Dead or Alive?


“Maa, why are you not getting me ? I love Sakshi and she’s also from a good family. I don’t see any point of denial here.” As Aditya repeats this for the ninth time of the day, Mrs. Roy starts crying. “Why don’t you get me Aditya? I’m tired of this stubborn attitude of yours.”

Mr. Roy enters the room hearing the loud voice of crying. “What happened Rashi? Why are you crying?” He asks.

“Look at your son. He now wants to marry his dead girlfriend. You do whatever you can, I’m just done with him.”

“Maa she’s not dead. How many times do I have to explain you? Just a few minutes back, we were talking. How can she be dead?”

“You shut up Aditya. Don’t utter a word to me. From now your father will look after you and your matters. I’m done.” Mrs. Roy shouts and leaves the room.

As Mr. Roy follows her to the drawing room, he says, “Look Rashi, I think we should visit a Psychiatrist.” 

“You may take Aditya to the one.”

“No, we shall take him to. One of my friends is a Psychiatrist. We’ll visit him tomorrow.” When Mrs. Roy agrees, he gets little surprised for it’s been two years of this incident and the same scene repeats every single day in Roy family but nobody ever admits to visit the Psychiatrist. However today is a kind day.

Dr. Sen is a good friend of Mr. Roy and so he has not required any appointment. Moreover the hospital staffs are quite helpful and so it has not taken much time to reach the doctor.

“Hey, Roy. How come you recall me all of a sudden ?” Dr. Sen enquired.

“Samrat my friend, I’m in dire need of yours. Please help me out.” Mr. Roy requests. 

“I’m always here. Tell me what’s exactly happened ?” As Dr. Sen asks, Mr. Roy shows him a file full of documents.

“Actually it’s been two years that my son and his girlfriend has died in an accident but my wife Rashi isn’t still out of this trauma. She talks to Aditya daily and complaints to me that he wants to marry his dead girlfriend Sakshi. Rashi thinks that Aditya sees his dead girlfriend as alive while the truth is that she considers Aditya to be alive.” Mr. Roy starts crying.

“Ok. This is actually a type of mental disorder when a person can’t accept his beloved ones death and sees the dead people as alive. Moreover if it’s not treated for a long time he starts considering the same things happening with the closed(dead) one that are actually happening to himself. But Roy in this case we should’ve brought your wife along. I’ve to treat her, not you, isn’t it?” 

“Yes I know that. That’s why I’ve already brought her. Sorry I’ve forgotten to introduce you with Rashi. She’s my wife, Rashi Roy.” As Mr. Roy points to an empty chair placed beside him, Dr. Sen’s eyes get widened with the mixed invasion of confusion and interrogation. 

“You may check the death certificates of Sakshi and Aditya that I’ve given you. Both of them are dead.” When Mr. Roy utters, Dr. Sen notices that there are three death certificates and the third name written is Rashi Roy.

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