It was a glorious day in the mid of May. The sun gleamed and the birds twittered. An  adorable baby girl was born. The whole family was elated except her dad who was expecting  a baby boy. But the baby girl had an amazing grandma. Granny lifted the baby girl in her hands  and named her Cassandra. Her granny loved her so much. However, Cassandra’s dad wasn’t  a huge fan. Every day, granny told Cassandra stories before she went to bed.  

Though, her granny was a huge support, things didn’t go on well for Cassandra. As the  years passed, Cassandra grew taller and taller. She was 5’2’’ when she was in grade 7. Yes,  she was the tallest girl. Though, she was pretty, she couldn’t get along with other children of  her age. Her peers mocked her. The fact that she couldn’t dress-up like other girls bothered  her. Whenever she was off, her granny told her a story of the prince who would love her more  than anyone else. 

One day at school, Cassandra was sitting all alone under a tree where she had her  lunch every day. A couple of boys approached her and made fun of her for having no friends.  Cassandra lost her temper, gave them a tight slap and ran home. “Why are you so early  Cassandra. Don’t you have classes? What is it?” enquired her Mom. Cassandra stood still for  a moment and then she hurried into her room banging the door. After a while, her granny  entered the room. She saw Cassandra lying in her bed sobbing. 

She went near Cassandra, patted her gently and asked her what had happened.  Cassandra hugged her and unfolded the incident. “Granny, I don’t fit in here. No-one likes me.  Even my dad hates me. Is being tall my fault?” Cassandra continued crying. After that, they  both walked to the lawn. They sat staring at the stars. Granny narrated the tale of the prince  once again,” Cassandra, look at those stars. How beautiful they are! There are many planets  out there in this Universe. You are bold, tall and adorable, my girl. You, Cassandra, are a  princess and people here just don’t deserve you. One day, your prince will jump out from the  dark adorable sky and take you to a new world where you will be loved. Your life will be a  whole lot different. Just don’t lose your hope my kid,” said granny. From then on, whenever,  she was upset she went to the rooftop, stared at the stars thinking about her prince. 


Years gone by, Cassandra’s Mom was dead and Cassandra is in her sophomore year now. Over the years, nothing has changed except her height. Yes, she is 8 feet tall and her  Dad irks her more. Every time she entered her room, she hit her head at the entrance. She  was busy with her project which made her concentrate less on people teasing her. Life was  good. One day when she was walking back home from her college, she saw a wounded puppy.  So, she carried the puppy in her hands. All of a sudden, the dog was healed. 

Cassandra couldn’t believe her own eyes. She rushed home to tell her granny what  had happened. But her granny had tumbled off the stairs and hit her head. She was admitted  to a clinic and had lost her memory. When Cassandra knew about this,she threw her backpack  and ran off to the terrace. She was in terrace the whole evening. She was heartbroken. She  couldn’t accept the fact that the only soul who loved her doesn’t remember her anymore.  She was staring at the stars all worried and broken.


After a while, she saw something nearing her from the stars. As tears filled her eyes,  her sight blurred. She tried looking hard through her glossy eyes and was startled to see a tall  man standing in front of her. Yes, it was her prince. Cassandra was terrified and screamed,  “Who are you?!!” “I am Imanuo Ishfad, prince of Escondia,” continued the 9 feet handsome  man,” People of Escondia are in trouble. We need you there Cassandra. Come with me to  Escondia,” said the prince. Though Cassandra hesitated, this was a dream come true moment  for her. Cassandra accepted to go with Imanuo upon his persuasion. 

 Cassandra asked Imanuo how they were supposed to go to Escondia.” The same way I  came here,” tittered the prince. Cassandra was terrified,” Wh…whaaatt?!! Am I supposed to fly!!” “All you need to do is hold me tight and close your eyes”, said the prince. Cassandra did  so. “I’m dreaming, right? Please tell me this is not real,” screamed Cassandra. “Calm down  Cassandra, you are not dreaming,” said Imanuo. They were flying above the earth “Eaa….  earth…Is that the planet I lived in all these daa…dayyss,” she stammered and fainted in  amusement. 

