A Hard-Earned Happy Ending


After an appetizing dinner with his closest friends at a classy restaurant, Roy returned home with a full belly. If he put any more food in his mouth, it wouldn’t go in. It would just stay there in his mouth. He ate full until his neck. It was his birthday and, he had treated his friends to his grandest birthday party ever. He was 19 years old and was an engineering student. He had convinced his strict father to give him 2000 rupees to treat his friends, an amount he never expected his father to pay him. But he had to try, and he pushed hard. After hours of advice, Roy eventually got that money out of his father’s wallet. The money was totally worth the lecture he got. He came home to get a good night’s sleep, and he was lying on his bed, going through his phone.

Roy was very much into social media, especially Instagram. He would browse through Instagram all day on his iPhone and still wouldn’t get bored. Of course, all he saw were beautiful models in swimsuits and pictures of sexy actresses. He was going through a rough adolescence period and couldn’t really control himself when it came to women. Even though he was a friendly person who would get along with boys very well, he could never do the same with girls. He could barely complete a couple of sentences when girls are around him. Maybe the absence of a female figure in his life and life at a boys’ school had racked up a huge amount of nervousness and uncomfortableness in him, that his heart started to beat faster every time he around women. He was horny all the time and couldn’t stop thinking about women at all. But none of his problems gave him the push to go ahead and make a conversation with a woman.

Roy was a rich kid who had everything a teenage kid could dream of. An expensive bike, an iPhone, and a play station, to name a few. But he never really had actual money with him. His father would ask him a thousand questions before handing out currencies to Roy. He wanted his son to learn the importance of money and not to spend on unnecessary stuff lavishly. So, if it was physical or reasonable, Roy could talk his dad into giving him money. There was no other way he could get even a single penny out of his dad.

As the night passed, from the Instagram newsfeed, he somehow ended up watching porn that night and gave his body some absolute pleasure before finally hitting the bed.

The next day at college, he and two of his friends, Vivek and Karun, were sitting at the last bench were chitchatting about women. Even though they weren’t even 20, they would just go to extreme depths when it comes to talking about women. It was very vulgar and, if anyone were to listen to those conversations, they would think there was something seriously wrong with the three of them. “She was in such a great shape. I saw the same video three times yesterday, before going to bed.” Roy was explaining his amusing night to his friends as the lecturer was going deep into the subject of control systems. “I heard there is a place where they give out massages at cheaper prices.” Vivek began. The perverse talks went on and on throughout the hour. “These massages are kinda illegal, but you would get what you exactly want.” There was absolute silence among the three as Vivek made a pause. “Yep. A happy ending”. A smile rose from his face as he let his friends know something that would cheer them up. Both Roy and Karun were delighted, they wanted to know more about it, and one could clearly see the desperation oozing out of their eyes. “So, tell me. Tell me more about it. Where is this place and how did you find it?” Roy stressed as he pulled down the sleeve of his friend’s shirt, pushing him for more answers. “There is a website named locanto.com. You can visit that site and find a huge amount of similar stuff. You could even get one-night stands. But I don’t think they are affordable. But these massages, I guarantee you. You will have the utmost fun. A friend of mine went there and he just couldn’t stop talking about it. He told me some beautiful stories.” They were all giggling as things got more exciting. And they say engineering classes aren’t fun. “Tell us all about that. Don’t even miss a single detail.” The class went on and, these guys were having a riot out at the back. The lecturer didn’t even bother as he finally walked off the class as the bell rang.

The clock struck 10:30 at night as Roy was still browsing through locanto.com to find the right massage job. He even ended up finding a few escorts, but there was no way he could afford any of those. After finding series of massages in his price range, he noted down a few numbers to call in the morning. He had to go to college the next day, but that didn’t stop him from watching some porn before he went to bed.

He woke up early the next morning to get ready for college. He rolled on his bed to find his phone on the table that was next to his bed. He checked his phone out and found the following text.

‘Full Body Massage: Offer 1500/- for one south female, 1999/- for two south female, 2499/- for three south female. Extra services also available. Ramya. Contact 9585919846’

It was the work of digital marketing. From car showrooms to academies to even

illegal massage centers, digital marketing has laid its web and held everything together strong. So, when people type something into a Google search bar, it does go across to hundreds of businesses and, the internet also lays the path for the concerned businesses to find the person who made the search query.

Roy was overwhelmed when he saw this message. He made up his mind that he should definitely visit the massage center this coming weekend. It was only Friday morning and, he couldn’t stop thinking about it already. However, he needed at least 1500 rupees. Just a couple of days ago, he took 2000 rupees from his dad. There was no way in the world his dad would lend him that kind of money. He was pretty sure that no one would loan him that amount too. So, on his way to college, all he thought was about the 1500 bucks. ‘How the hell am I gonna get it?’ He was asking himself as he parked his bike and walked towards his classroom.

“I need the money and, you guys are going to help me get it.” Roy was stressing this point to his friends as he was mentioning the text he got early in the morning in the class. He had even called the place and enquired, which gave him an extra reason to be more delighted and desperate. “You guys could also come with me. Come on. I don’t wanna let you guys rot alone while I get sexy experiences from a beautiful south female out there.” He stressed the word, south female. His friends refused instantly. They didn’t think it was really safe and also didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a massage. But for Roy, it was his dream come true. The word extra services blew his mind, and he just couldn’t stop thinking about it. But Roy knew they would chicken out. So, he didn’t really force them much. “How about you steal from your dad?” Karun asked him. “For a rich person, my dad is a miser on a whole another level. He keeps an account for every penny he spends. It is absolutely impossible to steal from him. Now give me ideas that would work.” All of them were going through their phones, trying to find someone from whom they could ask for money. But it didn’t work out. Most of them didn’t respond and, the few that did refuse instantly. Three boys with zero credibility would never be able to get such a loan, even from friends.

