An Afternoon At The Claywood Manor


Mr and Mrs Brownhill were expecting a visitor named William Burns, a twenty-year-old art pursuing student at their Claywood Manor the other day. William was ready to stay in a cheap motel till the summer break, but it was Mrs Danby, an old neighbour of William who put him in contact with the Brownhills.

After a two and a half hour journey, William stood in front of the manor. He rang the doorbell and was welcomed by Mrs Brownhill, a young and beautiful woman, who almost seemed like the same age as of William. He asked her if he was at the correct address. She chuckled and asked William to come in.

She showed him around the house and finally his room. She offered him some clean clothes and asked him to join her and her husband for some tea. After refreshing himself, William walked down and saw Mrs Brownhill in the kitchen baking some biscuits to go alongside with the tea.

He made himself comfortable, but the realistic human-like dolls standing above the fireplace caught his attention. He stood there adoring those figurines until a voice from behind called him out saying, “it is one of my latest creation”. William turned around to see a man almost the
age of his father standing behind him, smiling. It was Mr Brownhill, a retired war veteran and an ageing artist.

Looking all sensuous and seductive, Mrs Brownhill came in to serve some tea and biscuits to the men. After a long chat with the Brownhills, and a tiresome journey William decided to return upstairs and rest for a while.

After several hours, William woke up with the feeling of dizziness. He tried to reach for the glass of water sitting on the nightstand, but it seemed that he was held back by a force, almost restrained. He was struggling, wailing and shouted for help but he fell down with a thud. He tried to regain his conscious but heard footsteps, and with a blurry sight he saw Mrs Brownhill, helping him to stand-up besides the other dolls above the fireplace.

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