A sailor


There i was sitting on a beach in front of an ocean. Two days ago my ship sank in the ocean i don’t know about other people but i somehow swim and reached on this deserted island. Therefore you can say i emerged from the sea now i have to wait for another ship to cross by and take me with it, I don’t know how long i have to stay here but i am glad that i survived its better to be alive on a deserted island than eaten by sharks. First i will find something to eat there are banana trees on this island and coconut trees too but how can i reach to the coconut i have no idea.

Today is the second day i have been on this island first night i slept in a near by cave and gladly i knew how to make fire, let’s see if a ship cross by today i have to signal them somehow but how i should make smoke so they can see me let’s do that. I collect branches leaves and everything i could to burn fire let’s see if it makes smoke or not. It does make smoke but not for long because there is nothing in it burn longer i wish i had rubber tire to burn. It means i have to burn fire at right moment or they will miss my signal, There was i time when i used to be a hunter and go to jungles for hunt and sometimes i have spend night there so that’s why i know how to make fire. I have spent many days in a jungle but never been on an island it much harder because in jungle you have many resources but here are not so many.

Let me tell you how my ship sank so we were in the middle of the ocean and suddenly our captain got mad and start attacking all the sailors we were 4 sailors on the ship we ran to save our life’s for that i had to fight with Captain he had a sword and i had a iron bar i fought very well but he was powerful than me so i could not win i thought to trap him inside the cabin in lower deck so we would have time too steer us to the shore. So i and other sailors grabbed him tied him with ropes and took him to the lower deck and when we were just going to lock him he took his gun out and fire but he missed and shot a hole in the ship so we instantly ran towards upper deck and jumped into the water i don’t know about others maybe sharks ate them but i was lucky i swam so fast and reached this island now i will be safe and fine just have to wait for a ship.

Two days went by but no ship came but i am not loosing hope i will get from here alive its a beautiful beach and the wind is so pure the sun has risen and its rays goes all over to the mountains behind me and birds are flying and catching fishes, I don’t need to catch fishes i have so many Bananas i can easily survive on that.

I am eating one banana at morning one at afternoon and one at night its not much but i am not at a restaurant i have to eat carefully who knows how long it will take for a ship to came by. Its dark now the sun has set and all day i was sitting at this beach seeing the sea and i didn’t move what if i move a ship cross over i dont want to miss any opportunity but now i have to go into the cave and sleep there will be no ships at night but dangers animals who I don’t want to eat me, so i light a fire and get to sleep 

Tomorrow i will wait again maybe tomorrow i will be free.

Its night of the third day and  i was watching stars at the sky and thinking that after i got saved i will go to a restaurant and will eat everything. Again i saw towards the see for a ship to come and save me and there it is a ship finally after three days i will be free, i instantly ran towards my collection of leaves wood bark and everything i could get my hands on past two days i needed more to burn it for long so they don’t miss me. I burned a fire and smoke arise all over the sky and the ship is turning towards me it looks like they saw me thank god! I will be free from now and when i was waiting for the ship to reach at me i ate my last banana and the ship came and there were people inside me who came to help me they are taking me with them to the ship very kind people they got instantly ready to help me and now they are giving me a cabin to sleep at night tonight i will sleep and tomorrow i will be free.

Policeman 1 : Thank god we caught him back otherwise we would have been demoted to lower cells and thats worse.

Policeman 2 : Right tell me again how did he escape from a ship.

Policeman 3 : We were shipping these mental patients from city to a special place where they will be far away from the people. And suddenly they attacked the police officer he tried to fight them but there were four prisoners of mental asylum. They grabbed the officer tied him with a rope and were going to lock him in lower deck when he shot, no one got hurt but all the mental patients got afraid by the sound of gun at jumped in the see before the police officer untied him and reached the deck they all were gone, he instantly gave a alert to the nearest navy boat and they came to help and caught the three others but they were not able to find him we have been searching him for three days not finally we got him.

Policeman 2: We would have never caught him if he hadn’t have given us signal himself. What a fool! We should thank to get himself caught.

And all the policeman laughed. It was in there repot that he was once a psycho killer who would cut his victims and burn them and used to call himself Hunter.

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