When Cassandra woke up, she found herself lying in a bed surrounded by weird, repulsive  tall people. They were dressed in long gowns. “Where am I?” she asked bewilderedly. Imanuo  came into the scene and told her, “You are in Escondia”.”So, it wasn’t a dream. What  happened last night was all rrr…real?!! There are people in other planets too.  Ohh…my…Gawd!!” Questions like,” Am I really in the other dimension of the Universe? Why  are all these people so tall? They are taller than me! How do they know about me? Imanuo  told that they needed me. Why is it? What do they need from me?” pondered over her mind.  Movies like Thor, Guardians of the galaxy all made sense to her now. It took time for her to  process and accept all that had happened in the past 12 hours. In the meantime, a weirdo  walked into the room. 


It was short (maybe 4 feet tall), long-eared, weirdly dressed, had wrinkled skin, flat  rounded nose and hooded eyes. It almost looked like a funny devil. Cassandra started  screaming at the very moment she saw it and hit it with the things nearby. The mug she flung  fell right on its head. The weirdo threw away the vessels it carried and tried to run out of the  room. When it opened the door, its head hit Imanuo’s thigh. Then it hid behind his legs. 

“Cassandra, meet Xiexu, he lives here with us in the castle. He’ll help you with all your  needs”, said Imanuo. Xiexu peeped to look Cassandra. Cassandra smiled gently and told Xiexu  to come near her. Xiexu, both scared and edgy came near her. She patted Xiexu’s head and  continued,” I’m sorry for hurting you Xiexu, I didn’t mean to…” Xiexu interrupted saying,” It’s  alright Ma’am. I’m here to help you. Order me.”” You can call me Cas, Xiexu and I’m your  friend, I’ll never order you. I’m not your boss, come-on, give me an up-top(high-five),”  Cassandra smiled. Xiexu looked at her gratefully and asked what an up-top was. Cassandra  demonstrated and Xiexu gave her an up-top. 

 ” Fresh up Ma…k… kk…Cas…I’ll get you clothes and food. We are about to go on a tour tomorrow morning,” told Xiexu. ” Morning?!! So, what is it now!!” asked Cassandra. “It is  midnight,” said Xiexu. ” Whaaatt?!! But this place is so bright,” exclaimed Cassandra. “The sun  never sets in Escondia, I’ll explain everything morning, Adieus Cass”. Xiexu left. Cassandra’s 

curiosity reached the next level. She fell asleep waiting for him. Eventually, Xiexu stepped into  her room, woke her up and they were all set to venture the beauty of Escondia. 


The very instant, Cassandra set foot in Escondia, memories flashed in like pieces to her. Though they were obscure, she felt like she had already been there. Escondia was a  beautiful world. The sun was bright. She could touch the clouds. “You gotta be kidding me!  Xiexu, are they fishes flying out there in the sky?” exclaimed Cassandra. 

“They are likras,” said Xiexu. “These are called fishes in earth and they die when they  get outta water but here…here they fly?!!” babbled Cassandra. “No life in this Universe is  destined to live in a particular way, one might be living his dream life in one dimension but  suffer in another Cass, one might be dishonoured in one world but he might rule a world in  the other dimension of the Universe, all of us are born for a reason,” sighed Xiexu. As they  were exploring Escondia, Cassandra was hungry and was about to pick a fruit from the tree  by her side. 

“What are you doing? It might hurt Asfol, the king of plants, you can ask him if you are  hungry, he will give you the fruit you ask for,” rebuked Xiexu. “What?!! This one plant will give  me whatever the fruit I ask for!!” exclaimed Cassandra. “Not only Asfol, all the plants here  will give you whatever you need to eat.” Before she could come out of that shock, Xiexu  introduced her to Foy, one of the Ledrics, which are the means of transport for the people of  Escondia. Though those people were able to fly like Imanuo did, Ledrics were used to roam  around in the streets of Escondia. Ledrics looked like a hybrid of an ant and tortoise for  Cassandra. When they left the place, Foy screeched, it seemed like Foy got more attached to  Cassandra. 

“Flying fish, talking plants, touchable clouds, bright sun 24×7, an ant-tortoise, tall uggos  (people of Escondia), a short, sweet weirdo, a handsome hunk (Imanuo), this land is  magical!!” thought Cassandra. It rained, “What?! A candy rain!!” “No no… are you dreaming?  Candy rain…seriously?!!” laughed Xiexu, “Look up, it’s those children showering it on us. ““A  talking plant is not so funny but candy rain is funny it seems…ugh,” Cassandra said to herself.  As they were on their trip, Cassandra saw a dark place at the distance. She told Xiexu to take  her there. Xiexu refused. “Xiexu, you said that you will tell me why the sun never goes off in  Escondia! Tell me why?” “Cassandra, you might be tired exploring Escondia, get some rest,  we will talk about this some other time,” told Xiexu. Cassandra could sense that Xiexu was  keeping up a secret from her. 


