Be mine


“Mom., its boring…i can’t sleep, tell me a story”

” ok, A lion named raja and he..”

“mom, stop its boring.,tell me some thing intersting”

” ok ,let me tell you my story..”

“What?? Your story..ohh., your love story..ok ok ..start mommy”

July 11,. Friday….


Today is my first day to my college and i was too excited because my best friend also joined in the same college. And we are going to do Journalism there. We both meet in the bus stand near to our college.Our college front gate looks amazing and feels like that we are entering into the palace.

As soon as we entered on boy came near to us and asked,” hey girls,can i guide you.!!which depatment??”

“B.sc Journalism ..” Maya replied to him.

” ohh, lucky group” he laughed and pointed our block.

” lucky Group…. Why you are saying like that”i asked to him..

” Soon you will know ,” he replaid to us and he went to guide another student..

We both walk slowly to the way of our block. Suddenly a group of boys called us .we know they are going to do fun with us.. So, with an idea we both went near to them.there a boy a lean body ” which course., ladies”

” B.sc Journalism” i replied.. 

” your name please ” another guy from left asked

” Adithi” i replied and he looked to maya for her turn.as she said her name Another guy from the center 

” i think you guys are just escaped today, beacuse Mathew is on leave if he is there he will take you to the another Level ..” he said and laughed

” Mathew., who is he ,is he is a owner of this college or a monster” i replied to him

.” oww., you will see him tomorrow and you will suffer a lot for this.. And he hate Journalist ok.. So be safe” he laughed again..

We both leave that place

“Who are they ., such a stupids” maya said..

” yes, first we have to know who is that Mathew”

And we walked to our block .as we entered our Seniors welcomed us..

And pointed us to our class .

” hai, who are they and who is mathew” i asked to one senior girl near to us.

” What..!? Mathew.. Girls please don’t mess with him. If you do you will suffer a lot. He is viscom final year. His grandfather is the owner of this college. So.. Please avoid him. He is very rugged and harsh..ok., be safe wirh him” she warned us many times.

After hearing that we worried a lot And thinks what is going to happen on the next day. We can’t able to listern to the class and we are not able to enjoy the freshers party. But the party goes well. Our Seniors are very friendly to us and they are very helpful. At the evening we were sitting in the canteen and oreded for Tea and Samosas.. Same time the orderd has came and that Mathew and gang also came and seated near to us.

That lean boy points me and said ,she is Adithi. We remain silent for a second… ” Adithi ,not a good name.,i hate this name. So can i name you as physco ,ok… Ohh… Sorry i have to introduce myself., I’m Mathew., and as you said I’m the owner., ok “

I remain silent and looks at the same place and i didn’t look him and didn’t shake my head.” so , lets celebrate the naming function baby.” he said and dipped a samosa in that Tea and give it to me ” if you eat this fully, i won’t disturb you anymore. If you didn’t you suffer a lot ” he said and forced me to eat that..

But i can’t control my anger and tears and i just slap him and said ” Maya , lets go” i dragged her to outside of the Campus..

The next day when I’m getting ready for my college

🎵🎵Phone rings🎶🎶

Its Maya

” hyy, Adithi are you Coming for college today”

” yeah, why are you asking”

” uhh., you forget about yesterday”

” No, maya. He is just a Senior from other department and you know about me I’m not going to sacrifice my college life because of that stupid …i will manage him.”

” whatever..ok, get ready soon we should not miss today’s events”

” ok, i will be there in half an hour.. Bye”

We both met near the college. Wow., our college looks like a great feast..

” hey maya.,it looks so Beautiful “

” ya., god’s grace ., we didn’t miss it”

We looked around the ground and enjoyed a lot . Suddenly at the enterence of the Auditorium we saw those stupids Mathew and gang were blasting the baloons and making fun on the students who enters into the auditorium..

” Adithi, don’t look there. If they saw as we can’t able to enjoy”

” i have an idea., wait and see mu play Maya”

I buy a balloon and filled it with a bleaching powder in the ground.

Then me and maya get in the way to auditorium. It was so rush so we planned to go i the center row by hidding out face and make our balloon to fly over their side. As the same Mathew tries to blast our Balloon .as the sudden the balloon blast … he and his Gangs face were filled with bleaching power. On seeing this everyone started laughing at them and they can’t control their anger.. And asked ” who done this? If you don’t say you all will suffer a lot ” Mathew orderd all.. But as our luck no one answer and no one saw us..its a Positive for us.. Amd they leave that place” Adithi, every time luck is not with us. We have to play safe”

” whatever ., i will win over him., wait amd see this match maya., he will definitely say sorry to us one day”

” lets see, god should help us for three years”

” he will help us., and you is with me ., we will never fail., be brave my idot… Lets go”

We went to canteen to have some snacks. We took the one corner table ,then only we can able to see what is happening in the ground. We ordered pav bhajii for both and enjoying over there…..

