Blood and Milk


I opened my eyes and checked my phone for time. Its 7 AM but it’s still pitch black as I made sure that no sunlight enters into my room. I got up and opened the minifridge nearby. I picked one of the test tube bottles filled with blood and gulped in one shot. Yes, I drink blood but not like in a vampire style. I just drink in smaller quantities like 5-10 ml at a time. You might think I might be one of those heroes on those vampire flicks but I suffer from a disorder called clinical vampirism. I don’t have any superpowers even though I wish I had and I could perfectly walk in sunlight. I don’t know when it exactly started but I crave for blood. Initially it started with 1-2 drops of my blood and then I couldn’t control it anymore. To make my life easier I work under a pathologist as a lab assistant. And that explains all the vials of blood in my refrigerator. I draw more ml of blood than required to satisfy my needs. As it’s in a smaller quantity it’s been unnoticed till now. I got everything under control. Just don’t allow anyone near my heart or house and everything will be fine.

Like every other day I am in lab having a busy day. Being around blood is harder but it helps to keep my cravings on par. I was behind my computer when I was drawn to this sweet smell. My eyes were looking around to see where its from and my legs automatically stood up following the instincts. I have come in to the test rooms and the smell got more sharper than it was before. I walked following the smell and stood before a closed test room door. I didn’t even realise that I have opened the door abruptly until I saw the startled expression of the assistant who is drawing blood and the woman sitting there. She wasn’t what you call a beauty but man, her blood. I took a deep breath closing my eyes and taking in all the sweet smell filled around in that room. I came back to this world when I heard a question, ‘Is something wrong Gautham?’. I opened my eyes and nodded off saying nothing.  He turned his attention back to drawing the blood and labelling the vials with the details. My complete attention is on that vials resisting myself to grab it from his hands. I didn’t even give a second glance to the woman from whom the blood is being drawn. My only thoughts were that if I drink that blood than my need would be quenched. Me: ‘I’ll get the tests done, give those to me’ He handed it over to me quietly. I left the room immediately to the machinery room, where testing is done. Once I am in the room, I walked into the sub room where the refrigerators are present to store the vials for further testing and there will be no CCTV’s around here.

I opened the vial in my hand promising myself that I would only take a sip. My heartbeat started going off so fast that I could hear the sounds echo in the empty room. I took the vial to my nose and couldn’t hold myself anymore. I took a sip hurriedly, my pupils dilated and my hands were quivering with the amazing taste I have on my tongue. Wow, is this what’s called heaven? I took another sip and before I know I finished the entire vial. My body is filled with ecstasy that I felt so tired and energetic at the same time. I have drunk blood of so many people till now but this feel of what I am having now is out of the world and has been the first ever. I have stood there for what felt like a minute but actually a rough 30 min, I heard a knock on the door. I composed myself and opened the door allowing Sam to come in. Sam: ’Hey, Did you set the blood for testing?’ I didn’t utter a word and just looked at him. Sam: ‘what? What’s wrong?’ Me: ‘I dropped the blood on the floor. I just cleaned it up. I am sorry for that.’ Sam: ‘Shucks… the patient is already very tired due to heavy fever and has left home. What should we do now?’  Me: ‘I’ll give her a call and ask her to come in for another sample. If not, I ll go to her place by myself and obtain a sample.’ Sam: ‘you sure you want to do that?’ Me: ‘it’s my mistake so let me handle it’. Sam just nodded and left the room. Once he left, I patted myself internally for getting another chance of tasting that sweet blood.

