2020 as a person


Hello, everyone. I’m 2020. I know, I can even say that the whole

the human species hates me a lot, that also sounds correct. You know

what, am just 6 months old and became a “MOST HATED PERSON “ of

the year. Some called me as “PANDEMIC YEAR” and some “WORST

YEAR EVER”. But the fact is, there are 8.7 billion species in this whole

world and if one dislikes you, it really doesn’t matter. I Am(2020) a

nature lover and respect my mother earth a lot because they give us

life. The most interesting thing which I am going to tell you is that I am not

the most hated person when I was born. Even that is really exciting to

know, people celebrated that day (when I was born means “1ST

JANUARY2020”.) Human species celebrate that day like a festival.

Everyone having a person in their life who are boon for him/her or a

curse. Same is about to happen to me, My life will be going to take a

different path very soon.

My life will change when I met this person. He is the reason for all the

changes in my life and in humans too. Ya, you are right, his name is

“CORONA urf COVID19”. Most terrifying person who is responsible

for giving me a name “ pandemic year”. In the starting I hated him

because he kill the humans, but when I talk to him I realized how much

important is that for covid19. CORONA gives a name to himself “

SHIELD OF NATURE”. His words totally gives me positive attitudes

towards him .He told me yes am bad for 1 species but rest of ~8.7bilion

species still loves me, I haven’t come here to hurt anyone, and am

not trying to hurt humans too, if they don’t hurt the nature. Human

makes ecological imbalances , kills animals, destroy the nature, create

pollution , harms the mother earth, it is important to stop them, if I haven’t

come in their lives, they will destroy everything and that affect

the whole 8.7 billion species. Now do you think corona is so bad as

you think?

The most beautiful thing is after I met with him, I (2020) realize, I

am the one who gives them a chance to live in a pollution free

environment, In the presence of mine(2020) , the ozone layer is again

repairing herself, even I am the reason why people are not throwing garbage

on the river, roads etc. Even I am the person who took the crime rate

to 0, no human can harm the others. I am the one who connected the

human to their families, and giving them a chance to see the Himalayan

peaks view clear which is miles away from the humans. And it was

possible after 30 years due to lockdown. Now do you still think 2020 is the

most hated person? Think twice.

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  1. Beautifully expressed