Concealed – The Depth of Emotions



As I write her story, my fingers tremble, heart beat increases and my mind gets blocked. She seemed so happy, an all-rounder achiever., good at sports, arts, distinction in post-graduation, a persuasive  communicator and a humble personality. 

So impressed by her versatility, I went to meet her. From asking questions regarding her numerous achievements to asking about her, how the time flew I got no idea. 

The more and more I got to know her, the more I realised not just from outside, even from inside she is the same. It made me wonder, what a gem she is! 

Either by luck or unfortunately I happen to meet her again after one year. This time,she was different. The smile on her face was pale. Her eyes talked louder than her words. She isn’t the same,my heart whispered. I was shocked yet amazed by the way she was carrying concealed mountains of pain.

As she narrates: Last year I got married unexpectedly.I was in the middle of my post-graduation.Thinking of a better future I did consent to the marriage and went with the flow happily, in hopes of starting a beautiful phase of my life. Little did I know that this phase would leave me shattered and scatter my whole being. Wedlock isn’t the problem, the match happened to be an unmatch. I often felt, we two are like two seas of the Gulf of Alaska which flows together but never meet. I tried a lot to accept the new beginnings, new adaptations but when the match is inappropriate,it leaves no room for courage. The more I stood strong, I was proved wrong. The more I kept myself in the new mould, my feelings were loaded. Morals, ethics, culture, everything crossed my path, when I tried to take a self-stand. I don’t understand why women are let to be controlled. 

It’s just not my story, everyone’s the same tale. When will the depression end and oppression die,which the destiny gifted instead of  the journey of love, respect, honour and care. 

When I heard her, my heart too searched for the answers she was looking for. The eyes which sparkled with ambitions once, were struggling to find its way. Couldn’t believe,an all-rounder, bold girl could be devastated. It made me wonder and ponder, when will the sufferings of women as wife would end in real. Do really a woman should forget all her dreams, wishes after she gets married. Is it the end of her self-life, is this a sacrifice or a price to pay for a life’s new phase? 

And who cares about knowing whether someone is really happy or not. Who listens to someone’s sadness. Who even tries to help to make things easier for others. 

Let’s cut the silence, let’s stand for each other, let’s be on words and make the actions of genuine care take place, let’s for once teach, learn, the rights of women too.We would never know, who has the depth of emotions hidden within them. Glad I listened to her! Let’s hear out what others have to say, let’s not let another gem lose herself amidst the cruelty of fate or society. 

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