One fine morning I was looking at the sky from the window of my classroom, admiring the  weather with Natasha, my best friend when our teacher Mrs. Priti walked into our classroom and  randomly started distributing the project topics as the assignment, of which we have to create a  journal and submit at the year-end. The topic I received was Tourism in India and I was  overjoyed. The deadline to submit the assignment was next week. 

So that day, when I came home, I was so excited to work on that project, that I started working  on it the same day. Initially, I created a rough draft like how it will look like then later I jotted  down few main points that will help me to create a clear view of how will I present it. Later I bought the necessities like the journal, color pens, some stickers and, other decorative items. Next as a sample I wrote the theory part and asked my mother to check the grammar as I am not  good at it and sure enough it contained errors. After correcting the errors I started the real work. 

I beautifully wrote the theory part, stuck amazing stickers, decorated the empty spaces with  creative designs. And then finally the assignment was complete the only remaining thing was to  attach it to the journal. But that is the last stage and for now teacher only asked us to submit the  assignment without the journal. Therefore, I kept my project assignment in my home file as the  day of submission three days later. Then three days later, when the teacher asked about the  journal I realized I had forgotten to transfer the assignment to my school file. There was almost  30 percent of our class who did not submit the assignment that day, so our teacher annoyed by  our good discipline gave us a last chance and that we can submit it the next day. 

Then the next day when I was going to school all over sudden, it started raining heavily and  that’s when I remembered the June month has just begun. I ran towards my school holding the  bag tightly in my arms. I knew my bag was waterproof but still, I had to re-check the first thing I checked were my books and then my assignment. The books were in good condition so I assumed the assignment would to good too. But my bad, when the teacher asked us to submit the  assignment it was wet at the corner as I had not closed the file properly and cherry on the ice cream I left my zip of that compartment of my bag slightly open. I somehow I tried to dry it and  gave it to the teacher to examine it. She first seemed annoyed due to the wetness in the corner but  later she seemed impressed and also praised me and asked to dry the assignment well otherwise the colors will start to fade out. I agreed. 

Finally, I got an A and now it was time to take it home and I kept it in my hand as it did not fit in  the bag so I decided to keep it on the shelf of the bus while returning home. 

When that day I was coming home by the school bus I was so busy talking to Natasha that I  forgot to take the assignment from the above shelf. Seconds later when the bus left I realized that  I had forgotten to collect the assignment from the shelf. I went home and called on the school  bus facility number and asked if they found any journal on the shelf in my bus. The receiver said  they did find one and asked me to collect it as soon as possible at the school bus stand. 

When I went home that day I showed it to my mom, she was so happy that she patted on my  back. Then I kept it on my study table to show my grade to my father. And then I went to freshen 

up myself. Moments after I was back I saw my little two-year sister playing with it. I screamed and started to scold her so loudly and trying to pull the assignment from her but she had quite a tight hold, so I used a little more power to take it from her but as a result one of the page was  torn into two and I was even more fierce with my sister just then my mom came rushing in my  room and asked me the reason as to why I was being so hyper. Then she saw the torn papers in  my hand and guessed what must have happened, she asked me to calm down but I argued that 

“ it was the checked assignment now what can I do all of it is destroyed now I have to make all  of it again”. 

She calmly said she will help me to stick the torn page and no need to redo it. She made me calm  by asking me to take multiple deep breathes. I was finally cooled down. Later that night mom  helped me stick the torn pages with the help of the sticky tape and then finally the work was  done and it did look not that bad. Now I know why mothers are called the best problem solvers. 

Then finally the day of submission arrived there was a lot of chaos in the school. Teachers asked  us to check the grades given to us in the journal are the same as shown in the digital format.  Fortunately, when I was cross-checking I found out that my grade there in digital format was B  and mine was A, so I asked the teacher to change it and she did, giving me a forced smile.  

And then it was time to say goodbye to the assignment one last time. When it was my turn, I went inside the room where the teacher was collecting all the assignments one by one. She  collected my assignment pulled out the scissor from the desk drawer and cut it almost 3-4 inches. I felt like someone just had cut my heart she saw my expressions and said “doing this because  this material should not be used or copied again by anyone” and that was last of my school  assignments.

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