Xiexu and Cassandra reached the castle. Cassandra was distinct to talk to Imanuo to  clear her nagging doubts. She hunted for Imanuo. The castle was huge. “What the hell! I’ve  been searching his room for more than an hour but I end up in the same place where I started.  This is not gonna be an easy task,” Cassandra said to herself. After great difficulty, she finally  got to Imanuo’s room. What she saw there made her dumb. 

She saw her photo framed and hung in the wall and Imanuo shedding tears in front of it.  “Imanuo!” shouted Cassandra. Imanuo all shocked and surprised turned around. “What is  happening? How is my photo here? How am I dressed like people of Escondia? Is it a  photoshop?” Cassandra put forth several questions. “Calm down, Cassandra, take a seat. Let 

me explain to you,” said the prince. Meanwhile, Xiexu entered the room tensed. “What  happened Xiexu,” asked Imanuo. “It’s Levi, my Lord, “said Xiexu. “Who is Levi now?” asked  Cassandra. “It’s time Xiexu. Tell Cassandra,” the prince exhaled. Xiexu started narrating.  

“Escondia was a bewitching land of night. Just one-quarter of the day was bright. The  beauty of Escondia was intensified by the moon and stars. Just imagine touching stars as you  touched clouds earlier. Escondia had two divisions of people, Bigfoots and Hesitas. I am a  Hesita. We, Hesitas are witches and wizards but short, repulsive creatures. Contrarily,  Bigfoots were leggy striking people but had no magic. Bigfoots held important posts in King’s  court while, we Hesitas were doctors and gardeners since we had magic.” 


“The person in that portrait isn’t you. She is Alexandra, the queen of Escondia.  Alexandra’s mom died when she was born. Her dad who was a soldier raised her. He was the  best and one of the loyal soldiers in the King’s army. And when he died in a war, the King took  Alexandra under his wings. Everyone in Escondia loved her. She was my pal. 

As years passed, Alexandra excelled in everything. She learnt to fly, fight and also do  magic. She was the only Bigfoot who could do magic. She helped the needy and also healed  people with her magic. Foy, the Ledric, we met evening was Alexandra’s pet. He mistook you  for Alexandra and that’s why he screeched when we left. As Alexandra grew up, she became  the most gorgeous woman of Escondia. She was as pretty as a picture. 

It was the golden period of Escondia, people were cheery and lived the happiest life  ever. Alexandra and the Prince fell in love. And all this ended when Alexandra was about to  become the queen by marrying Lord Imanuo Ishfad. Levi, one of the Bigfoots, who was the  prince’s best friend loved him since they were kids and she couldn’t take the fact that  Alexandra and the prince getting married. She made a master plan. She used her tricky words  and turned all the Hesitas against the Bigfoots. She corrupted their mind by telling that the  Bigfoots will always treat them as slaves.” 


 “Though some Hesitas were against her, Levi pacified three-fourth of the Hesitas and  made them stand by her side. The rest of the few were imprisoned. The Hesitas plotted  against the Bigfoots with Levi leading them. On the wedding day, when all the people of  Escondia were about to gather in the same place i.e., the castle, the Hesitas decided to trap  all the Bigfoots and kill the king. But Levi’s only target was Alexandra. And, ultimately it was  the wedding day. The whole palace glowed in the moonlight. People were singing, dancing, it  was laughter and merry all over Escondia. I was with Alexandra helping her. We knew nothing  about Levi’s master plan. Right before the wedding, the Hesitas started their spell. They were standing among the Bigfoots. The moment they started the spell, the Bigfoots nearby turned  into repulsive creatures looking worse than Hesitas. Alexandra cloaked the King and the  prince. Before she tried to save the other people, they had already turned. And, being a  Bigfoot, she was not strong enough to hold the spell of Hesitas. Alexandra used all her  strength and locked them up with a spell in that dark place where I hesitated to take you  earlier. But the magic took all of Alexandra’s strength and she died. The king couldn’t handle  the grief and was bedridden. Our happiness was gone with Alexandra. Also, the moon was 

gone. I had no magic from that day. I have no idea why. We are still looking for the place  where good Hesitas were imprisoned. So, from that day, we are trying all that we could to  reverse the spell but we couldn’t. As per the legend, our astrologers firmly believed that  Alexandra was born in some other dimension of the Universe. We have been tracking people  who were born on the same day when Alexandra died. And, we knew it was you,” ended  Xiexu. 