They four started searched for a us.

“Maya,i think they are Searching for us. We should leave this place soon “

“Adithi, why are you getting panic, lets be here. Nothing will happen.”

Opposite to her words they entered into the canteen and looked for us. Also they find us..

” ohh., full day canteen… Let me want to know something” Mathew asked like a violent man…

” what do you want to know?” i asked

” i want to show you one intersting video miss.Adithi”

” what!? A video..I don’t want to see it.,” 

“Its ok, but you have to pay for this”

Mathew said and sit close to us and show the full video record what we did to him ..that is we caught red handed.. Some one has recorded the whole function as a video reference ,on that we hit over it…

“Adithi, what’s your plan..do you have Anything… Ok,act like you got fainted” . Maya Whisper near my ears..

Like wise i stared his face for sometimes and i started my drama..

” Adithi.. Adithi..,what happened to her…” Mathew asked to Maya

” she is having a little heart problem.. If she hear or saw some uncommon things ,she got frightened more and frenzied like this.. Maya somewhat developed a good story..

” whatever you both should pay for this tomorrow… “Mathew warned us and left..

” Adithi., what we are going to do”maya asked to me

“lets develope a story Maya…or we should Escape from their eyesight”

“I’m not a problem to them.. You are the one.so you have to make them fool”

” ok, lets see “


On sunday evening me and my mom went to market to buy some things.We went to fruit market and also went to purchase some dresses for my college..after we purchase all our things and waiter for the bus.as a sudden a boy hits in the tree skated with his bike and fell down harshly.

As he wears helmet ,he Escapes. Some person there tries to uncovers his helmet. A great shock to me,that was Mathew.., “Mathew …Mathew ” i shouted ” who is he..you know him ??”

My mom asked ” yes mom he is our senior.. Please someone call the ambulance” i Shouted

After 5 minutes the Ambulance came .,me and my mom also went with him to the Hospital..” ohhh.. He is drunken!!! he loses too much of blood,what blood group is he”

The person from the Ambulance asked us. So i searched his phone in his Packet and find it.” its good., he didn’t use any password” i convers myself…and searched for his friends numbers. His friend kishore is on the top so i called him..

“hello,dude…where are you ?? I reached into the club..”

” hello,I’m Adithi here…Mathew met an Accident and we are in the way to hospital “

He interrupted me and ” Adithi., how you got him..which Hospital??

” to GH ., i want know his blood group.its urgent”

” i think its AB(-) ve “

” ok , are you sure”

“yes., i will be there in 10 minutes”

And cuts the call

” mom, i have give him blood “

And the same time we reached to the hospital and we admitted him 

” Madam.,he loses more blood, and he is AB-ve. And please arrange for it ” doctor said to us 

“I’m giving sir.,” i said to him..

So he pointed to the left side room to donate blood to him.at the mean time kishore came ti meet him .he lookes at me and say “thanks Adithi”

” its ok, but please don’t say this to him..this is my request”

” ok, but if he asks what should i say”

” say something , but please don’t mention my name”i said and left the Hospital

Next day I told every thing to Maya. “ohh.. Its nice to here Adithi.. You donate blood to your enemy right” she said in a tuned voice..” uhhh.. Whatever at that time i didn’t think about that and all..”

A week we enjoyed a lot in our class amd roaming around the canteen . also we didn’t saw that stupid gang..but after a week ..,while we are interestingly listens to our Criminology class he came into our class ” hello Juniors, we are here to inform that our department has arrange a small workshop..if you interested you can participate.if any one is interested give your names in the break hour”

” when he got recover”maya asked

” how did i know.,again our bad time starts i think”

” Aisha, do something..,lets participate”

” gone mad idiot,stop over dreaming”

” lets go on break, come on…”

During the break hour we went to meet him..” ohhh uhhh ..physco..

Welcome… What..want to participate in our workshop” Mathew asked us

At the mean time kishore interrupts” hei., Adithi..how are you??”

” I’m good kishore ., we want to participate in your workshop .,so please add our name” i said to kishore… ” dude,why are you caring her ..what’s happening” Mathew asked to kishore.. ” Nothing , Mathew just…he said all the things happened on that night…” ” ohh ,really i can’t belive ..thanks physco”Mathew said to me and looked us for a long time…

” ok, we are leaving” maya said..and we both left that place..

After two days they started their workshop me and maya get participated in that.. There they show various types of arts and culture .it takes an hour to complete the full workshop. Meanwhile mathew and his gang stopped us and and gave as food parcels.. ” every workshop we will give lunch to everyone” Mathew said


” ohh thanks ” maya said hardly

We opened and looked at the food parcels “wow its colorful..i think its briyani” maya excited and starts to eat

.” Adithi…! Please don’t eat .those stupid idiot */*** ***’** again made fun on us”

“what happened maya..? ? “

” Adithi, look front they are taking a video.. They..”