I found that her name is Priya from her case sheet. I asked my assistant to call her and explain the situation. She provided her house address and I am now on my way there for my second shot of ecstasy. She lives in a community that got all the houses look alike. I rang the bell and waited for someone to open the door. Door opened and I saw someone coming out. She is wearing a robe on her dress and got a question mark look on her face. Me: ‘Hi, This is Gautham. I am coming from the lab to obtain Priya’s blood sample’ Her: ‘Hi, please come in. I am Priya.’ I didn’t even remember her face but I could still feel her blood on my tongue. I walked into the house looking around. She guided me to the seat in the living room asking, ‘Would you like some water?’ I thought internally, how nice would it be for her to ask if I would like to have her blood. As I didn’t respond back, she waived her hand to bring me back to this world. Me: ‘No, I am good. Can you please sit down so I can draw the samples?’ She nodded and took a seat opposite to me. I got up and opened up the medical kit I bought with me. I held her hand to look for the vein. I could feel that her body temperature is so high probably because of her fever. Me: ‘How long have you had this fever?’ Priya: ‘its been 3 days and today doctor advised me to get these tests done’ I just nodded as acknowledgement. I have drawn 2 vials more than what’s required and it doesn’t look she got any doubt about it. Once I am done, Me: ‘Results will be out tomorrow. Get well soon.’ She nodded with a smile and I left her place.

Before going back to the lab, I went to my home and placed those 2 vials with my other secret stash. I went back to the lab and placed Priya’s tests on priority. The rest of the day, I felt that someone is waiting for me at home. I left lab early and once I am home, I went to the vials eagerly as if they are a treasure worth of millions and for me, they are. I took the vial in my hand and told myself, ‘Gautham just a sip so that you can save it for later’ With that I took a sip and it became a two and like that I finished the entire vial. I fell on my bed closing my eyes and feeling the bliss building up in my nerves. Man, I have never done drugs but this might be how it feels. Her blood and its smell… wow.. I have never felt this way.. and with that I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Few days passed since I am out of Priya’s blood. I couldn’t forget the taste or the thrill it gave me but I know that I can’t risk to go back to her. I kept drinking more ml of blood but it isn’t filling my thirst. What happened to me? it’s not like I have lived on her blood for the past 30 years. As I was fighting my desire to visit her creating some reason, I don’t know how I can acquire her blood again though. I decided to try my luck and went to her place. I rang doorbell and waited for her hoping that she would be home. And lucky me, she came out dressed in jeans and white loose shirt. I didn’t know what to say and she turned attention from my face to the flowers in my hand. She opened the gate with a smile and said, ‘Hey Gautham, Come in.’ I followed her into the living room and sat at the same place I did as before. She was looking at me as if she is expecting an explanation so I started giving one. ‘Hey, I was kinda in the neighbourhood and was reminded of you. I am sorry to intrude your privacy. I just came in to check if you are feeling any better’ Priya: ‘So those flowers are for me’ she pointed to the flowers in my hand. ME: ‘yah ofcourse.. here..’ I handed it over to her. Priya: ‘I am actually not a flowers person but I guess this is how it feels to receive them’

Saying that she walked into her kitchen and took out a vase. While she was cutting down the flowers to arrange them, I followed her into the kitchen. Me: ’so how are you now?’ Priya: ‘I am good.Do you know what does Jasmine flowers symbolise for?’. I got her a jasmine and lily bouquet. I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t pick the flowers based on its meaning. I just picked them randomly. Me: ‘No.. actually I don’t’ Priya(with a smile): ‘they symbolise for beauty, sensuality and also love’. After hearing those words, I choked myself and looked at her to tell her that I picked those randomly. But she got a faint smile in her eyes and her lips burst out laughing. Then I realised she is just trying to make fun. Priya: ‘Don’t worry they also mean purity.’ Me: ‘Wow… for a flower hater you do know a lot about flowers’ Priya: ‘I am not a hater. It’s just I was never around them and by the way I work as a script writer so I try to learn new things.’ Me: ’Ho wow.. so you do work for movies and all’ Priya: ‘I write scripts and I have a manager to deal with them. So mostly I am a ghost writer which mean I sell my stories for a fair amount but you cant see my names on any of the movie titles.’ Me: ‘But don’t you hate it when you see someone else names on the screen for your stories.’ Priya: ‘No I don’t. It’s not like I am writing them for fame. I am writing them for money and I am content with what I am receiving.’ I nodded my head in acknowledgement. She finished arranging the vase and placed it on the kitchen counter. She does have crafty hands, that vase arrangement is more beautiful than bouquet. Priya: ‘Sorry I didn’t offer you anything. Would you like coffee or juice?’ The same thought as before ran into my mind. How about your blood? She waived her hands just like last time. Me: ‘I am ok with anything.’ Priya: ‘is zoning out your hobby?’ I just smiled.