”Alexandra was a great, selfless woman, Xiexu. But I’m no match to her. You people  picked a wrong person,” Cassandra looked at the floor. “Cassandra, don’t underestimate your  power. You are the right person to help us out. If you don’t trust me, just look at your  forehead. You’ll find this mark I have,” showed Imanuo. Cassandra was dumb-stricken to see  the same mark in her forehead. It was the royal emblem of Escondia. “H… howw is this…eh…I  thought it was just a scar. It happened when I hit my head while entering my room,”  Cassandra blabbered. “No Cassandra it’s our emblem and it started growing as you grew into  a woman and you are Alexandra’s doppelganger. 

 It was a week before I came looking for you, our astrologers suspected that you would  be the right person and the day before I took you here, we knew about the emblem and the  day you healed the dog we were certain that it was you. People here are dying, Cassandra.  Since there are no Hesitas, there are no doctors, people suffer from unknown diseases, we  need to find the good Hesitas, find a way to reverse the spell,” said Imanuo. “But how… how  am I gonna do this?” yelled Cassandra. “I and Lord Imanuo will help you Cas. We will start our  training tomorrow,” told Xiexu. 

 Cassandra spent the whole night immersed in thoughts. Xiexu came in the morning.  “Cass, this is Alexandra’s room. That sword hung by your left is Alexandra’s sword. No one  except Alexandra could lift it. The day you were able to lift it, you will be pure and selfless as  Alexandra was. Come let’s go on to the garden,” Cassandra and Xiexu went to the garden.  “Cass as you know, I don’t have magic anymore. I can only guide you. How much you learn  and shine is up to you. Repeat what I’m saying, ’espediamus fosuve’, “Xiexu said. “What?!  Espdiamaas posveu!!” blabbered Cassandra. “No Cassandra,” Xiexu tittered and continued  “Listen carefully, it’s espediamus fosuve”. Cassandra tried repeating it almost correct this time  but nothing had happened. “What’s this Xiexu, I tried it so many times but…ugh”, Cassandra  said in a tone of irritation. 


 “It’s just day 1, Cass, you’ll master witchcraft. I believe in you,” said Xiexu. As days passed  Xiexu taught Cassandra to meditate, perform spells and Cassandra tried hard to learn it. Also, every evening, Imanuo taught her to handle weapons. Cassandra worked round the clock to  help people who trusted her. Even though she tried every day, she couldn’t even move  Alexandra’s sword. After a week, Cassandra was ultimately able to move a plate with magic. 

As days passed, she also healed people with her magic. They were getting cured from the  disease. But still, she couldn’t find a way to reverse the spell. Though she tried a locator spell  on the good Hesitas, she couldn’t find them.

 And one day, as Xiexu and Cassandra were walking by the garden side, Cassandra felt  powerful when she crossed a huge stone. It was like she felt magic there. “Xiexu, I feel  something. I feel more powerful. There is something in here. We need to find out what it is?”  said Cassandra. When Xiexu tried to look there, he could find a path which led to the subway.  “Cassandra, look at this, it’s a path, I think we need to follow this,” said Xiexu. Cassandra  followed Xiexu. “I think we have walked more than a mile Xiexu, I’m tired. My legs are crying.  Let’s rest for some time, please,” told Cassandra breathily. Xiexu agreed. As they were resting,  they could hear people shouting at distance. “Xiexu, do you hear that,” asked Cassandra. “Yes,  I do. But where is it coming from?” 

 “Wait I might know that. If I’m not wrong…” Cassandra laid her ears on the ground. Yes,  she was right. That noise came from under the place where they were right now. “What are  we gonna do now, Xiexu? There are people in here. They might be the Hesitas, the good ones,  whom Levi had locked up,” said Cassandra. “You are right Cas. They must be the Hesitas. You  are the only person who can bring them out, think,” said Xiexu. Cassandra thought for a  moment and found what she should do. 

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and started to pronounce something. Yes, she  was casting a spell. Her spell started working, after a while, she and Xiexu could penetrate the  surface and were moving down. Ultimately, they saw the Hesitas locked up by a spell. “Alexandra!” said one of the Hesitas. “No, she isn’t Alexandra. We will discuss this later. We  need to get you out first,” told Xiexu. Xiexu was elated to see his family again. He had missed  them a lot. 

