20 DECEMBER 1999


A tall man in fine suit enters into a conference room. There were already 8 panel members awaiting to being included into the world altering innovation of Mitset, the global leader of technology. There recent launch of including games in mobile phones have already made many people become addict to their handsets and in turn a flooding profit for the mobile and computer companies. But now Mitset’s head Mr. Narsh has come up with an even better technological advancement that is said to turn the world on its ears and nothing will ever remain the same. “So techno men, lets part only to rejoin at the dawn of 21st century. A world with scopes for the privileged. The dream land were man becomes God! My invention of Interconnecting Network or in short Internet will shrink the world and expand our profit. Cheers to that big dream”. With these resonating words the dream and resolution for 2000, was set. To shrink the world within mere black cables that will keep the wandering desires of man, remain stationed and chained to plastic bodies holding glass windows. “Sir, your idea when implimented will serve to the benefits of the rich, no doubt. But what about the under privileged? What about the poor?” What about them asked Narsh and said “Just the same trapped fate. Constant running in hamster wheels. Just a bit small”. With a wink Narsh dismissed any further discussion on the topic and none of his board members where aware of the seriousness of the last few lines said by Narsh.

20 DECEMBER 2019


Mitset is the global brand of innovation. The unbeatable beast in techno world. All across globes, fast swirling wheels of cars zoom by Mitset’s towering buildings, housing one of the greatest minds in technology. Graduates across the globe dream on working in Mitset and investors crowd to fund the firm. Narsh’s dream has come true, his words have manifested and the world is no longer the same. Standing near the window of his office’s ninth floor, Narsh looks down at the street. An epicenter of industry is covered by blank mist. No humans at sight. All within the safe vault of their house. The newspaper lying on Narsh’s table screams of COVID-19 and precautions to be taken. Economies are falling, companies are crashing, countries are in struggle, men are at loose and children at pause. The world has been turned on its ear and has been brought to a screeching halt. But his firm has been making humongous profit. All credits to the advent of technology. Internetwork or Internet has monopolized all arenas. It has become a stable which has now converted the world into a global village. The wide space of earth now stays within the hold of a human palm. Internet became so much in demand that Mitset had to constantly innovate it. Initially the network were provided through black cabels which had few old men in old age homes running carrying connections. But as the requirement for the speed increased Mitset faced a new problem. The old men that they shrunk and used for the job became insufficient. Their body wasn’t capable or energetic enough to deliver data’s through black wire quickly. Thus, Mitset wanted vibrant young people to do the manual job. The educated degree holders will make sure to provide the right information, but to carry it from one device to another was the job of Netmen as they were called. They are typical humans who are shrunk to microscopic size and are given bags of datas that they either travel through black wires or through air to deliver to the destined IP address of a device. Similar to the way postmen deliver couriers to house address, these Netmen deliver data to IP address of a device. 

But as all nations were in need for faster network, Mitset had a trouble. So Narsh consulted with his team of scientist and came up with the idea to shrink able young men who can deliver the data in a quicker pace and named it 5th Generation. But to proceed with his plan, Narsh needed huge amount of people and that cannot be done without government support. So he first presented the plan to china which the world’s highest global population. They readily agreed to the idea as they got developed network and their population also got under control. Soon many other country governments got to know the idea and decided to forsake their countrymen. To make the story more convincing, it was unanimously declared that the world will get infected by a virus which is life threatening. Anyone who dies of it, will never be sent back to their family. Huge truckloads of people were transferred from the hospitals to the labs of Mitset. It resembled a war zone. A war between humanity and technology. 

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