Crappy Tale


I woke up to find out, I was…somehow teleported to a place of the mountain’s and was there alone.
I remembered that last night I slept on my bed only. And so I was thinking why my bed is not with
me. Ok! If not bed I should get a pillow, so that I have landed softly. Now my back hurts. I yelled at
the sky, “how will you make up with me for this?” But there was no reply. In return, wind started
blowing vigorously, as though it was replying to me in an angry way. So I said, “It should be me who
should be angry with you, you wind storm.” And with that the wind blew against me even hard. I
struggled against the air, and that’s when I remembered, “oh! Crap I forgot to wear my bra! Crap,
crap, crap. What do I do now?” “Swrr…arr swoosh whoosh grrr.” “Yeah yeah, I know. But who the
hell wears a bra while sleeping. Like before sleeping she knows, she will be brought on a mountain
when she woke up. And personally I don’t like to wear a bra. And what time it is now?” “Wooh..hoo
10’o clock.” “What it’s 10 in morning. Oh! Crap my mom will beat the hell out of me. Wait….you said
10’o clock, don’t you. How did you know English? How can wind speak time in English?” “Swoosh
srr.” “What do you mean it doesn’t matter? It does. But for now tell me where I am?”
                    “Szoo szoo szoo…whoop.” What…? I’m on a mountain called as, ‘Curvy Kate’. It’s a
mountain, you know. Why didn’t you name it something like a mountain? “Swrr grrr.” “You said so.
Will you show me around? After saying that, suddenly I was blown away by that wind and reached a
place where I saw an inn. I thanked the wind and it blew swiftly. Then I entered that inn. It was a
boring looking place with dim lighting. I met an old woman there. She was looking scary and funny at
the same time. “At least they should have a beautiful and young woman.”
“So you are saying I’m ugly.”
“Yes, but indirectly. And you look scary too.”
“Then you’ll not get the special package free. You’ll have to pay. And it only cost 999.99 dollars.”
“Wha– what did you say? Do you know how many Indian rupees it contains.”
                        “Hm, let’s see. 73….no 74,999.25 rupees.”
“Plus GST involved.”
“Hey!! Do you have any idea how many it is? I haven’t seen this much money together in my whole
“This is how bad manner kids are treated.”
“I only spoke truth. Someone doesn’t like to hear it, I guess.”
“Swrr…” “Yeah! I know I’m totally right.”
“Did you spoke to the wind right now.”
“No, the wind spoke to me.”
“It’s the same thing. Just give the money.”
“Hey! First tell me why am I here.”
“If you want to know, tell me this ‘did you wore a bra today?’ “
“How is this related? It doesn’t make any sense.”
“Just tell me if you want to know.”
“Fine. I didn’t. I never wear.”
“Then get out of my inn. We do not welcome any customers who don’t wear a bra.”
“Can you understand what you’re saying? Do men also need to wear if they want to come, huh?”
“We never have any male customers. You’re free to go. I’m not giving you any further information.”
“Fine. I also don’t want to spend any more time here. I’m off.
                What a weird place. The mountain name is so weird and the inn lady said so many weird
things. My head is spinning. How am I supposed to go home?”
Did you understand a thing? Why am I supposed to wear a bra when I despise those things. Also,

those stripy things are so uncomfortable. “Wind, which one do you prefer, wearing a bra or jumping
a cliff?”
“Swoosh…swrr whoo oo whoo.”
“What? You don’t know what they’re. Well, if I tell you simp–….” Whoah!! You don’t want to hear
me. Fine. Everyone here seems kind of crazy, and I don’t like them.”
There I was again, in front of another inn. This time I didn’t thank the wind.
               These things happened so many times. I boarded with the wind, it took me to yet another
inn and yet again I was thrown out. And that was all because of a bra. I was worn out and wanted to
go home so badly. I was now thinking why didn’t I wore a bra or wear a bra.
Then something happened.
                 “You should have listened to your mother every time she told you to wear a bra.”
“Who…who said that? Who’s talking?”
“Swrr szoo”
“So it, was you? Why…wha–….wait you could speak English? Ahh!!! The wind can talk in English. It is
an English-speaking wind. Am I still dreaming? No, I heard you right, right?
“Fret not. I am the spirit of wind.”
“Oh! Thee spirit o wind…thy pleas teleport me home again.”
“Hey! What are you doing?”
“I am praying to you.”
“We don’t do that here.”
“Then explain me all this. And I’m not dreaming.”
“This is what you get for not wearing a bra. If you does not start wearing it, you’ll surely face
problems ahead.”
“But I can’t wear them. I have never wore them, and they don’t fit with me.”
“If you will not start wearing a bra soon here is what will happen.”
                I started seeing sceneries with so many awful scenes in it!
“Whoa! Stop that. Stop it now. It is horrible. I will start wearing a bra today itself.”
“Well, that was easy.”
How can these things happen to someone who don’t wear a bra?”
“That is the truth. That is your future if you still despise a bra.”
“Oh! It is so dark and horrifying.”
The wind blew me up in the sky and I landed on my bed for this time. I was so surprised and relieved.
I really understood, ‘it is painful to wear a bra, but it is horrifying not to wear one.’
“What were the scenes you were shown?”
My sister asked me as I finished explaining to her what happened to me this morning.
“Oh! Those. We should never talk about them. They were awful. Very disgusting, you know. In one
of the scenes, my breasts were swinging down to my toes, and I was wearing our father’s coat to
hide them.”
“They are vulgar. I mean can these things really happen?”
(I should never tell her that it was a hypnosis video and sound device our mother bought to teach my
sister a lesson because she never listened to our mother.)
“Maybe I should never take these off.”

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