Aphrodite and her tales


 “I could explain it all to you, Aden… Aden please let me justify, give me a chance at least. Aden please, I didn’t do it on purpose. Please have some faith on me, my love, I’d beg you now, go down on my knees, but can’t afford to lose you” quivered Aphrodite in intense motion. 

Aphrodite gulped the very thought of her loosing Aden. She went numb for a while and couldn’t let this ferocious thought float in her mind any longer. She was so terrified that she could imagine herself lying deadly alive on the warm wooden flooring and play the old gramophone playing the tunes to which she would be dancing with Aden’s ghost while the homey scent would fill the dark room and she be reminded of her foolishness. 

“How could you Aphrodite? How could you even have such a stinky thought in your mind? Is your mind rotten obsessing over the same goddamn thing over and over again?” screamed Aden. 

Aden’s body was heated up, except that this time it wasn’t because he was swayed away by her shapely figure. It seemed as if he was losing his mind and the empathetic soul which he had, was dormant or had departed its way back to heaven where it was much needed. He was standing bare footed on the wet sand, enough moist to let his feet get soaked in. The waves carelessly crawled closer and closer. The sea was rather calm and swirled in its own symphonies. He inhaled the saltiness in the breeze which was kind enough to not choke him. 

Aphrodite couldn’t bear to hear such bitter words which Aden just spat in complete anger. She grabbed him tight and hugged him harder as if it were the last time she would be blessed with his presence. She kept squeezing him tighter and closer to him to feel his every atom. 

Aden refused to hug her back as he was so deeply hurt and traumatized that she could ever do such a thing. He was disheartened and his heart had sunk that night in the sea. He pushed her back gently and didn’t want to feel her near him anymore. 

He stood by the shore, not knowing where his head was. The sea was at peace and tried its best to fill the animosity in between the couple. The moon shone bright that night, feeling disappointed for its own brightness for seeing the couple in despair. It couldn’t comfort, while the stars just twinkled to fill in the darkness. 

“Aden it’s not what you are thinking of, I know, I realise I went a little overboard but trust me it’s not what you are thinking right now, it’s nothing like that”

“Oh, so even right now at this very merry moment between us you know exactly what I am thinking right! Of course you know right! Go ahead and assume whatever crap you want to because I do not have the tolerance anymore to deal with your over thinking and over analysing shit every time. For heaven’s sake you still are. I’m fed up”.

Aden was infuriated at the moment that he had forgotten of his every promise once made to his sweetheart when he was madly in love with her. He wasn’t unsure of his love for her but he couldn’t really comprehend his feelings. Did that make him any less of a grown man? Only Aphrodite could tell that. 

Aphrodite is silenced. She is quiet as the night sky and there was nothing that could fill in the silence. She felt miserable as she hadn’t expected Aden to be so hard on her. Her ears were humming the hideous words again and again like a rhyme continuously. She was muddled as well because Aden had vowed her that he would never raise his voice and therefore had known the fact that Aphrodite was afraid and triggered very easily with violence around her. ‘You my darling sweet love, your heart is made up from the drops of the rose petals and is so delicate that I would feel the sharp dagger on my chest when the very moment I even hurt you.’ This is clearly what he had promised her, but instead of worrying about her own self, she kept wondering if Aden could actually feel the dagger or was that a pretentious trick which he had played on her. 

She sat on the cold rock feeling cold as the cold breeze kept drying her mournful tears. She tried resting her head somewhere but couldn’t. For now that she was convinced that she had once again lost, lost her sweetheart in her own greediness; she wanted to spend the time slipping into bittersweet nostalgia, rather worrying or making up fake scenarios in  her head of how she would be without her other half. The warm fuzzy feeling surrounded her and snogged her. The fond memories tingled her with a hint of sadness. 

Oh! How am I so in love with him, some folks curve a smile when they are in great joy and the endorphins are produced and neurological signs are transmitted to the facial muscles to trigger a smile, but oh I tell you, he is the reason why these folks sing and dance smiling and giggling in his golden gleam of aura. 

