Was I not enough for you

  1. A guy named kunal who belong to a very reputed family and was even a detective chief at a very young age of 22.he had everything but still feel like something is lacking in his life. He loved someone but was scared to express his feeling towards her, her name was jenny she was his childhood friend just a year younger, a sweet, beautiful and a very caring girl. Even though kunal was scared to express his feelings he still try to do it when he finally confess her their were tears in her eyes which make him worried when he ask about this she finally answer by saying he is too late now, even though she also loved him since childhood she waited for him to express when he finally did it became a issue of sorrow as her father already engage her with someone else, kunal was torn apart after that night he locked himself in his room and only come out when he has to go to office ,when jenny got to know about this she try to talk to him but he didn’t let her come close to him, jenny feels like she is the one at fault and has to be blamed so as a punishment she did something which was unbelievable she jump from his house terrace. Her parents take her to hospital. Her treatment starts ,when kunal got the news he lost his patience and went to hospital and found out that jenny is fine but her mental condition is not so good and she will not be able to live a normal life, she will face panic attacks and can even be dangerious for other people around him. Her parents were very angry because of her action and decide to send her to mental asylum, but kunal stop them and said that he will take the full responsibility of jenny .they even refuse this decision but because of kunal high position they were not able to stop him soon he marry jenny, living with jenny was not easy sometimes she became normal as a very good wife and also at the same time she became unbelievable and even hit kunal.  He never mind it just being close to her give him a lot of pleasure being in her arms was like a heaven to him. Jenny was also recovering day by day which shocked the doctors but the happiness no longer stay with them . One of kunal enemy who want to take revenge on him kidnap jenny and ask kunal to hand over himself to him if he want his wife to be safe, kunal finally decided to rescue jenny himself, he went to a place where the guy want him to meet he see jenny was all tied up and her eyes were swollen from crying kunal feel a pain in his heart , a shoot ran through his back, a bullet hit him from the back ,but instead of lying down he took out his gun from his pocked and start shooting, the kidnapper and kunal were fighting with each other when suddenly police came but before they arrest the kidnapper he again hit a shot on kunal’s side which hit him near to his heart and he bend down, the police untie jenny who ran towards kunal  and lay him down on her lap she was crying hardly kunal wipe her tears and then she said something which makes kunal smile. She told him that she is pregnant kunal wanted to hug her tightly but soon lost consciousness, he was taken to the hospital where Kunal was saved but something happen which could be an end to their peaceful life jenny heard doctors talking to head police saying, “we saved him but if something like this ever happen again he can even die I think we should send jenny to an asylum if she stay with mr. Kunal he will die protecting her”

Jenny was so depressed when she heard those words but she kept quite as she was pregnant and she had to give birth to the baby, Kunal woke up and ask for jenny she entered his room and was so full of tears seeing kunal like this she went near to him and they both smile seeing each other she sat next to him, he hold his hand and ask 

Kunal – are we really goanna have a baby 

She nod and he hugged her carefully not to get hurt 

Months passed and jenny gave birth to a baby girl, not after so long Kunal entre his house and heard their child crying when he entered his room he see his daughter was in her crib and when he look on the bed side he found his wife was hanging, a rope around her and her feet were not touching the ground, her face was pale and when he ram towards her and touch her, tear skip his eyes his wife died, the situation was miserable for him then he notice a note on the bed it lookes like jenny wrote it down before she end her life he read it. 

hey janna I know you might be thinking why I did this I   am really sorry janna but I just cant take this anymore I am a burden to you and your life if I will stay you will have to bare me forever so I took the decision ,people were right if I stay with you I will destroy you but I cant let myself do this so here I am going away good bye please take care of our daughter and make sure she will never became like her mother  “

Kunal was shocked full of tears he look at jenny dead body and whisper. 

“was it not enough for you I was never tired of you but you listen to society”

The end 

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