I am well aware that most of the stories told begin either with “once up on a time” or “long ago” because when the idea of stories come into mind our thoughts go back into the past or what happened long ago. But these days every post, quote or an advice conveys us to leave the past behind, focus on the present and work hard for a better future. And also I don’t understand most of the stories have happy endings. I wonder; why can’t a story be happy throughout, and not only in the end? So why not tell a happy story with a happy tale and a happy ending about the present, instead of taking a trip down sad memory lane?

So there is this girl whose heart is full of love while her soul is full of dreams. She is brave, courageous and strong enough to face anything and everything. She can be both; an angel sent from heaven or a devil sent from hell, you better not mess with her feelings or loved ones! She believes that this universe in which each one of us belong is a huge web of magic built by the efforts of each individual and every single soul has equal rights to be a part of this magic. Now you might say magic doesn’t exist, but when you learn to gain happiness and satisfaction in small happenings; now that is when you will see and believe that the real magic which you seek else where is within you and your loved ones. Everyone posses magic in them, the only difference is some people 

Discover it soon, some late and some never! So this girl believes that her world is completely a huge web of magic and the 

Connections of her web are love, hope, dreams, chances, disappointment, sorrow, joy, rejections and all kinds of both happy and sad feelings. She has everything she had wished for; supportive parents and family, fun-loving friends, quality food and education and enough time to pursue her hobbies. She is independent and fights her own battles.

Now, maybe your wondering what’s her story or why did I tell you about her or what actually is the story? I believe everyone has a story, its just that some are good in putting it into words and share it with the world but some are afraid of opening up and laying their heart out but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a story, does it? Now again not every story has to have some deep long tale, or two lovers or a fantasy of an enchanted world or an investigation of mysteries or biographies of people or their struggles and pain. Sometimes a story can just be a brief moment of one’s life and how that person feels at that smallest of moments. So this story is about one such brief moment of the girl’s life whom I had mentioned before.

She is alone at home, and its already night, she does’nt wanna sleep not because she is alone and afraid but only because she had a sufficient sleep in the afternoon. So she sits by her window in her room which is right alongside her bed. The night sky is completely dark with a full moon and millions and zillions of brightly twinkling stars. She loves to journal and there is no better setting than solitary, twinkling stars and a breezy night to pour down your feelings into words. So the girl takes out her journal and begins to write:

Dear Diary,

There’s no one at home, yet I don’t feel alone because you are here with me and seems like the stars too would like to give me some company today. I am sitting by my window and gazing at the stars, every night wears the same moon and the stars but today there is some unique significance in them, I am not sure whether its in them or in my perspective. Because today when I look at them, I feel 

Something that I’ve never felt before. I look up at the stars and their twilight seems to lighten up my room and some impulse in my nerves is forcing me into imagining beautiful connections between each star. I wonder what am I actually doing instead of but my mind and body are behaving like a night owl today. No matter what, in my mind I am led back to the thoughts of imagining the stars with a connection, maybe like imaginary lines or roadways. And when I see the complete picture of the imagination in my head it looks like a huge web of brightly shining stars. Every line has no particular direction or a pattern but each one leads to a beautiful twinkling star. This picture in my head got me thinking what if this incredible picture from the small corner of my room looks the same from every corner of the world, Then that would make the entire universe a huge web of stars. This again made my 

Impulse to replace each star with my loved ones and the connections with all my feelings and emotions, now this picture in my head looked completely like magic and that makes me realise that our universe is a huge web of magic. It makes me nostalgic thinking about what if every other person looks up at the night sky and imagine the universe as a web of magic how blessed that person would feel knowing that he or she is a part of the magic too just like how lucky I am feeling now. But I am also afraid, what if no 

One takes a moment to look up at the sky and feel blessed? Wouldn’t they be missing this amazing feeling. Okay I am glad that the stars have showed me their magic and for the people who refuse to see it, its their loss!

Okay dear diary its too late now I gotta wake up early tomorrow, GOOD NIGHT!

Now do you understand why I was talking about that girl? You see how much she thought us just by an imaginary picture of her mind. To all the people listening to this please open your eyes to see the magic in tiny little things and then sum up the little happy things and in no time you too will find yourself defining the universe as a huge web of magic. Please do not miss out on seeking the magic within you, within your loved ones and in all those little things you love to do. Only you can embrace your own magic for the

Universe is a vast web of magic!

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