His light coloured blue eyes were a passage to seek inner peace. There was ocean of chaos going on in those hues with constant waves hitting the shore and reassuring him that tranquillity was within him. His voice was sturdy like a husky not very pleasant but yet so manly. His caramel brown skin was as smooth the velvety touch. How soft would it feel my glabrous skin rubbed against his burnished like body. Allow me to taste the sweet sins dripping honey dew. Oh grab my waist, you handsome human, push me against the wall and kiss me slow, make me feel the heat tonight. Let me brush through your hair while your feather like kisses on my neck make me shiver and crave for you harder day by day. You are so irresistible, young man. I wish you knew what it feels like to be in love with you, or do you feel the same when you spend hours in front of the mirror admiring those perfect bones structures. 

Another week, new man and our darling Aphrodite is again in love with a man whom she has hardly interacted with. It is her sense of love where a man and a woman have to engage in an intercourse, without which the meaning of life is unknown. She believed that no woman should stay or die as a virgin. Her lusty feelings have taken over her and she is in her own universe tasting the pure sins. 

Aphrodite was standing on the bridge and there across the bridge was her handsome lover boy. Their eyes met for the first time, and oh my! She knew that her eyes would now long to see him every day. 

Who is this extremely gorgeous woman with such sensual features; make all the teenage boys experience eroticism for the first time? This curly long hair depicting your tangled unclear mind, fickle mindedness. The flawless skin shimmery as the white piano keys. The long curled eyelashes, to when you blink and I would want your eye lids to flutter when you see me, your sinful husband in heavens play, a sin I committed by falling in love with you. The big round set of deep eyes filled with such passion and keenness to experience the love drops when it would rain. These soft glossy pink lips, I would want to kiss every time you bite your lower lip, unknowingly seducing me.

I couldn’t stand there alone like a mindless person, too absorbed in myself and ignoring the beaut which has just arrived for me from heaven on Cinderella’s carriage. Such gorgeous women shouldn’t be allowed to roam around in such wonderful season of spring where everything blooms; thereafter my love has already bloomed for you, mistress. 

 Allow me to serve you my lady, as Aden approached her. 

Oh young man, you look so naive, take me by the pond and I shall read to you. 

Your gentleman, Aden Christopher is here in your service, Madame. 

Aden held her hand, respectful enough to ask for her consent to do so. Love had already seemed to blossom and the whole evening was spent under the love spell which the cupid had cast on them. 

Leaves floating on the fresh water body, the daisies and the wild flowers were enjoying themselves and swirling their tiny heads as the breeze kept on touching them gently. It was a breezy sundown sight, perfect for the newly honeymoon stage love struck couples. The hum of the insects was loud enough to compliment on how magnificent Aphrodite looked. 

Oh Aden, have you ever been in love before? 

Lady love, I have forgotten what is to be fond of other woman; the real beauty is what my shone eyes right now tell you. 

I warn you, once you taste me and my sins you’d be hooked to me, I’d be your drug, could be poisoning at times. My simple touch on your hand while make you move in such ways you’d never have imagined of. I will push you and the other moment your body would be pushed into mine. I’d kiss away all your pain, but when I bleed you will experience the worse of love. You’d never feel so alive before and you would be addicted to wanting more and stay in the present, suck the juices, and the future will melt. So tell me, sweet human, will you take my hand and come on this monstrous yet fairytale love story? 

Woman, allow me to consume myself and get tangled in your mess. 

Aden, Aden, Aden you would make love to me, until I scream your name. I want you right now on me. You seem too subtle to understand my insanely satisfying adventurous kinkiness. But I’d have to say the way you would softly whisper in my ear to call your name is what I want now. 

Aphrodite was feeling hot already and wanted to make love to Aden. She didn’t care if it was right or wrong to want him all over her. She just wanted him. 

Aden’s feeling started to grow stronger and stronger and he couldn’t hold himself back. The rest of the world became unimportant to him blurring out and all he wanted was to feel the intense passion. The only thing important right now was to touch her, kiss her mouth, her stomach, and her breasts. 

