Everyone must have faced some or more awkward situations. It’s like one cannot pass a phase of life without coming into an account of awkwardness. Come to think of it, you might have faced them yesterday, or just before a second or maybe right now by reading this awkward tale and remembering your awkward situations.

Sometimes, these awkward moments suddenly become the life lesson. For example, that awkward moment when you and your mom arguing about the end of the world situation just because you forgot to do the dishes when she left the home for the departmental store. It doesn’t sound awkward right? Not to me either. Unless, because of the habit of slip of the tongue, you say “It’s your fault, I didn’t ask you to give birth to me”. And that’s how it becomes a life lesson when a flying sauce pan crash lands on your head.

 There are some awkward situations we face in our daily life like when you are talking about a person’s embarrassing memory from last night’s party and that person ends up standing right behind you. Or that awkward moment, when it says easy to open on the pack but we use scissors, knife, cutter, blade and what not to open it.

That awkward moment when a person is lying in front of you for which only you know the truth but couldn’t speak up because you are an introvert. And that awkward moment when you are attending an online class, teacher asks a question, everyone in the session remain silent expecting someone can reply to her and end up in an awkward silence.

This doesn’t happen only with the strangers. This can be observed even when you are with your friends. This is one of my incidents, in a group of 3 members both of my friends are k pop fans. Now-a-days k-pop has become a trend and is ruling over the entertainment industry. It has become the talk of the town. But I didn’t know this because I was busy in ignoring the outside world and rotting alone in my room because of the pandemic. I was actually spending some alone time with myself. My friends were talking about some k-pop idols. I felt so left out so I decided to join the conversation, I said “yeah, Kim Jong Un raps so good. I’m officially his fan”. I never thought that would be my doom. I don’t know much about k-pop so I used a Korean name I’ve heard most in T.V and magazine. I never thought that person turns out to be the president of North Korea.

This might happen to you when your friend is super popular and talks with everyone whilst you stand behind awkwardly because you are too shy to take the first step. But hey, let me tell you. Shy people are the most trustworthy people… Thank me later, I made your day.

There are some awkward situations we face from childhood. Like the one when you watch Dora the explorer alone in your room. She asks where the mountains are and stare at you. There will be short staring competition.  This seems even more awkward when you answer “right behind you” and realize you are talking to the air( or maybe to a spirit).

Ever wonder that unicorn cartoon shows like smighties might show influence on children. We all know that unicorn farts rainbow so what if the children think even they can fart rainbows whereas they only cause human destruction. Anyways …

 Awkward situations take a different turn for those who are desperate for someone to be in their life. Different turn in sense a nightmare. Everyone or say most of the population wanted to be loved. No one wants to lead their whole life saying ‘single af’. But there might be some situations which gives you a second chance to change your mind. Let’s say, you want to impress your crush by using a pickup line “aren’t you tired? You were running in my mind all day all night”. Butterflies in your stomach think it is the right time to flutter, so instead, you end up saying “my love for you is like diarrhea, I can’t hold it in any longer”. That moment teaches you that your whole life is a lie. Realization hit you so hard that you have deceived yourself.

Awkward moments happen in everyone’s life. Even if you search it in the dictionary, you will be welcomed with even more awkward explanation. Now please don’t look for it, you might regret later.

It is not bad to face such situations. We might feel embarrassed for those to happen. Later we are the one who recall and laugh at our stupidity. So, it’s ok to live a little, feel a little, cry a little, laugh a little and love a little. Because that is what life is, to embrace you in every situation. You are the one who is going to be with you till the end. And these awkward situations are between you and only you.

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