It was a bright day and Alya finished all her house routines and took a book went to her favorite spot in her home. She was about to start then her phone rang. It was Yoga, Alya’s schoolmate she said that she finally found and sent her location and asked her to join. Alya was quite excited when she heard that information and rushed to that location.

Yoga was eagerly waiting in that spot and when Alya went. They were in mixed state for some reason they are excited, happy, sad, emotional all kinds of emotion at the same time. With all those Alya asked yoga where and then Yoga pointed towards the station. There was an old lady selling mangoes and corn in the platform and they approached her.

With all kinds of mixed feelings they asked her,” Do you remember us, granny?” and that granny had no idea about them and was thinking hard. Yoga asked with curiosity that do you remember that you used to sell near our school and we used to hear stories from you.

Then this granny remembers and was about to cry when she heard they were searching for her and came all the way just to see her. She was happy and asked about their profession. After all those chats the granny was left with few mango pieces and Alya bought it all and asked shall we leave. Though the granny was not doing good she invited them to her house.

They went to granny’s house by cab. It was as expected a small room with kerosene stove in one corner, a very few vessels and a rusted cot. She offered them buttermilk and was gazing at them. They looked around and said it seems like you are a minimal person and packed. The granny said its more than sufficient for me. Since she lost her love of life, she has to work hard in order to survive. Though she was not blessed with a baby, she loved kids and many kids loved her back. She used to sell things near school and narrate some stories.

That’s how Alya and yoga met this granny. while waiting for their bus, they bought from this granny and loved this granny’s narration. Since she was so lonely that she started reading a lot of books and narrated it in such a manner that kids will listen and encouraged them to read books and that’s how Alya started reading books.

Alya and Yoga was about to leave and turned towards granny and asked shall we leave and this granny was little sad by this. She said be safe on your way back and have a happy life. Alya and Yoga looked at each other and smiled then said with you. Now, the granny was completely shocked and with such a low tone asked me?

Yes, they said together and after an hour’s journey they were in front of huge house. They took her inside. There were many other grannies, grandpas and our transgender sisters. The granny was shocked for a moment and then Lakshmi welcomed them with a big broad smile. The granny was observing and everything seemed like a dream to her.

Because there were so many people around her, who mistreated her and now this place seems so good for her. She liked this place yet insisted to leave her in her place. Alya asked Madhu to show her around. Granny went with her, she introduced Ratna, doing her specialization in cardiology. She used to visit this sweet home and took care, prescribe medicine and provide proper treatment so that they can be at ease. Then Anchu introduced herself, she is website designer and developer. she took responsible for website handling in the mean time they entered workplace. There our sisters were preparing handloom products and then they went to kitchen. It was so clean and maintained by a team guided by Priya, Celebrity nutritionist. Then, granny was allotted a room with Amutha,67 years old young lady as her roommate.

Finally, the granny went to lobby, while seeing her Alya asked is this enough or you want to modify anything. Granny actually had no words to say and asked how it is possible. Yoga said I don’t know how much you will remember but once we asked you what is your dream then you said that you wanted to be in the top floor so that in a full moon day you can enjoy that moon with a little cold breeze and those sparkling stars. Alya added that we said one day we will make your wish true and now it’s happening.

We just said and had no idea on where to start we just had this motive. Fate did the magic I took engineering and ended as Officer in ABC bank and Yoga took architecture. We were in different university but this thought were same and we shared about this to our friends and that’s how this sweet home was established. One day we saw these sisters and asked if they are willing to join as and volunteer to take care of yes and without any further delay they agreed . This is true only because of their contribution.

This is the outcome of the efforts by many beautiful souls who contributed their hard earned money, things and their precious money. We just initiated and these sisters contributed most of their work to make this into reality. Lakshmi added that now it is fully managed by the grannies and sisters. Granny was puzzled and she went on that they do some craft works, embroidery and home made food products according to the season and you can do whatever you wish to do until you are happy we are satisfied.

Anchu added that we have lots of customers and doing door delivery services as well. The profit from this is completely used to pay the bills for this home. We only invest our time in this. These food, shelter, facilities are from your own earnings and so that you will feel at ease. As soon as they said, granny was about to cry and exclaimed that I have never thought that this could be true. Years back, I said I wish to have this to two 12 years old cute little girls and now its true and now I see Young ladies with cute smile and beautiful heart. Granny is happy that her dream is not a dream anymore and They were happy because they found her who was behind all this. Its not an easy task to do it but together we can do great things even if our contribution is small our motive have to be great.

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