There was no smile on his face, only the hot intense gaze which they both knew was the inferno to come. 

How could you forget all of that my dear Aden, the touch, the softness of our skins rubbing against each other, the sweat dripping of the hot passion. Oh darling, do you not know how badly and nasty I want to be for you, show you my love for you, especially when you are mad at me. After all I had warned you in our first meeting when I would bleed, you would experience the worse of what love can do. Now when you taste the bitterness of it, why do you want to puke?

Aden is now lying down on the naked sand not aware where Aphrodite is. He wanted to be by himself. He loves this beach; he loves how the driftwood that comes upon the buoyant waves as tiny rescues. The flora of the salty waves fills him with peace. That is all which he wanted at the moment after knowing the facts what Aphrodite had done to the women in his life. 

Aphrodite started to shiver like a leaf, and before she catches a cold and gets sick, it was advisable for her to go back home and rest her head on the soft pillow. Her anxiety started to take over her and more pronounced her intellectualization became. She started to think rationally and in different horizons. The anxiety hits like an electrical storm in the brain and it is way too painful. She pumped herself up and got the courage of a lion to go and approach Aden once again to inform him that she was cold and was heading her way back to home. 

“A… A… Aden, A.. I think I am cold and I might have to go home before I catch flu, I was wondering if we could go back home together and have some coffee and then talk about it peacefully? I mean resolve the conflict, it is hurting me to see you like that bare on the sand. 

Aden didn’t respond to her, he was too engrossed in himself and thinking about Melissa and Rosy. 


What do you do when someone doesn’t respond? Walk out and leave Aphrodite. 

I can’t leave you here alone, please come back home with me, I promise you this won’t happen ever again. I don’t know where my mind was; I just did as to what my heart felt and didn’t think twice.  

Leave Aphrodite. Aden commanded. 

I could bring you the blanket? You’d be cold. 

Have some mercy on me and leave. Thank you. 

Standing alone on the deserted beach while the wintry wind kept blowing, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, yet with every chill it brought, it filled up the person with coldness. She couldn’t take her mind off from Aden and was choking her that he ordered her to leave him. 

She pushed the small pebbles with her feet and kept on walking until she reached home. The walk that night seemed extra long. Loosing someone for the second time is near to experiencing second death, you aren’t even sure if your heart can take it any longer or not. When it was broken and the pieces were put together, the heart had held strong on its one leg and shown the whole world that he was courageous to love again. But when it breaks for the second time, again, you do not feel anything, nothing. You silently suffer and the whole soul is on fire, the poker face with hot tears that has burnt your face. 

Aphrodite reached her home, opened the fridge to pour her some cold water thinking that it would ease her burning soul in pain. She felt dead inside, those tears were so stubborn that they won’t even let her weep and cry her heart out. Her throat was so dry as if she had consumed handful of itching powder. She stood near the fridge lumping for she couldn’t bear her heart’s weight any longer. It felt suffocated living in her. Short heavy breaths, struggling and fighting for each breath. The concrete walls stared at her without any shame and she wasn’t able to look at anything for thinking that each inanimate thing was judging her. The mirror was the hideous nightmare out of all.

She felt so alone and her thoughts again started to have a race in her mind, even though she was tired, her thoughts kept running like a mindless fuck, not knowing where the red satin ribbon is to touch and win the race. 

This loneliness is a vice on my heart, squeezing all the colors out of my lilac sky to turn it into the classic old grey, where storms are so frequent. I guess the first time it happened to me when Ryan broke me, I should have accepted and known that it’s a curse to have a soft heart of a pure baby in this world. It is a curse to live with such a sensitive heart, and hurt your own self. It kills me every day, the light where the soul shines, its being replaced by shadows, shadows of the ghosts who broke me. I struggle to breathe when a new shock comes in. 