 Again, it was on Cassandra, she should do magic to break the spell. The other Hesitas told  her to repeat what they were telling. Cassandra did so. But the spell was too strong that  Cassandra couldn’t handle it. Cassandra was dying. Xiexu told her to stop. But she continued  to repeat the spell. Her ear was bleeding. Finally, using all her magic and strength she broke  the spell. The good Hesitas were free. They thanked Cassandra. Cassandra felt better now,  Xiexu shed happy tears, hugged his Dad and Mom. They all returned to the castle. On the way,  Xiexu told the Hesitas what had happened from the day they have been imprisoned.  

 “Were you locked up in there all these 21 years?” Cassandra asked the Hesitas.” No, my  child. It’s three years”, replied the Hesitas’ head. “What!! But Xiexu told I was born after  Alexandra’s death. I’m 21 now. So, she should have been died before that right?” asked  Cassandra. “Cassandra 1 year in Escondia equals 7 years in earth. Does it make sense now?”  “Got it”, uttered Cassandra. At the castle, Imanuo was so happy to see the good Hesitas. He  arranged for a feast that night. Cassandra had never seen so many dishesin her lifetime. While  they were feasting, Imanuo enquired how Levi imprisoned them. The Hesitas told that all their  magic was taken away and Levi hid it somewhere, so they were helpless and Levi easily locked  them up. That is why Xiexu had no magic too. Yes, the Hesitas had no magic now. 


After the feast, Cassandra went to her room. She was exhausted. She tried to lift  Alexandra’s sword. She could lift it a bit! All these days, she tried to lift it but in vain. She  would be disappointed at last. But today she was able to lift it a bit. It was a great news. She  decided to keep it a secret and tell Imanuo and Xiexu only when she lifted it above her head.  Meanwhile, Imanuo and Xiexu kept a secret from Cassandra. Before Xiexu narrated the past  to Cassandra, he entered Imanuo’s room tensed and sweaty and told Imanuo it was  something about Levi. Yes, Levi was trying all that she could to escape and she had escaped  now. Xiexu decided to tell Cassandra about Levi the next day.

 The next day, Xiexu came to Cassandra’s room. Cassandra couldn’t keep her mouth shut.  “Xiexu, could you even believe it, I raised… not exactly raised but I lifted Alexandra’s sword a  bit yesterday. Yaayy!! Up-top!” Cassandra raised her hand. “Up-top?!!” wondered Xiexu. “You  crazy little thing, you did it yesterday when we released your family and now you forgot what  it is!? Stop kidding! Up-top?” Cassandra raised her hands again. 

 “What… when … are all those good ones free now?!” exclaimed Xiexu. Cassandra  apparently knew something wasn’t right. The moment she saw Xiexu’s reflection in the  mirror, she pushed him away. The moment Cassandra touched Xiexu, it took its original form. It was Levi. “What do you want young lady? Do you even know what these people did to me?  Why are you helping ‘em? I loved Imanuo. I’m his aunt’s daughter. We grew together. I loved  him from the moment I know him. But this Alexandra came out of nowhere and took him from me. I cried Imanuo telling him how much I loved him and how much I needed him. But  he threw me away like trash for that Alexandra. None of the Bigfoots helped me. I wanted  them to pay for ditching me. That is why I did this all. Every time I see your face, I wanted to  kill you. Just leave. Never return. These people needed this,” told Levi in a tone of anger. 


 “This isn’t fair Levi. They loved each other. You can’t force someone to love you. You  were a good friend of Imanuo but Alexandra was the love of his life. Try to get it. Now tell me,  where is Xiexu? What did you do to him?” Cassandra yelled as she jumped off her bed, took  Alexandra’s sword and pointed it straight to Levi’s throat. When Levi murmured (a spell),  Cassandra’s head ached and she walked back with the sword pulling away Levi’s talisman 

which was a locket in her chain. The talisman fell on the floor and it broke. Levi’s spell stopped  working and Cassandra could see Xiexu standing right behind Levi. Cassandra put the sword  right in Levi’s heart and Levi was burnt to ashes. 

 “What just happened?” asked Cassandra all shocked. “Levi borrowed magic from all the  Hesitas and hid it in her talisman. When it broke, all the Hesitas got their magic back. Also, to  be more powerful, she linked her life with all the bad Hesitas. Now that she is gone, they are  all gone too. She just used a cloaking spell on me, so that others couldn’t see me. When her  talisman broke, her magic had no effect on me and you were able to see me. I was here  standing by your side helpless watching you suffer Cass. I’m sorry for that,” worried Xiexu.  “Don’t be… She is gone and everything is good now,” Cassandra patted Xiexu. Meanwhile,  Imanuo entered the room. 

