A Reason


After the weekend, Monday seems to be a day not really welcomed, especially when one has a literature test on the same day.  Utyavanshi was thinking all these while revising her lesson. Her mother came with a glass of milk and said,” hurry up and finish this glass of milk. Your school bus will be arriving soon “.  Everytime her mother used to tell her about goodness of milk and how all princesses living in prestine castle love to drink it. Even her chapter name was “ who was the real princess?” She often used to ponder if she could be a princess too.

Soon the bus arrived , and she rushed into the bus after finishing the last drop of milk. On her way to school, she recalled her three month back visit to  Lithampur village in a donation drive organized ny her  school. It was a small village with a few brick buildings and mostly huts with low-walled courtyards. It was situated on the banks of river Sahanshi. Villagers cannot afford to stay too close to the bans of river. Rivers oftend change their mood and  alter their courses without warning. Culturally rich, bio-diverse and endowed with natural resources, Lithampur had an ethereal environment and alluring scenery.

However, newly set up industries polluted the river and global warming had a serious impact on it. The water level rose rapidly and submerged most parts of the village. People lost their family, cattle,livelihood.  The people were rendered homeless, suffering from famine. Natalia Girls School decided to help these people through their campaign.. Teachers  along with children went to Lithampur to help the villagers.  Utyavanshi was one of the students,  who volunteered to go.  It was really  a heart-touching scene to see the week long hungry people. villagers took a breath of relief to see the school bus, loaded with food, clothing for them.

While everyone rushed to reach for their food packet, Utyavanshi noticed a man , sitting under the tree with least concern towards what was happening. He looked feeble. Probably the sleepless nights and hunger had turned him into thin man. Utyavanshy went to him with a packet of food and asked ,” aren’t u hungry? Here’s food for you.”  The man replied “what good this food will do for me?  Flood swept away my son, my beloved wife. There leaves no reason left for me to live. You better live me alone.”

Indeed he was right. When Utyavanshi turned back, she saw her teacher moving back to the bus.  She said,” you are here while most perished. You survived while most couldn’t. Isn’t  it a great reason in itself? You are here for a reason,  find it and fulfill it”.  She even didn’t have time to say goodbye. She dropped the  food pack next to him and rushed for her bus.  All her way , she was thinking about the man. 

Even today, after three months, she clearly remembers those rover-blue eyes, that bold deep voice  and Viking-gold hair. The bus stopped at the school gate. She walked up to her classroom to appear the test. A man walked into the room. All the students stood up to wish. He said,”  goodmorning children, I am  Hasarath Kamath , your new literature teacher. Are you all ready for the test?” utyavanshi recognized him at once. It was the same  deep voice.He looked towards her with an earthly scent swirled scent around him and said,” the chapter says  anyone with a kind heart and soul can be a real princess. Hence, you all can be a princess in real life too.” 

Utyavanshi realized the power of words and how her act of kindness  pushed that man to toil hard and render his service towards the betterment of the society.  She smiled back knowing, all princess don’t live in castles,some princesses live among common people too.

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3 thoughts on “A Reason

  1. · June 1, 2021 at 9:40 am

    It’s really nice, awesome and wonderful short story Murchana. Keep it up!

  2. Appreciable. 🙂👍
    Literally, it’s amazing. 👍👍

  3. · May 27, 2022 at 9:08 pm

    Appreciable. 🙂👍
    Literally, it’s amazing. 👍👍