A Twisted Tangled


When everyone sleeps tonight, not too far away, the bells ring. A little past midnight, you see me walk across town.  Barefoot I lightly tread over the cobbled stones. Why am I barefoot? No reason. You notice the cold as my long hair moves to the rhythm of the winter breeze. Ah, my hair! You see, for some reason, they always remember my hair. I never really thought much of it, though.

In the eerie night, you stare mesmerized until I stop. You try to hide in fear of getting caught. I don’t have to look back to know where you are. Your heavy breathing clear in this crisp silence. A smile creeps on my face, and I begin walking again. I can smell your fear, oh! I love this game.

You peek through the corner as your mind runs through questions. “Should I follow her, or should I surrender?” But you know curiosity, it will never let you rest, will it? So despite the warning sirens in your head, you continue behind me, hoping I didn’t notice.

But I already have noticed you. I already know, in this dark and lonely path, you are my partner until the end. You will silently follow from the shadows as I lead you through the depths of the forest to an old, abandoned tower. When I leave the door unlatched, with quick steps, you will enter. How do I know? I have done this before.

My humming above the staircase entices you. Slow and scared, you still follow. I wait for you in anticipation. And just as I get hopeful, you scream. You notice those who came before you, slumped near each other. Your quivering eyes shift to mother’s body. She had bled from her wounds being left open. And finally, our eyes meet as I stand behind my lifeless body that is chained to the brick wall. My hands clenching a bloodied dagger, I plead, “Set me free.” But you don’t listen. You run and stumble as you try to escape, but the door has already been locked.

As you lie there with the others, I wonder why none of you villagers help me. Now, I am forced to trap you here. I don’t like doing that you know, that’s why I hated mother because she wouldn’t let me go. I wonder why she did that. Why did she trap me? I sigh as my anger dissipates. I will try again tomorrow.

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