 “What happened?” asked Imanuo on seeing the ashes of Levi. “Levi is gone my Lord,  forever this time, Cassandra made justice to my dead friend Alexandra. This is the happiest  day of my life. All the Hesitas got their magic back. You know what My Lord, Cassandra lifted  Alexandra’s sword and put it right into Levi’s heart,” Xiexu yelled in excitement. Imanuo  hugged both Xiexu and Cassandra. All Bigfoots turned to their original appearance. The King  recovered with the help of Hesitas and Cassandra and was happy to see Alexandra  (Cassandra) again. Escondia had regained its old beauty. People were celebrating. All people  of Escondia thanked Xiexu and Cassandra. Everyone wanted Cassandra to marry Imanuo and  become the Queen of Escondia. 


It was Cassandra’s dream. She fell in love with Imanuo the moment she saw him at the  rooftop. And when she knew about Imanuo’s good nature, her feelings for him intensified.  Imanuo had fell in love with Cassandra when he saw her good deeds and the way she treated  the people of Escondia even though they looked ugly. All that she made for the people of  Escondia made Imanuo love her more. They both decided to marry that night. An hour before 

their wedding the sun went down and the moon came back to Escondia. Both the Bigfoots  and Hesitas were delighted. The likras were dancing in the sky. Foy and other Ledrics were humming a tune. It was a wonderful sight. 

 Cassandra looked ravishing in her wedding gown. Imanuo was waiting for her in the  wedding area. Cassandra looked like a fairy glowing in the moonlight. Over these months, she had totally forgotten that she had a family in earth. When she was headed towards the prince,  she saw the moons and stars adorably shining. All of a sudden, thoughts of her granny telling  her the tale flashed in. Her eyes filled with tears as she approached Imanuo. 


 She started crying loud, sat down yelling, “I can’t do this. This isn’t right. I’m an idiot. I  shouldn’t have left her alone. What a selfish person I am?”. The prince asked her what was it.  Cassandra told everything about her granny and felt bad for leaving her all alone there. “You  have helped us a lot, Cassandra. You are a life-saver. You gave me back my dad and you helped  my people. Go to your grandmother. No-one will stop you”, said the prince with tear filled  eyes. 

 Xiexu showed what was happening in earth then. Everyone was shocked to see it. It was a  pandemic and one-fifth of the earth’s population was gone. Her family died too. “I should  have never left her, it’s my fault. I made this to her,” Cassandra cried hard. “We might help  you my child,” told the leader of Hesitas. Xiexu continued, “We’ll help you get your life back  Cas. We will send you back to the day Imanuo took you here. You can save your granny and  lead a happy life. But once you leave Escondia you will have no memories of Escondia. You’ll  forget everything that happened here,” sighed Xiexu. “No..no, I can’t forget you people. You  are the one best friend I have Xiexu. No-one has ever loved me like you and Imanuo did. Even  my dad hated me. I can’t leave you people. You can’t do this to me. There must be some other  way. Just think,” uttered Cassandra. 

 “This is the only way, my child. You have given us our life and it is our turn now. You need  to go back to earth. Earth needs you,” said the Hesitas’ head. The Hesitas started the spell to  send her back. It was a powerful spell and it took one of the Hesitas’ to lose his magic. Xiexu  offered himself. Cassandra clung to Xiexu’s neck and couldn’t stop crying. But eventually Xiexu  lost his magic for Cassandra and she was sent back to earth. 


She was walking home back from college. She saw a wounded dog. All of a sudden, her  instinct told her to rush home. When she entered her home, her grandma was about to fall  off the stairs. She caught her and took her in. Her granny was fine. She made her sleep on the  couch and told her to rest. Cassandra’s heart felt heavy for no reasons. She felt like something  bad was going to happen. She decided to continue her project for a social cause.  

When she was rewriting the abstract of her project sitting at the terrace, she starred at the  stars and tears rolled down her cheeks. A drop of it fell on the top of the letter “i” forming a  tittle, yes, she had written ‘Xiexu’ on the paper. “How is this possible, Xiexu?” asked the prince  looking at Cassandra from Escondia. “She remembers,” said Xiexu.

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