A Haunting at School


“Good Morning”, I wished my parents as I stood by the bed half asleep . 

Suddenly I remembered that today I had my cricket practice which made me very much excited, wondering about it.

I quickly packed my cricket kit, took a bath and was ready to go.

My practice was before the teaching periods. The practice commenced and I outshone everyone. 

Sir called me and said, ” You play quite well, I would like you to join the night practice as well because our match is coming up very soon.”

It was something that I was waiting for. “Sure sir”,I said with an uncontrolled grin which is usually on my face when I’m glad.

I was overjoyed. When I returned home, I told everyone. “Sir has asked me to join the night practice from tomorrow.” I said proudly. “No need to go”, said my mother which was quite opposite to what I had thought. “But why??!!”, I shouted. “Your mother is right”, said my father whom I thought will take my side, also contradicted me.

“But why??”, I repeated shrugging my shoulders. “It’s not safe at night”,replied my father.” How??” I said impatiently. 

“Well ……. , it is said that it is haunted by an evil spirit”, finished my father lamely.

“And what is that by the way?”, I questioned him felling a bit uneasy. “I think it’s the right time to tell him”, he said to my mother in a very low tone. “Sure”, replied my mother. 

“So listen,” began my father. “As you know, your grandfather was a great builder and he owns the land of your school. But before it became a school, it was a three storey building and many people lived there.

Your grandfather asked the residents to give him their land and in turn he will provide some of them with employment in his company and some would be given extra money. Everyone agreed willingly except for….. except for a woman in her forties with his son. She turned down all possible requests of your grandfather. Now he became very frustrated and asked his employees to set fire to her house quietly and when she will return, we will pay her fair. So the employees set fire to her house and by

chance she returned earlier than they thought. She was horrified at the scene and without thinking she jumped into the fire along with her son. The last words she spoke to your grandfather were : ” I will take revenge.”

“People say that her evil spirit with her son still haunts the school.”, he finished.

“But still I wanna go. I’m not afraid of anyone.”, I insisted knowing that the answer will remain no. 

“Be a good kid Daniel and obey your elders.”, said my grandfather joining the discussion.

I was annoyed now. “Then here’s my birthday gift.”,I demanded with authority.

“Oh no my dear.”, cried my mom. “Ask for something else please”, she pleaded.

“Everyone will be there including coach “, I said giving confidence to myself and my family.

“Fine then, just be a bit careful”, my dad gave up finally.

” Thanks dad.” I said delighted. I was so much excited that I didn’t sleep whole night wondering about it.



“So boys we will commence with the net practice followed by short catches and some fitness exercises.” commanded our coach. I don’t know why but their was a feeling of uneasiness but I neglected it in excitement.

The net practice started and I became so engrossed in it that I completely forgot about that haunted stuff.

Alex was batting very well and hit a shot straight inside the school. Now I was the closest fielder and sir pointed towards me. I quickly ran inside without thinking.

As soon as I entered the corridor a soft malicious laughter caught my ears. “He’s mine…….all mine”, echoed the voice. I was shivered down my spine. I quickly knew who was it.

Not to reflect my fear, I made my way on to the second floor.

On the second floor a creepy dead silence introduced me but I was relieved that the annoying whispers and giggles came to an end. I still wasn’t able to find the ball so I decided to go further up.

As soon as I tiptoed on the first step for the third floor, a small board caught my eye. It read : “No entry after 8pm.” It was already 8:50.

I was freaked out. But I had made up my mind that I was going up.

I took every step cautiously breathing after long pauses. 

Finally I reached the third floor and saw the ball in : Room No. 69.

This room has been locked since its inauguration and the reason is anonymous. I had to choose one way……. but I was pretty sure that I will fetch the ball and show everyone that there is no such thing.

As I was examining the room, I saw a figure appearing from the corner of the corridor. It was Jack – Alex’s brother.”Hey Jack, you shouldn’t be here at this hour, your parents must be worried about you and also it’s not allowed to be here after 8pm,”I said, still looking inside.

“But I don’t think there are any rules for the ones who do not even exist”, he almost whispered in a clear yet creepy voice.”Ha, what do you ………, I stood motionless as I looked down at him for the first time. His face was horrifying. It was divide into two parts by a huge cut starting right from his forehead up to his chin and rest was badly burnt. Without thinking of the ball, I quickly ran downstairs but his evil giggles and soft laughter echoed in the whole school. After sometime I realized that the floors were never ending.

As soon as I was about to step down for the fifteenth time, I saw my coach. The luck was on my side. He grabbed my hand and pushed me inside a classroom where all my mates were sitting.

They were looking very pale and anxious. I sat down and narrated the whole chain of events when a sudden thought rose in my mind so I asked them, “Well, how come all of you are here?”

“Sir wanted to introduce someone to us”,replied Carter.”A new member I suppose?”, I inquired. “Evidently”,came the reply. As soon as the conversation came to an end, I saw our coach with the newbie and I was shell shocked to see Jack with sir. A feeling of uneasiness covered my mind and soul.

“But sir, he is dead……… an evil spirit he is”, I howled. ” So what? As if we are alive”, he replied with a hoarse voice. His face changed to that of a corpse. ” We all were killed before you came by an old lady and now you will also join our party”, he added with an inhuman grin on his face.

I was petrified. I looked around to seek aid from my companions but what I saw could have easily resulted in a heart attack. My all friends with whom I was playing an hour before, were not the same. They had all transformed into sick creepy poltergeists. I stood frozen in the centre. 

Jack muttered breaking a minute long silence,”Why so shocked my friend? You are now one of us.” He forced the dagger inside me. THE DARKNESS PREVAILED.

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