Earn it!!


A glowing morning that could determine someone’s destiny on these endless roads of life. There was a baby who was being protected with utmost care, warmth and away from evil resting inside her mother’s womb waiting to see the world and it’s beauty. The movement has begun the moment she decided to tear off the protective shell and face the challenges ahead. A baby with eyes twinkling brighter than the stars and hands,legs like a lilliputian and the sounds of cries overloaded the cuteness filling everyone’s heart with joy and that’s a baby girl.

         Dad’s little princess was gifted with a castle in her father’s heart and family welcomed her with all love and warmth. Days started to make her learn every new thing from her mistakes right from her starting steps. With changing seasons a lot changed her moulding her into the best. The age innocence turned into teens with glorious moments. The age of dreams slowly started to hit her.

        Days turned into dreams making every moment exciting and enthusiastic. Illusions of unrealistic life showed more attention than reality. Everything seems to be attractive pulling her into the sand of desires. Welcoming the sun with a smile and ending with a moon’s laugh became a daily schedule until a night’s conversation was heard before sleep. A conversation that changed an entire carrier. Different flavours of life started tasting it. Life’s run begins.

       Crawling to walking and to start a run is how life took its turn as a sign of growth. She slowly started making her goals and aimed towards it. It’s not about how we start and end a race but what matters is how well you played your role. As we all know what comes easy is gone even more easily and the want should be earned!

       The journey began slow and steady and reached half a mile with no hurdles, giving a taste of winning and support to take the next step. Step-by-step each brick is being built to able reach the heights of who she is. The day has at last arrived hoping to receive the fruit of success which she thought for her entire life. Everything was as planned till then and sounds of cheering and encouragement surrounded her till the sun arised.

        The sun rose and her awaited moment shattered into pieces giving life a new turn and challenge for which she was never prepared. Suddenly the cheering sounds turned into whispering and encouraging mouths to a luck factor and clapping hands to a ponting questionnaire fingers. She was doomed into heart’s deep balck hole where even roots cannot pass through. It was then she was left with two options deciding the future.

       Death, a word that comes out of pain is never a solution rather challenging death and overcoming is what we can. Unlike many others,she, the girl with lots of courage, patience and mostly self-confidence took a different turn giving her life a second chance and chose a unique path to reach her soul. The path she chose consists of thorn like words from society, humiliation, discouragement, obstacles like tasks and what not. The journey took a long way to test her ability. She tried and tried but only failure hits her hard teaching the greatest lessons in life. At all odds she walked a journey with a focused target.

       Efforts never go in vain when we put our heart into it. She finally became the person she wants to be. Thus the secret of life revealed where the people once criticised her now patted her back with love. Yes,this is life and that’s the reality. In short, life is like a water which was taught what to learn and not how to learn. Learn from every situation, enjoy each turn and every move you make,learn from your mistakes and be responsible for who you are. Create your unique path to accept rejections as your life’s lessons and stop nowhere until you reach your success. We grew from who you are to who we are,we learned a lot. That’s how you learn it and you earn it!!

           My life’s journey has begun when I realised I just had one and living it for others gives the definition of life perfect meaning than living for ourselves. As I closed my eyes questions arose like what when where and how’s and I seem to have no answer to any of my questions at that moment. I then memorized even a thousand miles walk beginning with a single step and even a perfect plan cannot be achieved without execution. So I took one step forward and moved ahead starting from little things.

          Journey that binds people together,a journey of a different world, is smelled by me. Steps grew day-by-day and helping the needy and poor took a turn and I tasted the thanksgiving nature with pure love and a smile that could light up my entire world.wealth,a word used to determine how good you are. I used to think that money is the only alternative word of wealth but these people made me learn that there is something beyond money that makes a person wealthy. From that moment I give the definition of wealth as the love,care and smiles on other people’s faces and you are the reason for that is what makes you a wealthy person from my own experience. A journey from nowhere to what not  continued and keeps continuing making a family bigger than yesterday.

           Finally, we are solely responsible for our own deeds,lay your own foundation with strong pillars that no one can break through. Find a reason for your living and becoming a reason for others to live. Become the sunshine that awakens darkness to see the flying colours of rainbow within you. If I can then you too can earn it!!

         That’s how “SHE”, the girl of this story ended up her speech on an international platform inspiring the future women leaders…

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