If you are trying to judge me based on my actions I suggest you listen to the whole story. Simply put, you don’t know enough to figure me out. By the way, it’s not me it’s US. You cannot track us down. I want you to remember that we are living in a world where good people fighting with bad ones for a reason. According to me, it’s not about good or bad but “trust and faith” sometimes they look the same but they are not. Ok, we start with faith. It is nothing but believing someone or something blindly. Whereas trust, it’s believing someone based on their actions. Their relationships with people, perception of things and life choices. As clean as a sheet, if not then trust breaks like glass whose pieces can tear that sheet.

Let’s say that there is a fight going on between trust oriented people and faith-oriented people. I want to ask you something. Are you living in a society that matches your standards? Think about it. Especially in India, we are living in a society were every living eye judges you, criticizes you without knowing what it is that you are dealing with. You can say that it is common people will judge you no matter what. What if there is no one to judge you? It doesn’t mean that u should kill every person who judges you. My point is we can change the ideology of the society, in our country 50% of youth want to become doctors and engineers. 30% of youth sacrifices their skills, talents, and try to pretend to like what they are doing and the remaining 20% of youth become successful and posses the ability to change the world. One more thing no one wants dreams of becoming an investigation officer or forensic scientist or psychologist and girls are not allowed to take fashion and modeling industry and going to film industry is a sin for some people and on the other side of the spectrum there are people who are working for the country 24/7 with their intellectual and are not known by the world. The question is can we change the society according to me, yes, in my network, some people control the system like cybersecurity, forensic science, psychologist to maintain a low profile, intelligence agencies and of course our main accent youth of India our aim is  3I’s (investigate, infiltrate, informing ) so that we can stop the darkness. You might think that there are so many secret societies, what makes you any different? What makes us different from the others is that no one reveals their identity, even to their fellow agents and some people cover their faces with the masks. We can remove darkness through light but the light needs power and backup. Darkness is the absence of light. We need not be the light in someone’s life to make it better, we can use our ability to stay hidden to help out in anyway we can. We may sound like bad people but remember bad people can also do good things and we are invisible so what should you call us? A secret society, undercover agents, spies, etc.  We call ourselves “the invisible justice”.  I’m glad we had this conversation. If you’re willing you can always join us. This is a journey of ordinary life to the extraordinary of our youth, Until next time.

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