Can you Hear me God


 Can you hear me? I heard that you can understand everything. God? That’s your name isn’t it? Can you hear me? Yes? Good. Everything is so very bright.It was not bright before. I was used to brightness, yes, occasionally and that too feeble in pro .. pro.. What was that? Ahhh yes proportion. But this? This is totally more. Its penetring my eyes. Oh, that’s not the word is it? Penetrating? Yes? Correct? Your words are so hard to get. I used to listen to some voices previously. But it was smudged. I was within a wall you see. It was a kind of a round wall. I was sleeping most of the time so I cannot recall every tiny detail. But by and by I used to open my eyes and maybe I could say something. Mmmmm. Ok. The wall was round and it was kind of fleshy and full of a red slimy water. It has a name, it was mentioned most of the time and starts with a B?. Whatever. So, there was a round wall and the B word and then there was something tied to my stomach. I dont know its name. But that thing was there all the time. There was not much space inside the wall. It could hardly fit me.I lived there for a long time. I Don’t know how much. In fact I don’t know anything apart from some smudged voices that I heard occasionally. All these words, I picked up from those times of my sleep and.. What’s that voice? I have never heard that before. How is it made? It is definitely not something that I can recall. Kanstruction? What? Construction? What is that? Making of things? So am I one? A thing? Did I fall with a heavy noise like that? No? Are you sure? Ok. If you are positive so am I. So I lived inside that wall for a very long time and then one day something kicked me out. That was when I saw light like this for the first time. A thing was holding me. It was smiling and said a word. What was it?It’s on the tip of my tongue. Ahh yes. Boy. That’s what that thing said. NO? That is not a thing? Then what is it? Human? Oh. Sorry. I don’t know anything. You will teach me? Oh that’s so kind of you. So. That human said boy and then I was pushed beside another human. This one had a long kind of fleshy thing attached to the middle of her form. She pushed that fleshy thing inside my mouth and Ohhhhhhhhh. I tasted the most wonderf thing for the first time in my life. Ful ful . Wonderful. Right, I tasted the most wonderful thing. MIk? Milk. It was milk. So that human gave me…. Mother? What is that God? No, I promise I never heard that word. I heard many other words like burden, God is seeing everything, risk, leave, orphanage abortion, pills, get lost , wretch, unwanted and so on. Mother, no I have not heard this word before. So what is a mother? One who gives birth? Are you saying I was inside my mother all this time? Oh. How can mother do that? That is so nice of her to carry me for a long time inside her. So that is my mother. Mother. Nice word. I like it by far the nicest I have ever heard. Where was I? Ah yes. Milk. So after milk, I just fell asleep. The milk was nice, my stomach was full and I felt all sleepy.When I came into my senses I was here. What is this place? Maybe I should open my eyes. Oh! More light. I can’t see anything besides this light. No wait a second. There is a green thing above me. Something green and something blue. Tree and sky? Which is green? Tree? Or sky? Green is tree and blue is sky. Thank You God. So there is a tree, sky and, and to my left a big round black thing , pipe ok pipe. Let me see. Tree, sky, pipe. What is that to my right God? A slimy black thing? Dirt. Ok so let me keep a list 

1. Tree 

2. Sky 

3. Pipe 

4. Dirt. 

Learned more than four words right God? So I am near a construction place surrounded by tree, sky, pipe and dirt and shhhhhhhh. Something oh sorry someone is coming this way ! I think they saw me. They are bla.. Bla? God? A little help? B-l-a-b-e-r-i-n-g. They are blabering something. They are talking so fast I can’t understand anything. There is a big human with awesome hair in his face. Moustache? He He . The word is making me laugh. Big moustache man. Then there is another human beside that one. This one is different, this human does not have a moustache in its face, but has long black hair. Their dresses are also different. Wait God, look at the second human. That one is carrying something. It looks just like me. Same small bundle. Same eyes, same small eyes, same small ears, same small lips, same small arms… OK I will stop if I am disturbing you. The point is that thing in the second human’s arm looks just like me.Baby. Baby like me.Really? All mothers carry baby? So all mothers give birth to babies and? Right, they will carry them and take care of them to the very end? No? Till they are big? OK Till they are big. Everything is clear. Phew, how many things did I learn in this short span. I feel very happy but there is a small doubt that I Have God. If all mothers carry babies like this, then why am I in this place surrounded by trees and sky and pipe and dirt God? Why is my mother not picking me up like this? Where is my mother?  God? God? Why are you not saying anything? Can’t you hear me? God? God? Can you hear me God? Where are you? God? Gooooooooooooooodddddddd????????…….

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