3 months later:

I don’t know what Priya saw in me but she took me in to her close circle. I spend with her just so to see if there will be any occasion to taste her blood again. I am meeting her for dinner today. Its been more than 3 months that I have tasted her blood, being around her and waiting for her blood is like an ultimate torture but I am willing to wait forever to have her blood on my tongue. I bought her flowers on the way and rang her doorbell. She is dressed in a simple white summer dress. Priya: ‘Heya… Come on in…’ I offered her the flowers once I stepped in. Priya: ‘ho wow… yellow roses… DO you know the meaning of those?’ Me: ’yes mam. I do.. they represent friendship.’ With a smile she walked into kitchen to arrange them in the vase. Priya: ‘Guess you have done your research’ Me:’ what can I do? when I talk to you, I sometimes feel like I am talking to Wikipedia.’ She was cutting down the stems of the roses vertically. Priya: ‘so you are saying its hard to have a conversation with me.’ While she was talking to me, a thorn on the rose hurt her hand and blood started oozing out from that tiny rupture on her finger. I don’t know what crawled into my mind, may be the lust of her blood as I immediately rushed to her and popped her finger in my mouth. I got may be 1-2 drops when I sucked in but god that taste, the one I have been craving madly for months and has spent sleepless nights is back. I closed my eyes in utter satisfaction with her finger still in my mouth. After few minutes I started hearing hard breath sounds and I opened my eyes and saw priya’s eyes looking at me. I cant say what she had in her mind but I immediately took her finger out and stepped out for air. What have I done? Like how can I explain what just happened. I took a cigarette out but couldn’t pop it in my mouth as I don’t want to ruin the explicit taste in my mouth.

I have stood on the porch for 10 minutes still finding an explanation when Priya stepped out, ‘hey hello.. come in.. Dinner is getting cold.. and I am so freaking hungry’ Me: ‘yup, coming right away’ and I followed her in. We ate dinner in silence. Priya: ‘so.. did you like it?’ I was startled by her question, what does she mean? Is she asking about if I have liked her blood. She pointed to the food when my mind is running elsewhere. Me: ‘yeah.. its good..’ Priya: ‘Is it? Then look at me’ I looked at her. Priya: ‘Now tell me what you were eating without looking at the plate’ Frankly I have no idea what I am eating so I just looked at her calmly. She started laughing. Priya: ‘I know I am not a great cook. But this is the first time ever someone couldn’t even recognise what’s on the plate’ Me: ‘No it isn’t what you think’ she just kept laughing and I don’t know how to explain so I looked down to the plate and realised I was eating seafood.

After that awkward dinner, I told myself that I am never going to see Priya again. She became an obsession to me. I avoided her calls and messages. I was in my lab thinking of her when my mobile started ringing with her name on it. I popped it on silent and went back to my thoughts of how could I stop lusting her blood. I heard a knock on the door while I was still in my thoughts. Before I could say come in, Priya walked in with her phone. I didn’t stand up but from my expression I could tell Priya knows that I am quite surprised to see her here. Me: ‘How could you come in?’ Priya: ‘I told them that I am your girlfriend and they believed it. Guess you need to work on your security.’ Me: ‘I am not a VIP. So, I am fine with whatever security I had.’ Priya: ‘your expression shows that you are not happy seeing me here.’ Me: ‘Nothing like that. A prior notice would have been nicer though’ Priya: ‘you would have known if you have picked my 100th phone call today. And are you really saying this when you have come to my place on the first day without any intimation’ I didn’t respond back. Priya: ‘Anyways I am here to invite you for a party tonight at my place. Don’t you dare give any reasons. See you at 7PM. Bye’ With that she left my room.