“What do you think about pickpocket?” asked Karun. Roy sighed, “Come on. Think straight. Don’t end us all up in jail. You can forget about happy endings over there.” “Yep. You would probably be the one giving those out if you’re in jail.” joked Vivek. 

Roy smiled brightly as if he had found an idea that would change the outlook of the whole nation. “How about this?” He spoke with a wide grin. “We could take money from everyone in the class, telling them it is for some kind of a project. I’ll use that for the massage and, then we’ll handle it if we get caught. What do you say?” Vivek interrupted him and said, “That is a good idea. But there is a problem with it.” The other two were listening intensely to him while the teacher was taking lessons for the rest of the class. “No one in a sane mind would give us money for anything even minorly related to studies. No chance that the other students would trust us. But, if we could get anyone from the class to do that for us, your plan could work out.”

These three weren’t really close with the other students they didn’t even bother to talk to them. So, none of them would possibly help Roy out. They spent the rest of the hour trying to figure out the ideal person to get them the money. The bell finally went off. The bald, grim-looking teacher was about to walk out of the class as he said, “Okay. The guide for control systems I was telling you about, I’ve arranged that for all of you. Students need to pay 300 each for a guide and I will have it to you within the weekend.” As soon as he says that a few of the students walked over and handed the money to the teacher. The three boys at the back were looking each other in the face. They were laughing hard at what was happening around them.

“Okay. Now, all we have to do is steal the money from Heisenberg.” The teacher was bald, fair, and wore glasses. He resembled Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. “I have an idea,” said Roy as they walked out of the class, deciding to bunk the next hour.

They had their plan in place. Apparently, Roy would chase one of his friends in the lobby while Heisenberg was walking and, his friend would directly clash with the lecturer. As he pushes Heisenberg onto the ground hard, he takes the money right from his shirt pocket, where they saw the teacher keep the money. Heisenberg didn’t really know either of the three boys. He was the kind of lecturer who would teach his lessons and walk out. He didn’t bother if the students didn’t listen or even talking in the class. Heisenberg probably had no idea who these boys were. So, they covered their faces with a handkerchief and began to implement their plan. They hoped their teacher wouldn’t recognize them as they began running. They saw Heisenberg looking at his phone as he was walking the lobby. It was Vivek who was going to make the idea a reality. He ran fast and landed directly on the teacher, putting him to the ground. Vivek was bulk and, even the slightest of his dash could put down a normal adult. It was a heavy clash that a lot of students gathered around them to see what happened. A few of the students thought the professor was unconscious.

Before anyone could even see the guys, both of them ran away. Vivek had gotten hold of the money. It was 2000 bucks. “So, I guess I can go ahead with the two south female massage,” said Roy. “No way. I put my ass on the line and, I’m not even getting 500 rupees? Piss off, dude. One woman is enough for you. Don’t get ahead of yourself.” They came to an agreement. 1500 for Roy, and 500 for Vivek and Karun. Yes, his friends were good enough to let Roy take the bigger share. It was a Friday. They hoped that Heisenberg didn’t get a good look at who stole the money. And even if he did, he would probably forget their faces within the weekend. 

Roy couldn’t sleep in excitement. He couldn’t believe he is going to get a massage with a happy ending finally after all the struggle he went through to get the money. He decided to go there first thing Saturday morning. He even scheduled a session with Ramya on the phone.

It was 11 a.m. as Roy parked his bike by the supermarket and walked towards the stairs. Ramya had told him that their place was on the first floor in the supermarket complex. Roy was kind of nervous, but he was way too delighted to let his nervousness take over. He took the stairs and found a lonely door on the first floor without even a board. He walked into the door to find a lady sitting at the reception. She greeted him and told him she was Ramya. She made him wait for a few minutes in the lobby. He found a door on his right side. ‘It must be the place where the massage takes place.’ he thought to himself as he looked around. A guy was standing next to Ramya. He was probably working at the parlor too. He was big and had long hair and a beard. He looked a bit scary. After a few minutes, a beautiful young woman, in her early twenties walked out of the door to his right and smiled at Roy. Roy felt his blood rushing and his heart beating faster in excitement. She was tall, fair, had blue eyes and long hair. She had an absolute bomb of a structure. Roy was awestruck as he kept looking at her curves, checking her out. The woman smiled at him as she invited him inside the room. As Roy walked into the room, the woman pointed to the bench in the middle of the room and asked Roy to get himself comfortable. Roy took his seat, his eyes still fixated on the beautiful woman. “Thud!!” he felt a little pain on the back of his head, and before he could even turn around, he was blacked out.

The sun was shining brightly onto his face as he was finally regaining consciousness. He could feel himself sweating. After a few seconds of discomfort, he was finally able to open his eyes and look around clearly. He realized that he was on the terrace of a building and it wasn’t the supermarket complex that walked into. He checked out his pocket. His purse, his phone, and his bike keys were missing. He let out a sigh. He had no idea where he was. He was left stranded there, at a terrace, in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t a very happy ending for him after all.

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