Do you remember Aden how we used to laugh? You made me feel so alive, loved me so hard that I forgot what it was to hate my selfish heart. Do you remember the time when I so innocently asked you a silly question about a white dog getting covered in mud or its milky white fur getting dirty if he roamed around in a dusty evening? Also when I asked you would an Affenpinscher mate with Afghan hound breed? You didn’t answer me but your mouth made a noise which is referred as laugh. You laughed as if it were the funniest thing you had ever heard. I felt a bit embarrassed but when I saw your eyes getting wet because how cracked up you were, it made me forget about all my worries. Just being around you for a few minutes made me realise how high I was on love. The sound of your giggles, gales; when I heard them, I knew this is the sound which would be my escape route from the world. Nothing could replace this; a whole long day of self pampering holds no weight against this. 

Salt tears now began to flood her face and blur her vision. She could hear her own sound of a distressed child, raw from the inside. Heartbreak was a punishment to the soul. It took something out of her, her spirit to live, a theft of her soul, an injury which no one could see. 

My heart is vanquished. 

With that thought being the last in her head, Aphrodite had fallen asleep on the floor itself, too tired to even drag her to bed. Her body lay there so lifeless, how could anyone not have any mercy on her? 

The sun in the morning refused to show up and seemed to be compassionate towards dear Aphrodite; didn’t want to blind her light brown eyes.  It was rather a tired day in general where sky wasn’t blue but a weird tone of grey and white mixes. There was drop dead silence, no flutter or chirping of the birds early in the day or the peddlers squalling in the mid day. The dull silver grey dove like clouds were voiceless, but rather it was the silence fallen before the blustery wind would follow. The window was tightly shut and the curtains were draped not allowing any form of interaction with the outside world. The house was filled with the powdery dusty scent reminiscing about the old times where the wood was polished nearly every six weeks. 

It was past afternoon when Aphrodite opened her eyes, because of the ants that were crawling on her hands. It was then she realised that she had fallen asleep last night on the floor and the remains of the chocolate cake was fed to the floor and the ants were only minding their business. 

Her pale skin even looked paler, yellowish in tone. Her eyes were puffy and swollen from last night and the dark circles under her eyes were quick to make a visit on hearing upon the news of a broken heart. Her nose was blocked losing her senses to smell around, well one good thing that she wasn’t able to smell the dusty dirt. Her lips were chapped and cracked desperately needed to be scrubbed peeling off the dead skin. Her skin itched and needed to be moisturised. She was too weak to notice the bodily changes and the only thing she required right now was to speak to Aden, but since that felt impossible, she thought of ringing to Mrs Capula. 

She picked herself up and managed to brush through her hair roughly not caring enough if she looked presentable or not, but was desperate much to make a request to Mrs Capula. 

She knocked and waited in shivering anxiety. 

“Mrs Capula, Aphrodite here, I was wondering if you weren’t occupied we could have a small talk?” 

The door creaked opened and Mrs Capula had an affectionate motherly welcoming smile. It was as if the wrinkles on her face appeared because of the generosity her lips possessed her to arch a smile.

“Oh dear, what have you done to yourself? Please step in my child, let me make you some warm tea with biscuits”. 

“Aunt, it is courteous for you to be this kind to me, but I’m here to ask you a favour, and I’m short of time”.

“Ah! Of course sweetie, what is it? Look at your poor self, who could refuse to say a blunt no to a helpless woman”. 

Aphrodite didn’t much like Mrs Capula’s reference by calling her a helpless woman, but instead went ahead with the conversation. She could hold back the grudge and later reminisce about it, but now wasn’t the time. 

“Mrs Capula, I wanted you to visit Athena and give her the message to come to see me at the earliest possible given time. I am desolated and I need her to be with me. Please inform her that Aphrodite has been circled around within the air of despondency and breathing it since the time of her existence”

“Oh darling, you look so dispirited and low in yourself, I will in my first flight today itself visit her and ask her to come to you”.

“Thank you so much Aunt Capula, I couldn’t be much relieved after hearing such pleasing words”. 

All she had to do was waiting until Athena comes to see her. Till then she had all the time in the world to mourn and cry salt tears for her beloved lover who left her stranded in the middle of a horrendous night. 

