A Giant Story


It was a land of extreme toxic masculinity. Known to all as the ‘Roaring Mansion’, this was a land of giants. And these giants were not the kind who just showed their annoyance to children plucking fruits from their garden. But these majestic and monstrous creatures were well versed with the vile practice of dark magic. People from all over the world ran at the very mention of the name of Roaring Mansion.

The giants of Roaring Mansion had features similar to their characters – brawny, macho and hot blooded all the time. The atmosphere of Roaring Mansion was just like the scorching heat of summer – primed to explode and consume everything around itself with its fiery flame.

In the midst of all this hot headed madness, there bloomed a delicate flower, as serene as a cold river flowing through a beautiful valley. He too was a giant, no less. Known to all by the name of Jakar, he was by far, really different from the other giants of Roaring Mansion. For starters, he did not possess a shed of toxicity in his body or his soul. Jakar had a slightly feminine approach and his voice sounded more like a soprano compared to the deep notes of others.

But Jakar’s life at Roaring Mansion grew miserable day by day. He was ridiculed by his fellow companions for the softness of his nature. In fact, while the other giants sharpened their dark magic skills by performing various heinous tasks, Jakar practised magic to bring positive changes around him. In other words, Jakar gradually came to be ostracized by his community.

Eventually, one day it so happened that, due to the never ending noxious nature of the giants, the sky of Roaring Mansion burst with a blistering heat! Blazing balls of fire began to descend from the sky and destroyed all the crops and fruits. Acres and acres of lands caught fire! Even the houses of the giants were not spared! All the monstrous creatures, who otherwise kept the world at their toes, now fell into despair! Even their magical capabilities could not stop the destruction that was consuming their beloved land. Now the giants were truly scared.

In his house, shrouded in one corner, Jakar sat with an air of depression. He could hear the sounds of destruction floating up from the main valley, but his hopelessness did not allow him to move an inch of his body. Tried and exhausted from the continuous bickering and insults about his nature and his physical form, Jakar wished for the world to end. He even thrashed all kinds of reflecting objects at his home because he himself was so disgusted with his face protruding nothing but serenity that soothed the eyes. Oh! How he wished he was as broad shouldered and hot headed as the others. Little did he know that it was his acceptance which would restore peace and prosperity in Roaring Mansion..

Unable to face anymore destruction of their lives, the giants of Roaring Mansion now resorted to praying to the Supreme Lord for mercy. Their arrogance was now replaced by pleas of mercy and forgiveness. After much waiting, the Supreme Lord spoke to them from beyond the clouds – “It is only Jakar who can restore the balance that you giants have misplaced”, boomed the invisible voice. 

The giants were all surprised. That feminine insult of a giant! They roared! How on earth can he help us out of this ravaging fire? They thought.

Fortunately, few of the older giants decided to forgo their ego and made up their minds to visit Jakar. When they entered his humble abode, they were taken aback by the air of despair around them. What happened? They asked.

Jakar replied in a dead tone – Thanks to you people, I have lost all faith in myself!

But only you can save Roaring Mansion from its ultimate doom! – pleaded the Giants.

On hearing this, Jakar sat up. He looked at the picture of destruction from his window. Coal black smoked emerged from the valley which was dying a slow death.

But how? Thought Jakar. How can an insignificant giant like me end all this doom? Maybe there is something about my serenity that really matters. Or else, why would the Supreme Lord take my name? Pondered Jakar.

As he thought over all this, Jakar noticed a strange thing in him. His low self-esteem which had dried up his body slowly began to revive! He could feel the warmth coming back to his face and his hands and legs tingled with excitement and energy. Jakar searched frantically for a mirror. Oh! Why did I have to destroy them all! Thought Jakar.

Finally he found a broken piece of mirror and looked through it. Even the cracked mirror could not hide his soulful beauty!

Armed with new found confidence and acceptance of his true self, Jakar bought out his spell books and began conjuring a spell to bring an end to all destruction that was eating away Roaring Mansion. Slowly the fireballs stopped descending from the sky. The heat began to cool off and a pleasant breeze flowed through every nook and corner of Roaring Mansion. All the fruits and vegetables that were left burnt from the raging fire now went back to their original, luscious form!

Ooh! What a miracle! Cheered the giants. Jakar has truly done his magic! They praised.

Jai woke up with a jerk! The harsh white lights of his cabin blinded his eyes for a minute. He looked around – it was a hospital cabin. There was an IV drip beside him and his whole body ached with a numbing pain. Jai could not exactly recollect who bought him to the hospital. He just remembered a group of boys from his college, publicly thrashing and kicking him while he withered on the hard concrete like a helpless and wounded animal. Jai could also recollect the string of insults thrown at him. Those rang in his ear till now.

But wait. What on earth was that?! Thought Jai. Was it a dream? It definitely was! There are no giants in real! But what a relevant story! And so similar to mine.

Jai thought of all the humiliation that he had faced in his own life. It all started from an early age when he used to play with dolls instead of sweating off in the field like other boys. Even his own father ridiculed him for being a ‘like a girl’. As he reached puberty, Jai began to fear the softness of his features which was not like other boys his age. He came to realise that he was a rainbow coloured fish in a tank full of black and white coloured fishes. And from then onwards Jai’s everyday life was a struggle for his identity. Still he somehow paddled through rough waters until today when a group of big bad boys humiliated and thrashed him in front of the whole college to fan their ever growing masculinity.

Can acceptance of my true self bring an end to this everlasting summer of my life? Thought Jai. Should I own up my unique self for restore a balance around me? Maybe the dream did have relevance.

Whether it was the painkiller drugs or years of humiliation that gave rise to the dream about the giants, Jai did not know. But what he knew was that, like the giant Jakar, he too had to accept his one of a kind soul in order to stop the fiery balls of masculine energy that wreaked havoc in the valley of his life.

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