Its 7PM and I got almost 70 missed calls from Priya asking if I am on my way. I stopped at the florist to buy some flowers. Florist: ‘So Gautham, it’s been ages I have seen you. what do you want today?’ ME: ‘Something that represents peace but please make sure no thorns’ Florist started going around with flowers and to pack them as a bouquet. Florist: ‘Had a fight with your girlfriend?’ Me: ‘Something like that but not with a girlfriend. She’s just a friend.’ Florist: ‘Ok, here is your bouquet. Do you want to know the flowers name?’ Me: ‘No, she would tell me even if I don’t want to. Bye.’ I paid and less than 10 minutes, the flowers are in Priya’s hands. Priya: ‘You look great and I guess you came in asking for peace’ she pointed out to the flowers. I just smiled. Priya: ‘do you know why these flowers are called Apple blossoms?’ I nodded saying no. Priya: ‘Because they precede the fruit coming in and so they also indicate love and fertility including peace.’ Me: ‘Thought so’ Priya: ‘Are you being sarcastic Mr.Gautham after pulling that stint with me?’ My face turned pale with embarrassment. Priya: ‘I am talking about how you ignored my calls and messages for days’ Gautham: ‘I am sorry’. Priya interrupted me in the middle. Priya: ‘No don’t do that now. If you really want to apologise then do it when we are alone. Now Go on in and have a drink. I ll place these flowers in vase and join you in a minute.’ Me: ‘ok, but be careful.’ Priya: ‘why? You got flowers with no thorns this time.’ I didn’t respond back to her and went to the backyard.

I don’t know why this party is arranged but it’s a pretty amazing one. Its cozy and got only like 20 people around. Everyone seemed equally close with Priya. Time went by really quickly and by 2AM in the morning everyone left. Its only me and Priya. I don’t know why I didn’t leave but a part of me is eager to see if Priya could get hurt one way or the other so I could at least place my fingers there acting concerned but taste that divine blood. She turned off the lights in the house and in the backyard leaving only one light. I was sitting in a chair looking at moon when she came in with champagne in one hand and glasses in the other hand. Priya: ‘Hey… Thanks for staying back. I actually thought of asking you to stay behind.’ Me: ‘its ok.. I just felt you might need help cleaning this up.’ Pointing to the trash around. Priya: ‘No don’t worry. I have already booked in cleaners for tomorrow morning. I want to ask you to stay back so that I can celebrate with you.’ Me: ‘What is this party for? Sorry I didn’t even ask you before coming in.’ Priya: ‘My story got bought for a fair share of amount and guess what? I wrote that story after you started avoiding me. So, you kinda encouraged me to write that story.’ Me: ‘Great… something worked out for you because of me.’ Priya: ‘ok let me open this bottle.’ Bottle got a silver paper on the cork. She tried to remove it with her fingers but then she took it to her mouth and tried to pull it off with her teeth. That backfired, causing the wrapper tearing her lip and blood coming out. My eyes are fixated on her lips. Even though its only a drop, that smell has surrounded me and made my senses go weak. I got up and kneeled before her and took her cheeks into my hands. I could feel that her breath is getting sharper under my touch but I could only see the shining pearl on her lips. I tasted her blood and kept pulling her lip for more. Her blood has made me close my eyes with utter pleasure. I could feel her whimper for breath but I didn’t leave her as I could still taste her blood from that faint tear on her lips. She pushed me a little, after having a distance between us I opened my eyes to look at her. Her face looked flushed and her lips slightly swollen. I immediately realised what happened. For me its just blood but for her it’s a kiss. Damn… what have you done Gautham?

I got up to my feet and about to take a step when Priya held my hand. Priya: ‘where are you going?’ I just looked down without responding back. Priya: ‘So is this another habit of yours. Kissing and leaving’ Me: ‘No… I mean… it isn’t what it looked like…’ she got up and stood facing me. I never knew Priya is of almost my height. She is looking into my eyes lifting her head up slightly. Priya: ‘Is it because I would ask you to define our relation?’ I didn’t utter a word. She held my other hand too. Priya: ‘Look at me.’ I didn’t. She pulled my hands and as I was standing there with no support, I moved forward by reflexes. There is no distance between our bodies and yet my heart didn’t race. Priya: ‘Lets go with the flow’ and then she started kissing me. I know I should stop it here. But that faint taste of blood has clouded my choices. She guided me to her bed room and removed her clothes. I seriously don’t know how male anatomy works, I am not attracted to Priya but when I saw her naked and waiting for me, the switch has turned on. I kissed her so hard to suck that blood out and with that high I had an amazing night in my life.

