Deep thoughts


“Even the droplet has a soul too. “ said Pakhi. “That’s interesting “ said Rini. After telling this Pakhi sighed. Then folded her hands to pray to Sun. Every morning she does this. While she was praying with her eyes closed Rini kept looking at her. Slowly pakhi opened her eyes and again sighed. Pakhi is a very mature girl in comparison to her age. Everyone in Nirman Correctional Home admires Pakhi a lot. She is a ten year old girl but her speech reflects her deep thoughts. “I can’t understand your thoughts”. Pakhi smiled and said “ Look closely you can see a mini sun on the droplet” . Rini stared at it for some time and the droplet fall in the lake making ripples. Pakhi said, “ Now the soul is so big that it has become a mirror to the sun “ Rini still could not understand “ Pakhi! Rini! Come inside and have your breakfast “. The warden of this jail loves both of them like her own daughter. When they were three and six years old their mother died of dengu. From then they have become family for the inmates. After lunch Pakhi painted a pebble blue and threw it in the lake. Warden gave this colour box to her as a diwali gift. That night when everyone was in a deep sleep Pakhi kept thinking about the pebble. The next day while doing suryanamaskar pakhi said, “ Make your heart as clear as the water of the lake Rini “ Rini again gave a surprised look at her. “ I don’t want my sister to be like my mother “ A drop of tear fall from Pakhi’s eye. That day after lunch Pakhi again painted a pebble blue and threw it into the lake. That whole night she finished her homework as exam was knocking at the door. 

A moving giggle followed by a “Misti stop I said “ continued till both of them reached before a lake. The giggle stopped and a little chubby hand took a pebble from the road and threw it in the lake. A 32 year criminal lawyer kept looking at the lake with calm nostalgic eyes. She murmured, “ that lake with my deep thoughts “ . 

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