” they ..son of bitch..they will die in my hands” i replied her harshly

And we both went near to them 

” what physco..,i told you already right.. You will feel bad for me..so if you want to escape from us you should say sorry ..ok” Mathew said us..

After hearing that with a great anger i slap him left and right ” don’t behave like bitch” i said and left that place and also take out his pbone with me..

” adithi.. Stop.. Why are you behaving like this”

“listern, Maya…. I’m ready to face this problem.. The matter is you .. You should with me ok”

” ok,”

After this we tried a lot to escape from their eyesight meanwhile we have given his phone to his friend.

Likewise half a month gone with exams and studies..

Maya was Absent on this and the first class itself starts so boring . i tried a lot to listern the class but i can’t. So i planned to bunk the next class, its was so excited to bunk the class alone.

As soon as the bell rang i went out of the class room .as my bad luck i saw those stupids but i have no other choice to move so i stand still. But again my bad luck mathew is standing behind me…” what a hell”i hummed and looks for the another way to get out..and i tries to move from that place soon..but he followed me when i am reaching near to canteen he Stops me ” stop…!Adithi i want to talk to you..wait a minute and try to hear what I’m saying”

” i don’t want to talk to you ..please leave me..and i won’t say to sorry”

” i don’t want sorry..Adithi..uhh.. What i Mean is i.. ..I’m in love with you adithi”

” ahhh….what…love..gone mad….oh you planned to take revenge

” Not a revenge Adithi.,please try to Understand me”

” sorry Mathew., i have to go”i said to him and left that place.

The next day also he came to meet me and again he started his love dialogues..

look Mathew., i didn’t know about your love is true or not.but i hate you..i didn’t want my life partner as a rugged guy..hope you understand.”


My bad luck is maya discontinues her studies because of her dad’s health condition and she starts her work in her shop..so now I’m alone.

I’m so bored on listening to the boring lectures.so i spend  more time in canteen itself.. Three days later Mathew came again to me. But this time he didn’t talk to me.he sat near table next to me and ordered for tea and samosa.”don’t look at him Adithi” 

I spoken to myself. but my eyes can’t . He dipped that samosa in that Tea and tries to eat that..” what he is doing..:”

I thought..” ohh, it was our first meet., i think he tries to say sorry “i stared at him for a while and i smiled a bit.His reaction after he eats that is really horrible to look..” sorry Adithi” he said in a silent mode..

I came near to him and sit near to his table..”uhhh., is your love is true”

“Adithi.., actually yes, and that’s why i tried a lot to make you laugh and that’s why i eat this.and I’m very sorry for that day”

” ok, mathew .. Let me think but you have to change some characters “

” i know, i will change Adithi..”

After that day we meet in the park but Mathew looks different .. A clean shave and a full buttoned shirt and he looks stylish than before

“ahhh., woww.,Mathew..you are very handsome and cute!!”

” its for you adithi..” he smiled

As a sudden with out my knowledge i hugged him.

” ouch!! I’m sorry mathew..i..”

” don’t talk…i understood., i love you Adithi”

After this our life goes well and we enjoyed a lot .going to parks ,temples and all. At the year he got a good job..

And after that he is busy with his job.

One day a call came from a unknown number

” hello,its this Adithi”

” ah, yes”

” mam., mr. Mathew has met a accident and we admitted him in GH “

” ok, i will be there in 15 mins”

I rushed to the hospital and his parents were already there.. Also i heard a very shocking news .that its was not a accident, someone planned and hitted him with a iron rod. But he just escaped from a coma.i tries a lot to see him but his parents didn’t  move from him.

After two days his friend kishore takes me to meet him


He laughed a little

” why are you laughing ,.am i  joke to you”

“no no no adithi..just look your face physco..,”

“you..please stop teasing me rowdy.. look your face first”and beats him

” oohh.. Ouch I’m a patient..”

” ohh., really..stop act like stupid ok., and find out who did this”

” already find him..so you don’t think any about it..ok”

“what… Who??”

” your dad, Adithi” kishore said

” my dad, but why…”

” he warned me many times adithi, after you accept my love,…but i didn’t.. that’s why he did this”

” ahh., why you didn’t tell me…you are really a stipid Mathew”

” no, physco…it has a reason….”

” no reason, I’m not going home.i will be here with you..and you please don’t force me ..”

” so, what are you trying to say..”

” I’m saying to marry me”

” hey physco, you are always mine ok, so Marriage is not a thing, first we have to get permission”

“no, i won’t..you have two options ,, marry me or take me with you.”

” hey,both are same with different words”

“if  you didn’t , i will kill you”

” ehhh., ok come with me..” says with a lot of smile

After that i didn’t get in the way to my house. after his recovery with his parents permission we got married.

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