The waves at the sea side were rough, not much of its content nature but rather a depressing one. 

Aden is still at the beach lying resting near the shore; giving out the gypsy vibes for as he had no harbour to go to. He let his mind wander, and his mind wanders in one direction as usual. Sexual women and his fantasies with the two mistresses he acclaimed to have loved; Aphrodite being his next exotic taste. She was still tickling on his taste buds. 

Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Aphrodite what trick you played on me! I am trapped in my own tangled mess. Where am I supposed to go? Where is my house? Where should I head? APHRODITE! You burnt my house down, you crazy woman. Snatched the women I had loved; you took away the pieces my heart was already into. Melissa, Rosy, girls! Do ya’ll miss me as much as I miss your perfectly carved bodies? Oh those warm breasts, I miss the softness. The perfectly round seductive looking breasts, staring at me; enraptured me. 

The greyish clouds had set their mood for the day, and weren’t any sooner going to bring sunshine. The sky looked angry and made rumbling noises to gain importance. It was as if the sky was a canvas that was breaking through and wanting to blind the hideous man with its flashy strokes that of blinking camera. 

The sand grains looked as beautiful as a vintage photograph, aesthetically pleasing. 

The lightening was so frequent that the water in the sea was gurgling and fearing its arrival. It was an indication of a punishment. 

(Usually in the times, we have known that lightening and the striking of it on an animate object or on a human was the punishments by the nature that angered the God or didn’t treat things or fellow humans with respect.)

“Aphrodite! Open the door; I have been knocking for the past 45 seconds. Aphrodite! Are you there or has your soul left on an erotic adventure? Uh my knuckles are hurting. I will end up flaying my white skin”. Athena bellowed. 

She did not even waste a second and stood on her feet limping and making her way towards the door. She was so tired that her body couldn’t even respond to get herself enliven at Athena being on the door. Too weak for the bodily movements but the mind was finally in solace. 

Athena! It’s open; she tried reaching for the door and managed to let her in. 

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, Aphro, is that you? I don’t believe this. Who broke your heart? Oh lord, what happened? You look extremely sick? Babe are you alright? Well you aren’t, what a stupid question, what on earth you have such a face of an old lady with wrinkles? Athena worriedly asked. 

Athena, I committed a crime, I am swallowing the guilt daily and having been feeding on it since days. I will tell you all and free me from this perilous soul. I beg you, Athena. I have killed myself. 

Athena asked Aphrodite to calm down as she could see her shiver like a fetus inside its mother’s womb. 

Aphrodite wanted to vomit and spat out all the puke she had been holding in; was quick enough to get the glaring holy water which reflects the imagery of yore. 

She stared at the still water for straight fifteen minutes and no sooner did it start gurgling the clear floating liquid reflected the atrocious act. 

It was a bright sunny day, where a maiden was seen with Aphrodite’s love, Aden, walking in the market side by side giggling and laughing, brushing her over his arms and finding every excuse to touch the hot nerves and warm gold skin. 

The reflection was of the same maiden, sitting naked chained with old rusted irons, having being fed on rats. The poisonous uncooked rats to be put through that mouth, was experiencing death while still being able to breathe. To make it more nauseating, the rats were filled with white dandruff flakes. One bite and she had left earth, for the devil awaited to boil her in the hot red pan and provide supper to the disgusts. 

That is disgusting! Athena’s eyes were to bleed blood after seeing that.

Without any response, Aphrodite stared back without blinking once again and this time the soul could supposedly leave after what the eyes were to see.

The rippling water now showed Aden working in the garden and it is zoomed in to see the hair strand which was blonde, ashy dirty blonde and that wasn’t Aphrodite’s dancing on his white shirt. 

A beautiful carved wooden box large enough to fit in a human, and right to our assumption, a blonde, ashy hair coloured woman who was claustrophobic was taped and suffocated to death after throwing off the box from the waterfall, sailing her way to the land of dead prostitutes. 

Athena needed a whole of long minute to figure out what she was to say to her dear friend, but to break through the silence, Aphrodite spoke in her defence. 