Just as Priya said, we didn’t say anything of what we are. We have dinners, go to movies and have amazing sex, the last one is the fun part where I can taste her blood by biting. Priya never oppose anything or never push for answers. That’s the other thing I like in Priya other than her blood. Its been few months we know each other but Priya never visited my place. I thoughts its courtesy for me to invite her and I have another plan too. Since I have tasted Priya’s blood I have lost interest in drinking other’s blood. So, there is nothing in my home now that requires to hide. I invited Priya for dinner and she came in a yellow floral dress. She looks good in a dress but jeans suits her. I made her pasta and we had a comfortable evening. When the conversations are rolling around, ‘Priya, you look weak. Are you stressed about something?’ Priya: ‘Me? I actually feel I am in a good condition.’ Me: ‘No, you are getting lean and you are not eating well’ Priya: ‘That’s because I love you Mr. Gautham. Woman tend to lose appetite when they fall hard for someone.’ I actually blushed on her comment. Me: ‘I am serious’ Priya: ‘Me too.’ I made a serious face. Priya: ‘ok.. what do you want me to do?’ Me: ‘I want to run some tests and see if everything is ok with you. Is that ok?’ Priya: ‘You do have this in mind, right? That’s why there is no alcohol around.’ I felt like I have been caught during a theft. Priya just smiled and said, ‘Ok go ahead. Do what you want.’ I got the medical kit and started drawing her blood. I have no remorse on what I am doing and I even appreciated myself that I did a good job feeding red meat which is good for her blood. I drew more than what’s required for tests and I don’t think Priya even noticed it. I have saved the blood in the fridge telling her that I’ll take it with me to lab tomorrow. She just nodded. Mission accomplished.

Few weeks passed and I actually feel life is going great. With Priya being around, I have ample ways to get her blood. I injured her myself few times to get that blood out and created it as an accident. I might look like a creep but I made sure it’s a minor injury. And this is how I tell to myself that I am not doing anything wrong. Not even once I felt bad that I am using Priya. I am on the way to meet her so I stopped at the usual flower shop. I told the shopkeeper that I want flowers that represent beauty. I went in directly as I now have a key for Priya’s place. She is sitting in the living room with her feet up lost in thoughts. She was startled hearing the door sounds and I went to her saying, ‘You okay?’ Priya: ‘Yup, wow.. Aren’t these Dahlias?’ Me: ‘Guess so, I told him I want something that represents beauty’ Priya: ‘But these flowers also mean betrayal and dishonesty’ I looked up flushed like I have been slapped.  She smiled and said, ‘Its ok Gautham. You don’t know that. These are beautiful but how come I never got Red Roses?’ I didn’t utter a word; everyone knows what red rose mean. She went in and I guess may be to arrange them in the vase. I just sat there in the living room still struck with the words ‘betrayal and dishonesty’

Priya: ‘Gautham’ I looked behind and I felt that Priya has something to say. Priya: ‘I am pregnant’. I guess this is how it feels to be struck by lightning. She is observing my face carefully. Me: ‘Are you sure?’ Priya: ‘are you asking if I am sure that I am pregnant or if I am sure you are the father’ Me: ‘No it isn’t like that. I am just asking if you are..’ I couldn’t complete my sentence as I couldn’t find the right words. Priya showed me the documents from her hospital visit. Yes, she is right. She is pregnant. Truth started sinking in my head. I just stood there with the documents in my hand. Priya: ‘From your expression I take that you are not happy with the news.’ Me: ‘what do you want to do now?’ Priya: ‘Depends on what you want Gautham. I am going to have this baby. I want to know if you want to be part of our life or not.’ I left her place without a word. How could I possibly be so irresponsible? How could I make this mistake? I never loved Priya. I know nothing about her. I never paid attention on what she likes or how she behaves. I have always been after her blood. After endless thinking and a sleepless night, I decided its best to convince Priya for abortion.

