Dear Aunty


Dear aunty in the neighbourhood,

The boy who came to drop me home two days back, he is my best friend.

To make sure that I reach safe, he came all the way here.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know about your ‘beautiful’ eyes, aunty.

Do you remember that dress my uncle had got from Mumbai last month?

‘My’ dress that ‘you’ found too short and tight? 

Well, I wore it to a party last night and a lot of people complimented, saying I looked thin!

Unlike you, they told me there was no need for me to join the gym. (I wish I could tell you how happy that made me!) Oh, did I tell you, I saw your princess, your darling daughter Rani, wearing shorts and sitting in auto?

In fact, there was a man inside too.

Remember, once you had complained about how I should not sit in autos with men inside?

I guess with increasing pollution; Rani was trying to do her bit to reduce it, right aunty?

Also, the other day, I heard her teacher complaining about how she doesn’t pay attention in the class nowadays.

How can I ever forget, a year back, my phone was taken away just because you told Ma, “Doesn’t she use her phone too much? Rani hardly uses it, you know.” ‘Aaj kal ke bache,’ right aunty? (Well, it wasn’t tough getting the phone back. Ma was thrilled seeing the A+ on my report card.) You think ‘teacher’ is the only and perfect job for didi because it provides enough salary and most importantly, a stable lifestyle, isn’t it?

After all, why does she need to work to earn a lot?

Well, I think ‘her’ profession should be ‘her’ decision. 

Being a teacher is not an easy job. One must be prepared for it. It isn’t just talking. If you know what I mean, aunty.

Last night, the guy who left home at 10 o’clock in the night, it was Shravan again.

I’m sure your ‘telescopic’ eyes didn’t miss noticing the tears in his eyes.

The girl he loved for three years, cheated on him.

In case you ever fall out of gossip, let me know, I will tell you her stories.

Struggling to stay safe,

A girl living in your neighbourhood

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