” So guys are you up for the football match tomorrow”  Rahul questioned passionately to his friends with whom he was walking back from the school .

Everyone yelled “yes” excitedly ,

Except one boy in the group who was lost  in thoughts .

 Rahul notices his absence  and looked at him , following his gaze looking at a flower stall near by,  he called out Razi

and shook him  ” Where are you lost and What’s Der in that flower stall u looking at ?”.

Razi hesitantly  answered ” oh nothing I was just looking at those girls at the shop ” and winked at the other boys in the group .

To which every  one gave a laughter  ,and the group left the place

  Now it’s evening and razi is sitting in front of a bunch of flowers he bought from the same place  he  saw while  coming back from the school and bought it  When his friends were not around him.

 Admiringly he looked at the flowers but was sad the next moment as reality struck him abruptly 

and He wrote it down in his diary . 

The series of questions that wer in his head.

“They talk about equality 

But when it comes to  men,

Why is it abandon to love what girls love ,

If some boy likes anything that’s  girly, why do they have to be assumed  as ‘gay’,

Why  is so loving  flowers uncool for boys” .

Why can’t  people normalize  colours and things and not use it for discriminating  genders.

And why is it hard for me to open up about the love I have for flowers 

Maybe I don’t want to get bullied . 

Ranting about all he felt that

 night  and how much he loved flowers  he then fell asleep on the desk . 

Until his mother Came into his room  

“Razi” he lovingly   Called  his name.

Razi heard her mother’s voice. He woke up  from the half sleep ,Hesitantly tried hiding his diary and  said ” MAA is everything fine ”   his mother looked for a while and said  ” yes, I just saw Ur lights  on so just came to check u up.”  razi said  “oh I was just going for bed , after winding my work”.  Nodding her head as her mother was about to  turn she  saw  the flowers   on his table and questioned her son , “what  are those flowers doing on Ur Table”.   

Before  razi could explain her mother. She assumed n said  “oh so u bought it for Ur sister as a  birthday present I guess “

Razi  could not or didn’t want to explain the reason and said “yes” with a warm smile .

 Some days latter as razi was  on the way to his school  he got struck by a car and His family loss Their only son , 

Razi was gone  leaving everyone .

But something favourite of his happened.

That  he had received flowers for the 1st time  ever since he was born,  but on his deathbed . Isn’t it ironical.

 Her mother later came across the diary his son used to write . 

Turning to the last page she read everything about  his son had written of the love that he had for  flowers .

Clutching to the book n the dried petal 

His mother could only cry and think about the day she had questioned him for having flowers on his table.

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