I went to her the next day. She looks sad but her eyes show her confidence and some sort of satisfaction. Me: ‘Did you eat?’ she just nodded. I didn’t even bother to check whether that nod is a yes or No. I started the point soon. Me: ‘Lets get you an abortion.’ She isn’t even surprised with my words. I felt like she knew what I was about to say. Me: ‘Priya, listen to me. If we get married or stayed together just because of a baby then neither of us would be happy. Its only been months and we are still knowing each other. I want us to take slow. I am sorry for what happened. I ll take care of it. I have a friend of mine who can take care of this secretly.’ I am still talking when Priya got up and went into the kitchen. After few seconds I could suddenly smell her blood. Even in that situation my senses are dimmed with that sweet smell. I walked into the kitchen and saw Priya standing there looking at her finger with a knife on the other hand. I just stood at the doorway fighting the urge to grab that finger. I couldn’t even form words to ask what happened with my favourite and sweet smell in this entire world going around.  Priya: ‘Come on Gautham. What are you waiting for? Isn’t this what you want?’ I felt my world has been crashed under my feet. My face has turned pale, ‘what are you talking Priya?’ Priya: ‘Don’t lie Gautham. I know you come here for my blood.’ I know there is no point in bluffing and arguing. Me: ‘How do you know?’ Priya: ‘I saw you drinking my blood when I came to your place and I usually have my doubts of why you always bite till a hint of blood occurs on my body. And you got a shelf load of books about clinical vampirism.’ Me: ‘you have been with me even after you knew that I am after your blood and not because of you.’ Her eyes are filled with tears, ‘I love you Gautham. If you will be with me for few drops of my blood then I am willing to do anything to keep you with me.’ I took a step towards her. Me: ‘Are you not scared of me?’ She nodded her head so fast that she didn’t even hesitate for a second in saying no.

Silence filled around us. None of us spoke and the blood is still dripping from her finger. For the first time, I am looking at Priya and not at her blood. I went out of the house and got on my bike. I drove to the flower shop and this time, I didn’t ask him anything. I grabbed a bunch of red roses and walked out paying him. I know what people would say when I tell them that I fell in love for Priya in that second. They wouldn’t believe me. But when she didn’t hesitate for one second to tell me that she isn’t scared of me and when she got ready to have my baby even after she knew what a blood sucker I am, what else do I need to fall for that innocent girl who is ready to give up her life literally for me. By the time I am home, Priya is sitting in the living room, crying hysterically thinking that I left her. I went to her and placed those red roses besides her. I got the medical kit and started cleaning up her wound kneeling before her. ‘Priya, look at me.’ Her eyes are swollen and are filled with tears. ‘I know you won’t believe me if I say I love you but I think I do. I don’t know anything about you but I want to know everything from now. I know this isn’t a romantic proposal that every girl would love to receive.’ I finished wrapping her wound and took her hand into mine. ‘Will you marry me?’ Priya: ‘is this because I am pregnant?’ Me (with a smile): ‘If that is the case, then remember I came in here to ask you to get abortion.’ She kept crying. Me: ‘But are you sure you want to marry someone who injured you purposefully to have your blood. Doesn’t it scare you? Why do you love me’ She looked at me with her swollen eyes as if she is about to slap me. Priya: ‘Because it’s you Gautham, What other reason do I need to love you.’ She took my breath away at that second. Her face looked more attractive than any other time. Me: ‘Baby, you should stop crying so that I could kiss you.’ She immediately wiped her eyes with both her hands and got her hair out of her face. I kept smiling looking how she is willing to do everything for me in an instance.

I took her cheeks into my hands just like our first time but this time, it’s a kiss… for me. I kissed her gently savouring her lips. She immediately pulled out asking, ‘does that mean you don’t want my blood anymore?’  I looked at her with genuine surprise but I want to make it clear. Me: ‘Priya, I don’t know if I can stop lusting your blood. I’ll try and as I know you being a Wikipedia you might have already done your research on my syndrome. If I have my cravings under control there wouldn’t be a problem.’ She interrupted me in the middle saying, ‘as long as you drink only my blood, I don’t mind. Just promise me that.’ Me: ‘So you are giving permission to drink your blood’ Priya: ‘Ofcourse, I love you.’ Me: ‘Baby do you know how sweet your blood is. If I can have it why would I drink any other blood. But baby, I ll make sure it isn’t often. She interrupted me again but this time with a kiss.

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