Dream Fantacy


       A girl was sitting nervous in the waiting area in the airport. There was different set of people around there. She was travelling alone to London to meet her uncle and pursue master’s degree in London. But she is confident that she can fly alone. She had been finished her higher studies that time. She was travelling through air for the first time in her lifetime. Her flight was getting delayed by 6 hrs .She had a chill out time in the airport and explored the airport with a excitement .On that day her birthday falls on, so she decided to had a chocolate bar in a shop . She went in search of the shop, while going to the shop she explored different kind of people with different cultures and finally she bought the chocolate. She came back to her place and eaten the chocolate. She decided to had a sleep during the waiting hours.
          She was walking in the beautiful pathway surrounded by plants, flowers in the airport. A mild voice heard “Ms. Shayas”, she noticed the voice from a attendant. The attendant came to her and gave her an envelope, but the attendant didn’t speak up anything and left. With a curiosity the girl opens the envelope; she was shocked to see the letter. The letter which contains her unfulfilled dream! Later she recognizes that the letter is from a top aviation academy, the application is for pilot course.  But she did not sure that the letter is for her or not, so she rechecks the name on the letter, and then she realizes the letter is for her only. With the application form there was another letter with a message, “Hi darling! Please come and meet me in the café nearer to gate 5.” She was in shock though she was new to the airport and little scared. She was curious to know the stranger, after that she walks towards the café. While walking towards the café a lot of thoughts are going inside her mind. After a lot of discussion within her, she finally reaches the café with curiosity. She was shocked and taken a back upon seeing the beautifully decorated café and slowly walked into the café. 

       A man walked towards her with a smiling face. She saw him and shocked, he is none other than her friend who was studied with her during her schooling. They were colleagues but not as much as a best friend. He slowly pulls the chair and makes her sit comfortably. But she is not comfort enough. With the doubtfulness he asked her, “Did you remember me?’’, she quietly replied “Yaah”. Then he started introducing himself. He was a graduated engineering and doing aviation in the top aviation academy. After he introduces about his carrier she asked him curiously “Why you give this application form to me and how do you know me that I am here at the airport”. With a warm smile he replied “why are u getting so anxious wait I will explain you everything “. The girl waited anxiously. Later he started explaining all her doubts. He had a crush during schooling, and that time he also proposes her but in that situation she rejects his proposal. But he didn’t give up her; unknowingly by the girl he follows her actions. After many ages his love didn’t vanish. So he gave her the application form. After hearing the explanation from him her eyes filled with tears, which was of tears of joy .There he given a clue of that he is fallen in love with her. In a sudden moment she leaves the café swiftly. He got scared that what decision she is going to take. He was afraid that she might commit suicide, but she didn’t have an idea like that. Within her lot of thoughts are going on. But she was on cloud nine. He follows her, yet she knows that he was following her. Her face blushes, she is emotional and happy. At a point she stops and turn back with a smiling face, after seeing the smiling face he became peaceful. It’s a great relief for him upon seeing her smiley face. But he waits for her words. She told, “I am not angry with you, in fact I am really happy “she added. After that he politely requests her to come to the café, in a state of dilemma she agrees to accompany him. While entering the café it was grandly decorated compared to before. There was birthday balloons’ hanging here and there. And a beautiful birthday cake, she got dumbstruck. Later he wished her for her birthday. He kneels down before and proposed her in a genuine way. She didn’t expect this at that moment. He is waiting for her reply but she doesn’t have an answer for his proposal.
            Suddenly a pre-boarding announcement had been heard. She wake up from her sleep and recognizes that was a fantasy dream. But her heart believes that it could be real, but mind tells it just the dream. After a war came to end, at the conclusion the brain wins. Yes, that was a dream of the girl. After that she walks to the departure area and started her journey to London. She has a long-lasting dream of becoming a pilot, her unfulfilled dream chases her. Every persons dream or ambition couldn’t get fulfilled although they put their hard works but some situations made the dreams unfulfilled. In Every person there will be an unfulfilled dream. Not everyone is born with pushed up. So let’s work on what’s our destiny and move towards our beautiful destination.

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