Athena, I am in pain. I am too weak to function straight and my hands shiver right now. I am shuddering like a crumpled autumn leaf on the floor. I am too ashamed of myself and have committed a hideous crime of falling in love and doing the things for love which aren’t morally correct. I plead you to help me wash my sins. 

Aden. I lost him, I lost the person whom I gave everything, I gave him more than my body, I cut out my heart for him and I let him loose me because of my insecurities. I am such a fool, Athena, I am big fool. The most handsome guy I had ever met, his eyes, and the colour of his eyes spoke about his loyalties the gentleness and the royalty. The way his lips moved when he used to kiss me and hold with such poise he would hold the curves of my body. But what is beautiful about him was what came from within and with each year would pass by the lines on his face would get finer, only to reflect the wise experiences of a man.

“Aphrodite, I am extremely apologetic to say but you have mistaken that Aden is a pure heart. He is not. The lives of the woman you took were his mistresses and you are one too, in fact special because you could spell him to deep sleep and wake him up to be immortal. He is a cursed soul. I’m sorry”.

She could not speak. The words were on her tongue dangling but choking her as she kept swallowing her saliva. Someone had injected her heart with drowsiness and it felt empty and sucked. Her eyes turned pink and it destroyed her from within. 

The rage is the frozen icy cold wind blowing for you never know the power of the cold heart. 

“Do not be afraid of this hot rage Aden, for it burns shorter and dies quicker and so will you”.

She took her knife and set out towards the beach. 

The blaze was vigorous. 

“You blinding asshole, I could have died”, cursed Aden looking up at the ominous dark clouds that had formed a semi circle over his head. 

Oh dear self, 

In this darkness,

 I believe in the forsaken light, 

In this frustration, 

Believe in faith, 

And you shall have it all. 

He kept chanting the words repeatedly like an hymn over and over thinking of ways to win back Aphrodite. He could not lose her for heaven’s sake for she was his path to the milky white cloudy heaven garden of solace where angels rest and play the harp feeding purple grapes.  

“Oh Aphrodite, our eyes met once again and look….

Before he could speak, she slammed the butcher’s knife relentlessly over his torso making him bleed to fall dead on the dry sand. She didn’t abuse, didn’t curse, and just watched the blood staining the ochre coloured sand into a dirty brick little particles tasting his queasy blood. The last thing she had to do now was to squeal to call for the vultures. 

The savage vultures no longer did waste their time and came in diving to eat the ferocious evil human being who drove his destiny to be end his life in a dramatic way. They were the hutan wild birds (the ugliest and the blood bone chewers) who lived only to prey and would even go to an extant to destroy the human existence, but by the Lord of Curse, they were only called upon by the gods and the goddesses to punish the humans and felt that the lives would and are a threat to humanity. 

No sooner did the birds had a tasteful meal, Aphrodite glanced around to make sure there were no leftovers or any evidence to prove to the court of the existence of a cheap man who once lived for his lust, named Aden. 

No more mournful nights from now onwards. There was sense of calmness in her head and felt as if the big bag of rocks were no more on her shoulders. The appearance of the sad clouds had made their departure with happy rains and the rainbow waved its way to make sure she acknowledged its presence. It felt as if now Aphrodite will live her life and the bad days had been fed on tortillas before its death and been buried after much of pain and suffering. 

Upon reaching home, she grabs the bottle that has always made her weak, pukish even looking at it and had kept away from sight for its hideous being in the house. She didn’t hesitate at once and drank the pouring purple slurpy liquid in her mouth and soon her traces were starting to disappear. 

What was it? What had happened to Aphrodite? What was it that she had consumed and why was she in such peace? Did she punish herself for falling in love with a wrong person that she had to punish herself for defaming the notion of love? Was it that to preserve the love she had once for Aden had to be sacred and only to keep that love alive she had to die for to keep the love burning alive in her heart. 

Readers, we will never know for as she had consumed the portion that was believed to be deadly nightshade (Atropa Belladonna) a plant that was native to Europe such that Romeo and Juliet had consumed. 

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