These words came out of my mouth like a reflex, as if they were waiting since like forever for this moment.

“You remember that party where we last met?”


“You gave an envelope to your crush that day, first I thought you were proposing to him, then it occurred to me that you would never do that without telling me. But…”


“But then I overheard his conversation with someone saying ‘she proposed to me’ ,after hearing this I got so vexed that I ran out of the party”

“How can you be so stupid? You should have come to me and asked..”

“I know I made a terrible mistake. But by the time I realised it was someone else’s letter, it was too late . I already went to the US for my studies and I didn’t have the courage to face you over the call”

I sighed and I wanted to ask so many things but what came out of my mouth was,

“Even if it was my letter, why did you get so restless that you ended our friendship?”

He got up and pulled out a small box from his pocket and handed it to me. I got up quickly but I don’t know why my hands were shivering when I started to open it. I saw a beautiful bracelet in the box. Taking out the bracelet he said,

“Trust me I have been asking the same question to myself again and again. But I was able to answer this only when I got separated from you. I have saved all your pictures that you uploaded on any social media site even for a minute. I started reading your favourite books, watched your favourite movies, worked day and night to get in this company because I knew how passionate you were about this job. 

I thought to myself if we are destined to be together, we’ll meet one day. This job, this day, this moment is your Euphoria and you are my Euphoria”

The moment he said this all my anger melted like wax and I burst in tears. I know this was dramatic and the long speech he gave just now was so cheesy but I was moved.

Nakul didn’t utter a single word and just leaned forward and kissed me on my forehead. He was right this is my Euphoria.

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