BREAKING NEWS: MP Adhithya Sharma,s son Abhilash was found dead at Tulsi lake. Police report said it was a drunken driving case. But later autopsy reports says Abhilash,s fingers were cut. Police are currently searching for evidences to prove the murder…….

Its Wednesday today , Abhilash promised Sanaya to introduce her to his parents this week . Sanaya was beyond excited for that day she double checked her outfit rehearsed several times about how to talk… endless scenarios were running in her mind…. everything came to a sudden end …..no warnings no signals …that’s it …..Abhilash is gone ……forever. Interrupting Sanaya,s thoughts her phone rang . “Ms. Sanaya we are from the Mumbai police station . can you please come to the station it is regarding Abhilash,s case”. The last person Abhilsh called was her. She immediately left her house and reached the station within few minutes. There she was infront of her in laws, a way she never imagined herself to meet them. As a natural suspect police interrogated Sanaya ….the only person that comes to Sanaya,s mind was Nithin . Nithin was Abhilash,s close friend but he didn’t like Sanaya and Abhilash together because Nithin was in love with Sanaya . So things turned rocky for Abhilash and Nithin and they ended up not talking with each other . “ could it be him ?” she asked the police officer and gave up details about Nithin . Very soon police found the location of Nithin house and brought him to the police station.

Nithin was shattered about Abhilash,s death . Nithin was the last person Abhilash met before falling from the bridge . Abhilash explained Nithin about how he was going to propose Sanaya this week. Abilash and Nithin are childhood friends things come and go jealousy ,anger everything exists between them but above all it was friendship that won and Nithin gave up Sanaya for Abhilash. Everything was going on so smoothly. Nithin needed Abhilash in his life .Yesterday night they decided to make up for all days they missed. Now all of a sudden he is the prime suspect of the murder. “Sir how can I kill my own friend I am not that merciless and ruthless ….i have no intensions to kill him I always wanted him to be….” “ be quiet you idiot ! you are the last person who was in the car with Abhilash , forensic department just found a few strands of hair and the DNA matches with you ….tell me why did you kill Abhilash? “ “Sir please believe me I am not the killer I am not someone who will go cut his fingers for no reason”.” No reason !? Nithin u don’t have any reason at all isn’t it ? ….how about that day when you threatended me and Abhilash and said if we ever exchange rings you would cut both of our fingers ….did,nt you say that ??? I even have the phone recordings Nithin stop acting like an innocent “. Sanaya was no longer able to tolerate Nithin,s performance but deep down she felt something bad something was not right about this.

Very soon media covered the story and Nithin was arrested for the murder of Abhilash. Sanaya was supposed to be in peace the killer was caught, Abhilash parents are done with the ceremony, all that is left is to grieve for this huge loss. But Sanaya was not able to grieve in peace her thoughts kept going back to Nithin and his pleading eyes at the police station. His eyes earned for help and pain and loss. Sanaya decided to visit Nithin. Finally Nithin was able to confess everything to Sanaya, who was shakened and filled with pain. Sanaya decided to go back to police station and ask them not to close Abhilash case and investigate further. But the police didn’t bother about her theories. But Tanmay a police officer listened to all Sanaya,s theory on someone else killing Abhilash. When Sanaya walked out of the station feeling hopeless Tanmay offered to investigate since he believed her theories.

According to forensic reports Abhilash was drunk. But when Abhilash was talking with Nithin in the car he was not drunk. There were no signs of liquor bottles anywhere in his car. So Sanaya and Tanmay concluded that he wasn’t drunk , either the autopsy results were wrong or Abhilash did drink and threw the bottle away. Tanmay was so sure that autopsy reports are never wrong. So Sanaya referred to the way his fingers were cut Tanmay consulted one of his doctor friends and concluded that the cuts were done by clean surgical instruments.

Tanmay was so astonished by the way Sanaya find things. He asked her to  meet  at a café to discuss about Abhilash friends or family members who are in medical profession , can be the potential suspects. Sanaya went to the café and found that place unusually empty.  Then   she felt a sharp pain at the back of her head. When she woke up she was sitting in a chair gagged, hands and legs tied up in a dark  room  . She heard a female voice calling her name “ Sanaya…  I punished Abhilash because he murdered a person,s happiness. Do you know that Abhilash was charged with rash driving. He drunk and drove the car with high speed where he ended up killing 2 innocent people who were lying hopelessly on the road searching for a shelter. The police didn’t even bother to file their 7 year old son,s complaint who must have been traumatized seeing his parents die infront of him. How much it could have affected him to know that Abhilash was cleared of all crimes and no punishment was given.” “ Teja quit talking and be done with her ASAP I have duties to be done at the station” Sanaya was shocked and confused to hear Tanmay,s voice and suddenly the room was lit and she  saw a woman in white coat standing there with a scalpel and Tanmay in his uniform. “Ms. Sanaya you are super lucky to see us both together when you are alive most of the criminals end up seeing me when they are alive and see her only after their death… she is my sister Teja who works at forensic department. Aren’t we great ? we give the criminals the punishment they deserve  ,” “ absolutely Tanny , from the day we saw our parents die due to these criminals we decided to punish them , but I feel very sorry for you Sanaya you barely did a crime but still you are going to die …… I love watching criminals die feeling their pain but I will make an exception for you and let you die peacefully, goodbye !!” 
                                                                    All she could do was squirm and move as much as she can to get her out of the ties. The amount of information she received was too much to take in ….Abhilash as a criminal ,Tanmay and Teja are psychotic twins and the fact that she is going to die in few seconds……

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BREAKING NEWS: Sanaya Shetty a 25 year old woman commited suicide by locking herself in a car. Autopsy report says her car was filled with carbonmonoxide which can make a person brain dead in 4 minutes. Her friends reported that she might have commited suicide because of losing Abhilash Sharma who was murdered by his friend Nithin……this case handled by police officer Tanmay is closed today!
The end !

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