A Life story


 “Hi, I am Jay, here to share my story.

I had a beautiful family. Me, mom , dad and my sister.

Those were the beautiful days when me and my sister made a lot of noise while playing, my mom yelling at us to keep it low but nonetheless when we gave her our infamous puppy eyes melting her anger away, she gave us warm hugs and tasty snacks. My dad would return home from work and play with us, talk to my mom, sometimes he would complain about how dangerous roads are these days.

A beautiful family anyone could ever dream of. Happy, laughing, loving, sometimes shouting yet always caring. My life was blissful until one day..

My dad didn’t return home. Mom went in search of him. Me and my sister were drowned in fear, every second that passed was a torture with million possible negative thoughts running in our heads. How funny! our brains go only in the bad direction when it is utmost needed to be positive.

My mom returned home but our eyes were stuck on the door waiting for dad’s arrival at any moment. As time passed he didn’t walk through that door. It was then we looked at our mom’s teary face which was a heart wrenching image that I still remember- her beautiful black pearly eyes filled with tears and her sweet voice making noises that I now know as crying. She hugged us, started weeping and informed us that my father was shot on his way home. From that day sadness became a member of our family.

My mom’s grief and loss turned into anger and hatred towards this social injustice of killing the innocent. But she couldn’t do anything as we were the part of the weaker section whose death mattered minus two on a scale of one to ten. This fact frustrated her, drove her crazy but her love towards us never tainted.

We saw her crying at nights blaming herself for not being able to protect my dad, for being a part of a weaker section and for her inability to take revenge on those people who killed my father.

The days were never the same like before. Mom went to work. Me and my sister  felt lonely and terrorized. Playing became a beautiful history from that day onwards. But little did we know that the worst was yet to come.

One day my mom returned home coughing and weak. She told something about gases from a factory near her working area. That night she was restless, suffocating, coughing until she fell asleep without a sound. But little did we know that she would sleep for so many days without going to work, without feeding us, without making noise, without yelling at us, without showing her affectionate eyes, without giving us loving warm hugs.

Me and my sister for the first time felt our stomachs burning, throats drying urging for some water. We kept calling for our mom but she didn’t respond while her body started to smell different.

At that state sleep was our only choice, but I was the only one to wake up the next day. Everything felt lifeless, my body aching in all forms. Me, not having energy to even call my mom, utter loneliness, hunger, thirst, cold, silence and a traumatic feeling that is still haunting me when I looked at my mom that day were all I remembered when I finally closed my eyes and woke up here in front of you”

Earth’s admission officer: Ok.. that’s tragic. Let’s see how much of a change you will make. This time you are allotted to the human branch rather than a bird one.

welcome again to earth.

See you until next life.

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