Another Superwoman!


    “Finally” I sighed returning home after a long day. I unlock my phone only to find few ‘congratulations on your graduation’ texts. I look around my cozy little apartment only to realise it’s already been 3 years I am living here. Time flies. Just like how everything has to come to an end, even my stay here has to come to an end and I’ll be leaving tomorrow. I’ll definitely miss my days spent here but more than that I’ll miss her, the girl by window.

    As cliché as it sounds, I’ve been infatuated with her since a very long time. A last peek before I leave won’t hurt I think to myself. I then steadily walk towards my window to have a tiny glimpse of her. There she stands by her kitchen counter prepping her dinner. She lifts her hands to undo her messy hair. Her brown locks dancing softly making it’s way towards her waist. She then goes on to tie it up neatly but some of her hair left untied to frame her face beautifully. I smile to myself unknowingly not regretting my last glimpse.

    It was dinner time, I decide to cook myself some pasta and garlic bread. Delicious aroma of garlic bread wafts everywhere in my apartment. As I’m plating my dinner I ponder upon talking to her but my inner voice tells otherwise since I’ve been guilty of watching her secretly. I convince myself on keeping this little or a bit more of a secret crush to myself and continue plating.

    “Hey!” I pause hearing someone calling out to me. I might have heard it wrong. Noways, it’s not happening. “Hey neighbour!”, There goes my heart I turn around slowly taking my sweet time to calm my heart from having cardiac arrest. The owner of the voice, it’s her. She was looking directly at me with her sparkly eyes. “Hi!” I stutter back. “I smell something very delicious. What are you cooking?” She asks smiling batting her lashes innocently meanwhile I’m having a whole circus going on inside my heart. “Pasta,” I reply. “Oh,” She goes pouting sadly she says “goodnight then” turning back. “No wait! Do you want some? I have a lot for just a single serving so?” I blurt out without thinking. Her smile widens “yes please”. Of course a key to woman’s heart is food, why didn’t I think about this before?. “Let me just pack you some and bring it to you.” ” Thank you very much. It’s 304.” I turn around to get her food packed but only to stop midway because of what she asked. “So this is how you decide to talk to me just when you are about to leave? ” I stand there dumbstruck with my mouth agape. She smiles knowingly and says ” yes i know your little sneaky peeks, your little smiles, your frustrated exam nights and your failed attempts at cooking too. I noticed it all but i just wanted you to get comfortable enough to approach me by yourself. This time i couldn’t wait anymore watching you pack everything to leave.” My gaze softens looking at her fondly I say ” Alright let me just get you your pasta. Can’t wait to talk more.” She smiles and closes her curtains. I then jump up happily and dash out of my apartment towards the next block.

    I make my way towards her block reaching there finally after which felt like ages. Happily humming a tune I smile at everyone I pass by. I smile at the guard while waiting for the elevator, he smiles back. The world seemed brighter and colourful. I felt like I was living the like of a main character, cheesy and cliché. ‘Ding’ the elevator dings I step inside and press the button to her floor. I look at myself in the mirror checking myself out and smoothing down my hair a little. By the time I reached in front of her door ‘304’ I was sweating profusely. With my shaky hands I ring the bell rehearsing everything in my head. I hear no response coming from the other side. Strange, is she already asleep? Did she leave before I came?. I ring the doorbell once again yet again no response. Does she regret her decisions? Does she not want to see me?. A lot going on in my mind. I decide to head back home with heaviness in my chest and crushed dreams. ‘Ding’ I step inside the elevator and find the guard who smiled at me before and decide to ask him about the it. He thinks for a while and goes “Oh 304?. That apartment has been empty for more than a year or so. Why do you ask?” . ‘Ding’ the elevator comes to stop while I stand there baffled and dumbfounded with no questions asked and no answers to be found. My eyes wide as a golf ball in shock I look at myself in the mirror and ask “Then who was The girl by window?’.

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